Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chickens and Eggs 101

So (teehee) my mom and I both own chickens. She has a rooster that my aunt gave her when it was a chick. (We weren't sure if it would grow up to be a rooster or a hen)'s a rooster. My mom doesn't want baby chicks...that I know of....just eggs to eat. EEK! lol I am not sure what she will do about got me exactly do eggs get fertilized? I seriously wasn't sure how that worked! lol
So...the little investigative gal that I am...had to look it up online...OF COURSE! ;O)

I found this....

"When a male chicken wants to mate with a hen, he will do a little dance around her. Usally hens are not interested and just walk off. If a rooster feels like he just has to mate with a stubborn hen, he will chase her down. If he is fast enough to catch her, he will grab on to some feathers just below her comb and climb on. Roosters do not have penises. They have a sperm glob on their vent and will try to put it on the vent of the hen. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not."

from The Poultry Guide.

I thought that was pretty interesting! Do you? (or am I just weird?)

I also found some interesting egg facts out.....

A hen can lay about 250 eggs per year (Mine don't lay that much...lil stinkers!)!

A fresh egg will sink in water, a stale one will float!

The color of an egg does not determine it's quality, nutrition or flavor!

Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D!

I thought those are some cool facts! :) Also....if you click will tell you about the wonderful benefits of buying eggs from pasture hens rather than the factory laying you get at the store!

AND.....I always have felt that I knew the answer to that age-old question..."Which came first: The chicken or the egg?".....I have always said the CHICKEN! And THIS site explains why! What are your thoughts on this?? :o)

Such an egg-citing post, eh?? hehe! Feel like you have learned some things after reading this? I know I have! And...I know many of you have asked about our outdoor wood stove...I am going to get some info from my honey and I will make a post about it. Do you have any certain questions you would like answered about it? I will do the best I can! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I truly enjoy reading each of the comments you all leave! I try to answer some through your emails as well...but some people don't have that option available! :o) Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Friday! (I know that darn pop up keeps showing up...I am sorry. It is frustrating me so much!)

And....don't forget about my sister's giveaway on her blog!!!! :o) xoxo


  1. That's classic Katy!!! I love and enjoy your blog everyday...sorry I haven't kept up with the comments....this single mom stuff *whew*...(aka when jeff is gone for so long!)I don't know how single moms do it. I am so gratful however, for the kids and for jeff to be working so hard for content with my life!

  2. Thanks for the info...I would love to have chickens but I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it. I can't wait until we can move out into the country.

  3. Katy your blogs never cease to capture my attention! Did not know some of those things, but then I'm a town girl! Thanks for the info! ~Beth~

  4. Hi, you're welcome, My real name is Gabriela =gabby=bella...sorry for the confusion!

  5. Interesting. I would love to have fresh eggs. I need to look for someone to buy them from. I haven't had fresh eggs since my grandparents sold their farm.

    BTW... Megan loves it when I come to your site. She loves to see the picture of your chicken. It's the simple things that make that little one happy!

  6. Hi Katy~ just found your fantastic blog! I have cows on my little farm. We used to have a few chickens several years ago. I am looking into raising them again for fresh eggs and of course free bug control in the veggie May I ask what breed you have? Thanks for all the great info :0)
    Many Blessings Shannon

  7. That was so interesting - I always learn something new!

    DH says he is pretty sure it adware or spyware and that is very different from a pop up.

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Dear Katy ~ you know I love you but there are just some things I'd rather NOT know! LOL Seriously, that is interesting but I think I blushed even though I'm sitting here alone.

    I am having serious chicken problems. We introduced 3 hens into our existing group of 5. Its been 2-3 weeks and the old group just will not accept the newcomers. They have even injured one of the sweet Dixie Chicks who I have to keep separated now. Any suggestions?


  9. your funny! don't feel bad, I had to do some research about how chickens mate also. I have chickens for the sole purpose of eggs. 6 hens and 1 rooster. I'm hoping to get some chicks out of the deal come springtime. Do you name your chickens? We do.
    Adam (rooster), Eve, Hannah, Ruth, Dorcas, Millie, Tansy. And get this, we know which hen lays which egg by the color, speckles and size of the egg. Now that's weird!!
    Happy Chicken Farming!!!

  10. Hi there, I wish we could have chickens! We live in a subdivision that is out in the middle of nowhere. The lot next to us can have just about any kind of animal they want,but not us. Oh well. I try and buy eggs from farmers when I see the for sale signs on the roads.

    Hey, my husband built us a wood heater that goes outside! Hejust made up some plans and started welding! We get free wood as well and this year my father in law drove it down to us for free since DH has been working 75 hour weeks for almost 2 months. Big savings in the winter. I dont want to know what the heating bill would be if we didnt have it!

  11. "Usally hens are not interested and just walk off." *lol* Isn't that just the same with humans, too?

    As for the chicken or the egg.. obviously the chicken. Imagine a little teeny tiny chick coming out of his egg, just to find.... nobody!

    I don't think he would survive? Adam and Eve were never babies either..

    greetings from the netherlands! :D

  12. Well I learned something new today! Thanks so much for the chicken and egg post! Love it. I cant wait to see your post about the heater. I told my hubby about it. How much did it cost and did you have to install heat ducts or did your home already have them? Also do you have to go out during the night to add wood? Thanks so much for all your wonderful info. Hope you have a great Friday too! Blessings, Karen

  13. This is definately one of the most educational posts that I have ever read!
    I did not know that about the viatmin D in the yolks!
    I wish that you lived near me so that I could borrow some eggs!
    I love to read your blog.
    Have a great weekend~


  14. Hahahaha! "Do a little dance around the hen...and if she's not interested..." hahahaha! That just struck me as funny this morning!

    I would LOVE to have chickens and fresh eggs!! Ohhh!

  15. Cockadoodledoo
    Good Morning to you.

  16. Hey Katy! We raised chickens when I was growing up, but I didn't know thsoe things. As a teen, I tried to escape farm/country life, and didn't care to learn any of it. Now I want to go back and do it all over again!

    BUT....I did know that the chicken came first. God made chickens, not the eggs (not until later, at least!) :D

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Serioulsy, I have wanted to know this! I am really so glad you just answered that for me!! so i guess if you have chickens and no roosters than you still get eggs but no baby chicks.

  18. I just love your blog! I have had chckens for about 5 years and didn't know half of what you just taught me, Thank you! Yes, we name our chickens also.

    I was thrilled to see the finger knitting, and called my granddaughter in to watch the tutorial.
    I noticed you're from Pa, me too. Haven't lived there for over 20 yrs but do visit my family as I am the only one who flew the coop!
    Thanks for the tour, I'll be back again...


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