Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My 500th post!

Yep...this is my 500th post! I think that is so neat! I know a lot of people have giveaways and such...and I thought about it...but then wasn't sure what to "giveaway" I will wait till I have something good to offer! :)

Yesterday...I hung out clothes. I just love the fall air! We have been having some really beautiful days here in PA! And look at all that wood my Christopher has cut and chopped and stacked for our woodburner! He is such a hard worker! (With a bad shoulder too!)

There is a pic below of our wood stove. I love to look at it. Is that weird? I am just so happy and blessed that God has provided a great way for us to be able to stay warm! Chris did ALOT of work to get it wired and everything hooked up all the wood. Now it is going strong and we love it!

I am fighting a headache today....I was up too late last night watching the election coverage. I prayed and just kept my nervous hands busy...eating some popcorn and knitting like crazy!!!! I am really regretting staying up my head is really hurting now. I am going to take some medicine and hope that helps. Going through your day with a headache makes it really hard to function. For all of you, like me, who voted for McCain....fear not. God is in control. His will be done. I admit, I shed tears when I realized McCain was not going to win. I am so dissapointed that so many people would vote so liberally. I can't change people though....and I am going to live my life with Christ as our head and continue on as we have been. We will pray for this country and just leave it in the hands of our Creator. This is hard for me, as I have a tendency to stress easily over this stuff I can't change....this is where this prayer comes in.....

I hope you all have a lovely day and keep your joy. Don't let circumstances control your feelings. As long as you know Jesus as your have absolutely nothing to fear. :o) Amen???
Happy Wednesday! xoxo


  1. Amazing. I am just at a loss. How can you vote for someone who really isn't qualified. How can people vote for someone who is for abortion??? All the values I am trying to instill in my children... and they watch this happen. What does that say to them??? I do worry about what happens next. You are right, we do have to still remember that God is in control and his hand is on us as His followers.
    Thanks for your encouragement,

  2. I think we, as christians, should realize that the world will come to an end.. and that it probably won't be changing its mind any time soon, and therefor will not be supporting a christian (or conservative) president..

    It's all spelled out in the bible that in the last of days people will grow more and more 'liberal' (freely quoted, of course) and want to do less and less with God and His standards..

    Or, like Bob Marley says:

    "some say it's just a part of it, we've got to fullfill the book"

    Greetings from the netherlands! ;)

  3. I happy that Obama won... I am thinking about my kids future & I think he will lead the country in the right direction as for the comment Teresa left you... I think we have bigger issues t worry about right now than abortion (such as the economy & bringing our troops home) Did you realize that at one time he was supporting a womens right to choose?? That is the main reason i did not want to vote for him, because of the way he flip flops hos views. Why would we want that for our president? I love America & I feel we are so blessed to be able to express our views freely!

  4. Amen, though I am still sad and upset about all of this.
    We are finally in our new home, have internet(!), and are waiting for gas. Yay for warm showers and heat!! So, I can understand your excitement over your heater.

  5. As I am a supporter of Obama, I am a supporter of McCain as well. I didn't vote for him but I look up to him as a great person and leader. As I was watching his speech last night, I had tears in my eyes. All that he has done for our country...I respect him so much.

    I have hope for our country with Obama as our leader. So many other countries are celebrating with us today and days to come. They want peace and good will as much as we do all over the world. I pray that McCain and Obama can join together to make this country whole again.

  6. Oh, happy 500th post!! How exciting!

  7. At times I began to feel a little panicky, wondering what is going to happen to this country that I love so dearly and that my children are growing up in. But God gently reminds me that He is in control. NOthing happens that He doesn't already know about! Thank you God! Katy, take some meds to get rid of that headache and have a great day with your family!

  8. Amen Sista! Either way, we should always pray for our country and it's leaders. I thought McCain's speech was so graceful and awesome. He put up a good fight, but in the end, the people chose. Right, wrong or indifferent, this is America. Anyway... I'll stop now. Don't you just wish Jesus would come get us and take us all home!?

