Friday, March 23, 2012

Lessons Out-of-Doors

These March days have been gloriously sunny and beautiful! The children and I thought a day *out* in that weather would do us some good! We're all snarf-aling and coughing...but it's much better to do so when the air isn't freezing and harsh on your throat and lungs! :)

I suggested we take our schooling outside to work Madelyn declares: "I love homeschooling!". So we packed up our books and pencils and out we went...

The grass was still wet from the early morning dew, so we put a plastic tarp down under our picnic blanket. :)

The sun was warm and glorious...but super bright and eventually became too-warm as it bore down directly on us. So, we moved to a shadier side of the yard, next to the house.

Ruthie even wanted to join us!

After I explained a lesson to the children, I continued work on a crocheted gift for a friend...

I finished it up in no time and I really like how it turned out. I am finishing up a few more things for this friend and then will pack them up and ship them off to her (she has been extremely kind and generous to me lately and I wanted to do something in the form of a *thank-you* for her!)...

And, do you remember in the recent past, how I was a finalist in a Rafflecopter contest (top 5 out of 7,000)? Well, I didn't win the grand prize (a Kindle Fire) but...they *did* send us t-shirts and stickers (which came in the mail yesterday)! Not quite as exciting as a Kindle Fire...but we'll take it! ;)

So now, to start a new's suppose to be another beautiful day of sunshine (followed by a rainy weekend). I have caught up completely on washing and hanging out the laundry...maybe I will strip the children's bed sheets and get them out on the line today. :) I hope you enjoy your day and weekend ahead! Thank-you for stopping by!!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Looks like a gorgeous day! Learning outside sounds wonderful. It is spring here too, but still too chilly and windy to be outside without coats on.

    Blessings, Jessica

  2. Hi Katy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and happenings with all of us - you are so encouraging and positive for us homemakers and moms. I do have a homeschooling question for you that may help other readers. I just started homeschooling my 5 year old and I have a 3 (almost 4) year old. For the upcoming school year, I'm trying to figure out how to juggle what each will need. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to manage the time for each one at a different level?

    Also, I'm so glad to see that Jaxson is doing well. I have two boys and there is never a dull moment at our house. They seem determined to make mom's hair gray!

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Some people who have asked questions, I have emailed. I don't have your email, Steph, so I will answer you here. I hope this is okay! :)

      I am pretty lax even with my 6 yr old who is doing K-garten things right now. He is beginning to read (and really enjoys it, thankfully as my 8 year old son doesn't enjoy it so much) and write as well. When he was 4 and 5, I let him do fun little worksheets or practice writing his name. We do simple math together...using objects to add and "take away". In PA, our schools don't even need to know our children exist until age 8. For example, Xavier is doing 2nd grade work but this will be the first year I have had to turn in a portfolio for him at the end of the school year.

      Honestly, at those ages, if it were me, I would be very simple about things. You can even work with them together on simple math problems and spelling. It will help your almost 4 yr old to catch onto things quickly when he officially begins. If it were me, I wouldnt' buy formal homeschool curriculum at this point. They are just needing to learn the to write letters and maybe even forming a few smaller words. :)

      Let those littles *play* and *play* too! So many things are learned from an energetic and joyful heart! Also, spend time reading to them...this will encourage them to enjoy stories!

      I hope I have helped!

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  4. Looks like a very nice morning Katy! Ruthie is such a sweet looking dig too, even she has a little smile on her face :-)

  5. We love doing school outside especially when it is first started to warm up. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. I remember those days of getting to do schoolwork outside when my children were younger and the weather beautiful. What a blessing! My oldest is now 21 while my youngest is 12. They grow too fast!

    Enjoy each and very moment. It is a blessing from THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33

  7. Wonderful to be able to get outside in this beautiful weather. The only problem is that it has been hot down here in NC. We have thought about cutting on the air conditioning, but it cools down at night and we sleep with the windows open. It is great to be waked up by the sounds of birds and wind chime.
    Love ya!

  8. How nice to be able to work outside like that! Cool t-shirts!

  9. My gracious!

    A perfect day.
    complete with all those children need.

    Plus some vitamin D from the sunshine:)!!!

  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer Katy! My state is a bit more strict than yours but your suggestions are great and will help me as I plan in the future. It is so wonderful to have women like you that are further in the journey that take the time to share their wisdom and encourage others. Thanks again!

  11. I love how ruthie joined you:) So sweet and loyal! Gorgeoud day for a pic nic! Little things bring so much joy


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