Monday, November 24, 2008

Musical Spoons!

At dinner the other night, somehow we got to talking about making music with spoons...and the kids thought this was just fantastic! They wanted to learn how to do we got out some spoons and tried to show them! It was pretty funny!

I love how the simplest things can amuse children (and myself!)!

Jaxson..."cooking" with some tupperware.....

And isn't this too cute? Madelyn has a new binder with paper in it that she didn't want the boys to get she wrote..."My Book Belongs To Myself" on it....hehe! .......

And oh the frustration...we had Thanksgiving supper with Chris's side of the family last night. I made bread to take...I did everything JUST like the instructions say...and STILL my bread ends up looking like bricks. I just don't know how to get it nice and soft bread! I keep practicing..and it keeps ending up like this.....

Welp, off I go to begin another day! :) Lots to do. With this week being Thanksgiving and such...I may or may not be on much this week. It just depends! I am so so glad you stopped by! If I don't post again in the next few days....I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo

And don't forget the REAL reason for Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Hi Katy! :)

    I love how she wrote 'my book belongs to myself'!! *lol* That's SO something I would have done when I was smaller....

    Did your breads rise properly? (as in: did they rise and then come down, or did they not rise at all?) In the first case, try to let them rise in the [not heated] oven.. never move them and never open the door.. just turn the oven on after an hour..

    In the last case, try adding more sugar, so the yeast has more 'food'.. when you add salt to yeasted bread, it tends to stay down, but when you add more sugar than salt it will rise beautifully.. it always works for me ;)

    greetings from the netherlands!

  2. I find that if my bread isn't nice and light that their is usually an issue with the yeast. Maybe your liquid isn't warm enough for the yeast to proof?

    I love seeing bits and pieces of your daily life!

  3. Right back atcha girlfriend! And the bread looks yummy to me! Of course, you DID see my sad pumpkin pie... I'm not picky! :)

  4. I love your photos!!
    Stop by my blog, if you can...I have a giveaway you might like.
    Take care

  5. Hi, Katy. Check and make sure that your yeast isn't too old. I had "bread bricks" too and that was the problem. The spoon band is too cute! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  6. Your kids are so cute and always have the biggest smiles! That bread looks good... what'cha don't like about it?

  7. I could never get the hang of spoons!! They look so cute trying so hard!! I pray you and your family have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!!:0)~HUGS~ Wendy

  8. Hi Katy~~
    Oh such a cute banner.. I love chickens..and the kids are cute too(:)
    Happy Thanksgiving~!!
    hugs, Patty

  9. I have never tried to make bread for that reason. Im sure it tasted good it looks delish! Blessings, Karen

  10. Maybe you could make croutons?? I have never made bread like that, only in my breadman.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  11. When my girls were around 3-4 years old, we did a Christmas program where we tied string to spoons and they held the string, let the spoon dangle, and hit it with another spoon while they say jingle bells. It was the best music ever!! Love those treasured moments with our kids. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Katy. I'm thankful to have "Met" you!! Julie

  12. Isn't it so true that simplest things can amuse them sometimes!
    The pictures are so cute...

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    (And if you have time and want to, if you put my Open House button in your sidebar today or tomorrow, I'll enter you into the giveaway!)

  13. Hi Katy,
    Love the recent blogs. I love the Christmas drive idea!! I think that is so important for kids to learn at a young age.
    Also, you house is darling. I love the country touches.
    Have a great Thanksgiving. Ian and I are headed down to spend a week at home. Thanksgiving and then LOTS of hunting in store. Should be nice.

    P.S. Bread is impossible.

  14. I always enjoy your blog posts!

    I think tis week will be pretty busy for most of us.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. Katy,
    I didn't have much success making a beautiful loaf of bread until I figured out that you have to leave the dough a little sticky and with the change in weather, my bread takes longer to rise! Making enough time to allow the rising process to take place is key too. But sometimes it just happens to not come out. Crystal at the Family Homestead has a great recipe for bread. Mine has been turning out just about every time. Keep trying.

  16. Oh, I forgot even with the change in weather, sometimes you will use more or less flour. In time you will find you are making the bread from"feel" rather than exact flour measurements.Hope these ideas help.

  17. Hello Katy! I just stopped in to say hello and Happy Holidays! I love scanning through your many pics and such fun readings! I wanted to also say how neat it was to look through Devon's shop! What talent!!!

  18. Hi again, Katy. Just wanted you to know that I'm having a 100th post giveaway. Come on over and check it out! Hope you're having a lovely week. Happy Thanksgiving. ((Hugs))

  19. Katy,
    I`m sure your bread tasted great!I love homemade bread.It took me years to get it right though.Two things I do now that really make a big difference is number one,the water has to be hot enough,and reheat the oven to 200 then shut it off and let the dough rise in there.I hope I helped some!Oh and if you are still having problems with it you can always just buy a bread machine.You can just use it to mix up the dough and let it rise in there,then shape it and bake it in the oven. I hope I was helpful!!Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  20. Ah, spoons. That reminds me of a home school co-op writing class that our youngest daughter participated in. It was very advanced and one of the reports that was assigned to the group was the topic of 'spoons.' That was it! Research and write about spoons! The kids were all high school age. You should have heard the groans. Spoons??? How do we write about spoons? :) You should have heard the 'truly' amazing reports!! They were excellent and we all ended up with an education about spoons. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Katy!!! )


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