Monday, November 3, 2008


....for our nation
....for the sanctity of life from the moment of conception
....for each person who votes
....for the candidates
....for those working at the polls
....for God's will to be done
....for a calm across the hearts of God's people

Election day....November 4th.

I will be voting for John McCain. He believes that life starts at do I. Anything otherwise, I consider murder...which is against the commandments of God. (Abortion is a HUGE thing for me and I can't support a candidate who is pro choice). His plans for the economy sound a whole lot better than the socialistic agenda that Obama has. He has experience. He served his country. He puts this country before himself and his "popularity". He loves America! He thinks women are equals...obvious by the fact that he made Sarah Palin his VP pick!

He doesn't have shady (and scary) pasts with terrorists and extremists. (Good grief...doesn't that bother all the Obama fans?? ACK!) And....McCain supports offshore drilling...! YES!!! I believe marriage is a union, a convenant between a man and a woman and God....Obama is all for gay rights. Would this please our God?

I don't think John McCain is perfect...however...because of my christian beliefs....I believe that everyone has a right to life....from the moment of conception. John McCain believes this too. I like that he served his country...and stayed in a POW camp so that others could leave before him! I find that to be such a wonderful example and true heroism! :o) I like that he stands up and is proud to be an American!

For each of you that do not know....most small businesses under Obama's tax plan will get taxed above and beyond to "share the wealth". These businesses will have to cut jobs, raise prices, or shut down. I want to know how this will help any of us? We are not a wealthy family. We would supposedly "benefit" from these tax plans, so why am I fighting them? Because I see and understand what is going on. Do you? I don't let smooth words and an idea of "change" cloud my judgement. I know my husband works hard for the money he earns to take care of our do others. They shouldn't be told that they have to give it to those who earn less. That sounds like taking away FREEDOM!

I have looked and studied a lot on these candidates. I do my homework. I will not bear false witness against anyone and lie. I am telling truths. Alot of people like Obama because he is "suave" because he is "change"...although most people don't know what "change" he would bring. They think he is "amazing". (I have had people tell me this!!??) Guess what?? He is just a man. A man who claims to be a christian but even agrees with killing babies who survived an abortion attempt!! He is just a man that talks. Nothing more. Also...people want to be a "part of history" to vote in a person of color into the white house. This election shouldn't be about "making history" or being a "good talker" or saying the word "change" alot without really saying what "change" means. It's about voting the right man in...who loves this country, who will work hard to protect us. That's what a government is protect us. Not decide FOR US how to spend our money!

I apologize for offending anyone. That was truly not my intent. I speak out of love and caution. Please....each one of you....awake and pray...pray pray pray before going to the polls. I know they say politics and friends don't mix....but when I have friends voting for a candidate who supports things that go against my God...I feel the need to speak up...out of love and friendship. If you are unsure how to vote...please email me (left sidebar for the link) and I will pray for you. This is such an important decision. Let God speak to your heart! Would God truly have you vote for someone who is OK with homosexuality and killing babies?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and stop by. I am not a radical republican...I am just on fire for God and want to make sure His ways are best regarded when decisions are made. I can't control anyone...but pray that His will be done! Comments are open for discussion whether they disagree with me or not...however, please know that no matter one can make me believe that Obama will be a president that is pleasing to God. I ask that comments be respectful of others and anything that gets out of hand will be deleted!


  1. Good for you Katy!
    We're all for McCain at my house and will be voting tomorrow as well!

  2. Katy,
    What a prayerfully thought out post. I agree with all you have said and I, too, have been and will continue to pray over this election. I just don't know where this country is headed.

  3. Great Post! I am praying for a miracle that McCain is elected to office. I can not stand what Obama is about and all we can do is pray!

  4. I agree totally, Katy! I am scared of what will happen if Obama is elected. Just think, there will probably be 2-3 Supreme Court Justices replaced during the next administration. I cringe to think of the leftwingers he would put on there.

