Friday, November 7, 2008

Outdoor Wood Burner

I have gotten many questions about our new outdoor wood burner. I haven't had a chance to get info from my honey yet...but I will tell you what I know...then you can ask questions in the comments if you want and I can update this post with answers from Chris! :)

I believe our brand of woodburner is a Central Boiler. It looks small in the pic...but for the size of our house...we didn't get the smallest one. We got the next size up. We got to pick the color as well. They had a few to choose from.

It came with a cost...however, Chris and I prayed about this...and first we payed off all our debt. Then...although we don't like having to take out loans...ever...we figured out that this wood stove payment would be LESS than our gas payment to heat our house each month!!! So...instead of adding a was really like replacing a payment and buying to own! :)

It works by heating water which runs through a pipe underground that Chris put in (with the help of his brother) and into the basement. Then the heated water goes in and with a water to air heat exchanger (similar to AC coils) it blows the heated air into the home! HERE is a better explanation with an illustration!
As of right now...we don't have it hooked up to our water heater yet to actually warm the water we use in our house. The gas still does that...but hopefully next spring/summer we will have that using the wood burner as well!

Here are some questions people have asked:

How much did it cost? Well....we had to take out a loan for $9,000. But Chris had to buy some extra parts here and it was actually totalling more than that...but not by much. We have a smaller home. Someone who has a super large home may have to spend a bit more to get a bigger sized model!

Do you have to install heat ducts or how does that work? Our house already has forced air vents. Chris used those for us...for now. Eventually we would like to run the radiant heating that is under the floors. He also put a radiator downstairs in the basement that runs from the wood stove as well...and it helps keep things heated as well!
So if you have a forced air can keep that! Or if you want radiant floor heat or baseboard can do that too! :)

How often do you have to add wood? We haven't hit the true start of I don't know how it will be once that kicks in...but as of lately....Chris puts some in in the morning and then checks it in the evening. I never have to touch it! :)

Can it work as AC in the summer? The air will only be as cool as the water that is circulating through your system. So it probably wouldn't blow "cold" air in! :)

Would it run through a heat pump? Chris wasn't exactly sure what this meant.....but he said (hoping he was answering it right) that the boiler can be hooked up to most systems.

How cold can it continue working through? They didn't tell us the cold weather limits. Chris says he supposes as long as you have a fire in the firebox so the water in the line wouldn't freeze...that it would be OK.

Do you have to blow out the lines in the summer? Nope :). There is a rust inhibitor that you add to the water!

How far is the stove from the house? Our furnace is located 50 feet away from our house. The manual says typically 30-200 feet...but as far away as 500 feet! :)

Do you still get the wood burn smell? Yeppers! Outside it smells like that wood burning smell...and I LOVE it!!!! :)

Are there any other questions? I will do my best to answer them! I will update this post if/when new questions are asked!!! :o) Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope I was informative enough for everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!!!! xoxo


  1. Congratulations on your new investment! Hope you and your husband will be nice and warm all winter long. :)

  2. That is so cool. I'm going to show this to Jason. He is always putting notes together for when we build a house.

  3. Can it work as an AC in the summer? Would it run through a heat pump? How cold can it continue working through? Do you have to blow out the lines in the summer?
    I am sure Neil will have more questions but he's gone every week and only home on weekends right now :(

  4. thanks, I was wondering how it was set up....

  5. Aren't woodstoves great? The first year we had one, I liked having the temperature at a balmy 74 degrees!!
    When winter starts, Jeff puts some wood in the morning and checks when he gets home, I dont have to do anything either!

  6. That is too cool and totally worth the investment!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    God bless,

  7. That is really cool. Well done! Its great to have a hubby who is so handy around the house :D

    Is the heater sitting far from the house or close to it?

  8. That sounds like such a great idea!

    I don't know if you watch the show, Little People, Big World, but when they were adding on to their house, they invested in having coils put in underground to heat their home...but it's done by solar heat.

    We have a simple woodstove in our living room with an air blower and it certainly does get our home nice and toasty in the winter!

  9. I Just found your blog via Country Romance! Very cute! Love the picture of the chicken!

  10. Wow, what a wonderful investment. I've seen a few of those up north, near our cottage where a few people live year-round. I always wondered what they were too. Now I know. Great idea, great investment.

    It's so wonderful to meet other Christians women on line to share with. I love blogging, don't you?



  11. Hey Katy,
    That is so cool that y'all were able to get that and come out better in the end. I know one year our gas bill was $250-ish and I about died. I have heard of higher bills, though. I am having a giveaway at my blog so come on by.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  12. Katy, I think your new system was a great investment. Our indoor wood stove was "out of budget" for us as well, but we recovered the cost during the first season! And now our heat is "off-grid" and self-sufficient.

    How nice that you don't have to feed it? Ours take lots of attention but I don't mind since I'm home. There is something comforting about the process.

    Can't wait to hear how it performs for you this winter! If you're like us, you'll end opening windows to cool it down! LOL

    Have a lovely weekend,

  13. Oh this is the neatest thing Katy!
    I'm gonna have Mike look at this tonight... ! Im thrilled for yall!

  14. Hi Katy, I am not sure how I got here! BUT I have to tell ya, that is the best investment you will ever make. We have had the same unit from Central Boiler for ten years now. We love it, I blogged about it back on Oct 05..A warm Friend..It heats our 1800sq foot home to 75 degrees on one load of wood a day. If you ever have any questions we might know the answer. Nice to meet you! :)

  15. SOunds like Chris worked really hard to get you guys up and running with your new investment. I wish you many warm winter days!

  16. I have noticed some other bloggers that have something like this or similar. I think it is fascinating how it works and an awesome way to save money. Good for you! I hope it does well during the clodest months. I look forward to hering about it.
    Have a great week!

  17. This might be a funny question but do you get the smoke smell like you do with an indoor woodstove? I love that smell!! I wish we could do something like this as we use fuel oil and although its come down some its still expensive!! hope you are having a great weekend!~HUGS~ Wendy

  18. Glad to see I'm not the only one slightly in love/ obsessed with the dream of a wood burner!
    I am sure you will more than get your money back in the long run.

  19. Hi Katy!

    This has nothing to do with your post, but I just wanted to let you know.... that sadly, the nasty popup is back.. it opens up every time I try to visit your site.

    I've been looking through your HTML-code, but I couldn't find the source of it either. Perhaps a 3rd party widget that you put on your page? Just thought I'd let you know ;)

    greetings from the netherlands!


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