  9. fortunately, i believe we will have enough republicans in congress to keep a lot of what obama proposes to a minimum... but if that doesn't happen... i'm afraid!
    i think its sad that the lady a few comments above said she was voting for obama because she was looking out for her kids' futures... but didn't agree with teresa's comment on abortion. i would rather have a president who instills values (such as pro-life)... than a president wanting to give to people who won't even help themselves and is OK with partial birth abortions (crushing the baby's skull and sucking out the brains). ALSO... the media does not do the war enough justice. we are doing amazing things in iraq and we had an amazing re-enlistment of troops not too long ago... what does that tell you? how about when saddam shut off the water to the people for over 4 days so that he could build his palaces and replenish his "moats"? people need to look further than main stream media.
    ......... don't even get me started.

  10. Congratulations on your 500th post! That's quite an accomplishment.

    I am so interested in your wood stove. How often do you have to add to it? I can't believe your husband cut all that wood.

  11. Happy 500th post Katy!

    You know my views on what people are commenting....I am just walking away.

    Love ya hon!

    I am doing research on a wood burner yahooo!

  12. Wishing you joy today, too, Katy!

    Love your wood stove. There is nothing like seeing a big pile of wood knowing it will provide warmth for your family during the cold days & nights. I'm so happy for you.


  13. Hi, Katy. I hadn't visited in awhile but want to more regularily. I mourn with you, my friend and I agree that God is in control and that we are His children and he takes care of us no matter what. It grieves me to see so many people rejoicing that Obama is the answer to all our ills. So wonderful and refreshing to find someone like you and others who still believe that God is our answer.
    I love the wood burning stove. I've never seen one like that! Have a lovely day and I've added you to my frequent reads. God bless you.

  14. Katy, I too was up all night and believe it or not had several tear shedding moments, but I believe it was more tears of dibelief of the decline of America and how much we have hurt God. I also have to say I got a little fearful of whats to come, but I had to stop myself and realize the bigger picture and who acutally is the King of Kings regardless who is in the White House and remind myself to stay faithful because God is in Control and has a grander plan.

  15. Katy, I too was up all night and believe it or not had several tear shedding moments, but I believe it was more tears of dibelief of the decline of America and how much we have hurt God. I also have to say I got a little fearful of whats to come, but I had to stop myself and realize the bigger picture and who acutally is the King of Kings regardless who is in the White House and remind myself to stay faithful because God is in Control and has a grander plan.

  16. Congrats on 500 posts. And yes, I to was disappointed last night. But....I believe that things will turn around.

    Love your outdoor wood furnace - we are hoping to get one installed next year.


  17. Katy,

    I have a huge heaviness of heart today, I admit, Katy. But like you said, I have to realize that I don't need to fear as God is in control. I am praying earnestly for this country, our leaders, our new President, and the American people. I worry about the future for my kids...what kind of society they will have to grow up in. We have to STAND UP, and I think we'll pay a higher price for it now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Congrats on your 500th post ~ wow!

    In regards to the election outcome, I posted similar sentiments this morning. Thanks for your encouragement!

    Have a wonderful day and let's stand up for truth and trust in God! :-)

  19. Hi Katy!
    CONGRATS on your 500th post!! WOW!
    Love that new heating system!!! :)
    Sorry about your headache...I had a migraine yesterday after stressing over jury duty!
    STRESS is not a healthy thing! LOL....And of course I had NOTHING to stress was all for nothing. As far as this election...I don't know how I feel about Obama yet, as he hasn't begun his job...
    I don't know what he's truly capable of and I don't know what the future holds. NO ONE knows what the future holds! I do know that each one of us had a chance to vote....the people of this country put him into office....God will watch over us, and He will watch over our new pres. too....we may not always agree on who should run our country or who's BEST for the job...but we should agree that we are a BLESSED NATION...and good things lie ahead....ALWAYS BELIEVE that! ;)

    Feel better-


  20. Congratulations on your 500th posts. What a accomplishment!

    Love your wood stove and the clothes line.