  5. Katy, I have been praying for weeks!! I too know that God would have us as Christians vote for LIFE!!! I too wonder how it is people are over looking Obama's shady past and his questionable friends!! I too think McCain is the right man for the job because he loves GOD and how do we know that?? just look at his life!! Thank you for this post I hope all people who say they are Christian WILL vote for the right man!!
    I also wanted to add that no matter what either candidate says our country is changed forever, it will never be as it was, we need to pick up the pieces from this administration and go from there, it will be a big job for anyone!! Take care my friend!! Wendy

  6. Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. I too am asking the Lord to turn the hearts of His people to vote as Jesus would have them vote. We need to remember that He will be in the voting booth with us. We must stand together for life and marriage between a man and a woman. We need hearts to change in this nation and only the Lord can do it!!!!!! Blessings to you.

  7. Already voted!! Friday for McCain!

  8. I commend you on having such strong beliefs. I may not agree with you on John McCain, I do however respect you belief and opinion. That being said, John McCain economic policy is fundamentally the same as George Bush's. This plan does not work. I am a Christian, however I am prochoice, this does NOT mean I am pro abortion. But I believe in a womens choice and government not telling me what I can do with my body. That issue is a moral one. I do not look to Washington for my morals as I do not look to my church for my politics. I am voting Obama. John McCain is not the same man as he was. I would have voted for the old John McCain. I also believe that negative campain ads should be banned. I want to hear about the issues. Any who I do have a ? if Obama wins why is that not God's will?

  9. Amen to all you said !! To God be the Glory !!! I also commend you for your STRONG stand !! Go girl and keep being a light in a dark place !!

  10. I agree with what "Anonymous" said 100 percent...I'll be voting for Obama tomorrow morning!

  11. Thank you all for your comments and respectful words. Even the disagreeing ones. I appreciate your opinions and the respectful way you said them! :)

    Anonymous....the only reason I think the government should have authority over saying Pro Life is because it is the governments job to protect the me..that includes the sweet children conceived, whether they be in utero or not. I believe that a woman having the choice to have an abortion is just like someone having the choice to and clear. I don't agree with that at all. Someone has to take a stand for these babies!

    Politicians always shoot around the negative campaign adds. They both did it. However, I think it is good to know a man's character...and your associations can be a big clue into your character..thus why Obama is a scary choice.

    If Obama wins...I believe it will be God's will still. I think God is control of everything and letting things happen...for His greater good.

    I want to hear about the issues too...but I also want to hear about the character of the man we are putting in the TOP position of our nation. If Obama thinks women should be allowed to kill their babies...I have a HUGE problem with that. If he hangs out with people who have terrorized america unrepentedly....I have a HUGE problem with that. If he has been in the congregation of a man that speaks horribly against the US...I have a HUGE problem with that. Where is Obama's character???

    And I really don't want to live in a socialist nation. That takes away our freedom. You shouldn't let people work hard to earn money and then just get to take it away to give it to others. That's not why we have a government. They shouldn't tell us where we have to give our money.

    My thoughts and opinions on this have been led with prayer. Tonight, I will be on my KNEES praying! I seriously am alarmed with an Obama Presidency!

  12. Wonderful post Miss Katy... we all need to pray so hard!!!

  13. Katy
    I couldnt have said it better myself...I'm with you!!


  14. My home is for McCain/Palin. We can't understand how any true American can want a man like Obama as our president - a man who associates with extreme radicals and attended a church for over 20 years that preaches hatred of America (whites too) and VERY involved with shady organizations such as ACORN that contributed to our ecomonical mess. Where have all the billions of dollars he received come from...who is really supporting this man? He is "buying" his way into this election. He can't even prove he meets the eligibility requirements to run for president. And don't get us going on the "spread the wealth" crap of his. This man has done nothing to support his being the leader of the free world. By the way did anyone see Arnold supporting McCain and listen to his speech? Here we have a man born outside the US telling us what a great country we have and all Obama can say is we have to "change". Too bad Arnold can't be a candidate.


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