Monday, November 10, 2008


is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.
Author Unknown

I absolutely LOVE this picture below! My sister got new winter hats for the kids and I wanted to take a picture of them with their new hats on...and I think this picture turned out PERFECT!!! I absolutely love it! I will probably get it printed and blown up so I can frame it!!!! :o)

Isn't it funny how kids can not play with something for a long time...and then one child finds it....and then they ALL want to play with it??? Such was the case with the rocking horse. Goodness was quite the fiasco....but all worked out in the end and they got to take turns! Now it will probably go untouched again for a few days! LOL

I absolutely love it when my kids color (and when they aren't fighting over the crayons!!)! I used to love to color when I was younger...and sadly, that is something I have stopped doing. I should color with my kids! Sometimes, I think I don't sit and actually do that enough...just being on their level. I find that I will be getting something done (dishes, laundry etc) while they are coloring...or reading...or playing. And that is good...because I do need to get things done...but I think I need to make more of an effort to play sometimes. Doesn't this quote say it all? .....

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Now obviously, that doesn't mean we should get to "play" all the time. LOL But spending quality time with the ones we love....THAT is important!!!

My mom's birthday was yesterday. My sister, Devon, and Cory came over and my parents...and we had breakfast for supper! I made breakfast casserole and also french bread casserole with praline topping. Devon brought a yummy fruit salad! Both are huge favorites in my family...but I only make them once or twice a when I asked mom if she would want this for her birthday supper...she agreed!!! Below is a picture of the french toast casserole...but I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast took a little longer to cook and after I took it out of the went straight to the table and got eaten! LOL

While the adults watched the Steeler game after supper....the kids played......

and colored!!!
We had a nice night...and I hope my mom enjoyed it! Again, the busy week starts! Lots of memories to make! :) I hope you all have a great day! OH...and I added some questions that were asked about the woodburner on my previous post and Chris gave me some answers for them. :o) Happy Monday!!!! xoxo

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
~From the television show The Wonder Years


  1. Love the pictures and the music.
    Kids are such a precious gift. I too need to take time to just PLAY with my children. Thank you for reminding me!
    Happy Monday~


    p.s. Your kids look adorable in their new hats!

  2. I loved the Wonder Years. What a great quote! Also that french toast casserole looks fantastic. I've got a recipe for one but have never gotten around to making it.

    Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. Happy Monday

  3. Katy,
    I love the pics of the children. The Lord has really blessed you with beautiful children.And the french toast looks so good. Have a blessed day.

  4. Cute post, Katy! I know what you mean about realizing that I don't always take enough time to sit on the floor and play with my Amelia. I have been trying to be more conscious of that, and she loooves it. She is so incredibly happy when I sit in the floor and let her put buckets on my head, or run a hairbrush through my hair (okay, her skills with the hair brush are a little off, so it's more like getting a beating with the hairbrush...but oh well!). I definitely want her (and my next children) to remember me playing with them and not to remember that I was always too busy.

  5. what a happy post ;)
    You're kiddo's are just great Katy...
    Your casserole looks so yummy!
    Happy B-day to your mom!
    I'm sure she enjoyed her day immensely!!!

    Have a great Monday!


  6. What a sweet post, Katy!! And I'm 38 and I LOVE to color!! I bought a coloring book for my nephew not too long ago and wound up only leaving him about 3 pages! LOL

  7. Hey!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Yours is very lovely.

    Oh how I miss the days when the kids colored. Enjoy them while they last.

    blessings for your week

  8. A French toast casserole? Wow! Never heard of such a thing ;)

    I was wondering.. how is your diet coming along? Are you still doing WW? As for me, I started Atkins again today. First, I lost over 30 pounds, and then I stopped dieting for 2 months.. and fortunately gained next to nothing back.. and now I'm ready for another 10 pounds.. or I hope so! *lol*

    greetings from the netherlands!

    p.s. that first picture deserves to be framed!!

  9. Katy, thanks for stoppin' over at the ranch and dropping a comment. Hope to see you again soon.

    What a sweet blog, I'm happy to have found you and really enjoy your daily writings.

    I'm gonna have to try the French Bread casserole, our Why Catholic group would enjoy it!

    Oh, yes, coloring; we used to love to color when I was younger. Grandma used to have coloring books that were humungus, I don't see them around any longer. I have saved a pencil box filled with crayons, just last week our oldest daughter stopped by with our youngest grandchild, and I dug this blue pencil box out for Miss Madi. Mommy spoke up and said; "You still have that box of crayons, that was mine when I was in grade school." She was so shocked, that I have held onto it for over 20 years. Can you believe those crayons still work? Oh yeah!

  10. ah wonderful pictures! You have a beautiful family! lovely blog! It's gorgeous! may God bless your family! thanks for stopping by mine. That was a nice surprise this morning :)

  11. I love the photos of your kids with the new hats.

    What a sweet and happy post with the kids and a homemade casserole.


  12. Hi, Katy, The kids photo with the knit hats is adorable! I remember loving to color too. I should do more of relaxing. I used to outline what I was coloring and then color in the lines. Did you do that? Have a lovely day.

  13. Cute pictures. Maddy's smile looks JUST like yours.

  14. I love the Wonder Years quote! That was one of my favorite shows. I was I absolutely in love with Fred Savage when I was younger!! :)

    That french toast looks so yummy! It has no calories, right?! :)

    Your kids are just so cute. I just love seeing them grow up together list past year!

  15. What a sweet post! I love all the pics, and the one with tehir hats is so cute! Your daughter has the most beautiful smile! And the boys are such handsome fellas!
    The quotes are so true! As I get older, I keep grasping for the past. I don't want to let go. I guess it is because my Mama is in Heaven and my Daddy is soon to follow. Never take for granted these happy times.

  16. GREAT picture. it screams "Christmas card!" :)
    i was going to ask for the french toast casserole recipe and then i saw you linked it. it looks sooo good!

  17. That is a wonderful picture! Megan has recently started to color and she loves it! When I take the time to sit and color with her it brings me so much contentment. I really need to do it more often.

  18. Looks like a wonderful time of great memories in the making!

    Thanks for stopping by A Pondering Heart, and entering the giveaway!

    Miss Jocelyn

  19. Sounds like a wonderful night. And that casserole looks to die for! Recipe please!

  20. Yum! The french toast casserole looks delish! Thanks so much for all the great info on the heater,I am going to share the info with hubby. Dont think we could manage it money wise right now but its something to plan for. Hope you had a great Monday! Blessings, Karen

  21. i love the french toast casserole... MMMMMM!!!!

  22. Katy, yesterday was my dad's 81st birthday!

    I just love your pictures. I love the hat one as well!

  23. Those are some sweet little faces! That recipe looks really good. Tell your mom Happy Birthday! ~Beth~

  24. great thoughts, sweet pictures, sweet blog...I enjoyed my visit! :)

  25. You are right, that is a GORGEOUS picture of your kids! Definitely a wall hanger!
    Coloring is a bit of a problem here....Liv screams while Brother tries to eat the crayons. Now playdough...that is where it is at at the Hetrick household. Let me know if you need an easy, awesome homemade recipe. It is so much better than store bought!

  26. You are going to have to post the recipes-they look delicious!!
    And your kids coloring-so cute. Love that quote also. Hope you are having a great day, Katy!!

  27. Love the first picture...your kids are sweet!

  28. Your posts on your family is how I view life with my kids. How I love your blog now! I'm glad I'm reading your archives and am getting to know you. I hope you will come by mine and get to know me more too!
    I struggle with the same things...finding balance...loving tot take care of my home and yet making a wonderful childhood for my children!!
    You children are adorable!


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