  21. Congrats on your 500th post! That's awesome!

    And about your post...Amen! I said basically the same thing to someone else earlier today. God IS in control and always will be. So we have to live with this decision until the Lord changes it for us. I believe there is a reason for this, even if we never understand why. God knows, and that is good enough for me at this point. I will continue to place my trust in His hands, regardless of what happens.
    Have a great day!

  22. I think many of us have the same emotions today and I posted on my blog too....I know many prayers were said and God answered...He puts who He wants and works through people all the time..Aren't you glad He is in control? not Obama, not liberals but God.
    Your wood furnace and all the wood is really great. Does it keep your home really warm?

  23. Katy, I have shed more than a few tears today. But we as Christians know that the prophecies must be fulfilled. So, I'm moving on and I'm gonna support the United States of America and our new President-elect because it is my duty as an American to show solidarity to those other countries that just wanna hurt us and watch us fall apart...united we stand divided we fall. The bible tells us to pay taxes and support our government..well I'm sure the tax thing is coming, LOL! Congrats on the 500th post, I can't even imagine, but then I didn't think I would wake up to a Democratic President either! Ok, I am way too tired! I must stop now! Take care! ~Beth~

  24. Yep thank goodness Jesus is always in control! Where would we be without him? The election did not go our way but like you said we cant stress over it. God does all things for a reason we just have to trust him. Hope your headache is better and you are having a great day! Blessings, Karen

  25. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Your so right, God is in control.

  26. Just loved your words on this post. I believe, no matter who won, that we need to pray for God to work in this person's mind and heart and to trust that God will lead him in the way he should go.I am curious about your wood stove. I have never seen one like this. Where do you get them from? I would love for my husband to take a look. Have a great day, blessings, Kathleen

  27. Katie ~
    That's right- God is still in control and trusting Him IS our job. It's very saddening to see this day and know that our country is this far gone.
    Cherish everyday, life for the Lord and faithfully teach your children rightousness, they will need that more then ever now.
    On the lighter side ~ congrats on your 500th post!!! and you can still come over and sign up for my giveaway, it's open til Friday:)
    PS - Hope your headache is gone. Get some sleep!:)

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  29. I needed to read that encouragement...because last night I was crying also.

    I wish I could get on the bandwagon of celebrating the first African American as president- because that fact should be celebrated. But I didn't vote for the color of someone's skin, but for what is valued under the skin...and I'm saddened by the way my own country chose their leader this time.

    But what you said was such a good reminder- I cannot change people. Only pray for our nation like never before.

  30. Hi my sweet sisiter in Christ I pray this note finds your headache hasd left and you were able to enjoy your day!! I know Christians are mourning today as we were so hopeful that God would move His hand in the election the way we thought He should, but as many have said He is in control and He still loves America even when we have turned our backs on Him. I think the best thing we can do for Obama and his cabinet is PRAY, pray that they will hear the voice of God and make Godly decisions!!!
    Take care my friend!!~HUGS~Wendy

  31. Katy, congratulations on #500! I eagerly look to your blog every day.

  32. Congrats on your 500th post!!

    A friend called today and said, "Let not your heart be troubled..." It's nice to have friends and other believers who understand the deep concern we feel and how our hearts mourn when thinking about the new direction for this country. It's a true friend who encourages another to keep trusting Him.

    I'm going to keep praying.

  33. Congratulations on 500 posts...WOW.
    Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 100th, so make sure to stop by and see my surprise :)


  34. Amen Katy!!Thank you so much for voicing your oppinion about the turn out of the election:)I know,I got a little teary eyed as well when I learned Of Obama`s election.What a beautiful prayer! It is all in God`s hands and we can`t worry about tomorrow and start panicking because then where is our trust in God. We need to fcus on what we know is true right now and just keep living every day for Christ.Teaching our children His ways and the importance of devoting our lives to serve Him.Hope you had a blessed day today!!
    By the way the above post you did about finger knitting was very neresting!!I`d love to teach my kids how to do that!I just got a book about crocheting and some needles and yarn. I hope to start some projects soon! When I do I will post all about it!! Blessings!!


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