Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have you heard of.....

Joni Eareckson Tada?

My goodness...she is a woman of God and a very talented painter and author! She is such an inspirational woman! She was paralyzed during a diving incident in 1967. She became a quadriplegic from that accident. Her faith saw her through all that and she began a ministry through a radio show, her books and paintings. If you want to go to her HERE. If you want to know some more facts about her, her life, her husband, and her HERE. She paints by holding the paintbrush in her mouth!!! What amazing abilities she has!
I absolutely LOVE this quote by her:

"Sometimes God allows what He hates to accomplish what He loves."
~Joni Eareckson Tada

Each time I feel I can't do something or feel like it will be too difficult...I will think of Joni. What a wonderful example she is to each of us women! She encourages people to "rise above their limitations"! I absolutely love that and find her truly inspiring!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I apologize to everyone whose blogs I haven't been visiting much. I just don't always have the time to read them all. I do try to come around when I can! I do hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Thursday and I really appreciate your words in the comments!!! xoxo


  1. Katy,
    I do remember Joni. I remember reading about her in the late 70's early 80's. Thanks for sharing this and I am on my way to check out her website. have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you for the quote. Its soemthing I definately need reminded of, especially right now.

  3. I have always love Joni! Thanks for letting me know this great info. Have a great day! Blessings, Karen

  4. Joni is a great inspiration and what beautiful paintings too!

  5. Yes, Katy, I have always been very impressed with Joni and admired her so much! She certainly doesn't take time to complain about what she can't do, she uses what she can do for the glory of God!


  6. Joni has been a favorite of mine since I was a girl. Her story is so inspirational. Jeff & I hope to take Colton to one of her camps when he is a bit a older. They way they minister to families with special needs children is amazing.


  7. Isn't she the little gal from The Other Side of the Mountain..the book and the movie? Wonderful, an inspiration to all! :)

  8. Isn't she amazing? I have her book titled "Joni" about her accident and her life and just love it.


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