Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Blustery Day in March...

Cash is in mid-shake after a good back-scratching on the ground! 

The sun, a *very* welcome sight, is shining brightly today with a few clouds scattered here and there in the blue sky. It is really blustery out, though, making it too cold to stay out for very long. I was able to hang out some laundry...although it is all whipping and winding around the lines, every which way!

I am not a fan of this time of year...where it is terribly muddy, everything is still dead and drab-looking. It makes God's creation, all around us, appear to be gray and depressing. I am really looking forward to when new life begins to grow...leaves and buds appearing on the trees and green grass and flowers sprouting up all around!

My mom took the children to the movies yesterday afternoon to see The Lorax. The children really enjoyed it. While they were gone, I watched a movie and enjoyed a nice, long phone conversation with my sister.

Madelyn had a sleepover at my parents' house...but the boys have been enjoying the sunshine today!


Xavier wanted (and still wants, even as I type) to ride the go-karts today. Chris had to go on a work call, though. Our rule is that daddy has to be here for the go-karts to be ridden. So, X took time, just sitting in the go-kart! ;)

Cashers loves X...

As soon as the first warm day of spring arrives, I am cleaning up this entry-way! It looks so pretty with flowers blooming everywhere. My rock wall (because we never got the dirt put behind it for a garden there) is shifting and falling apart. It will need redone (at some point)...

Today...I'll be doing housework, working on some knitting, and then preparing supper tonight...we are having my parents over. I'll also be enjoying the book below. I had lent it to my mother-in-love a while back and she returned it's fun to enjoy reading through it all over again!

Tomorrow is Chris's birthday. I am so thankful to be able to celebrate another year of his life. It will be a simple followed by lunch at his parents' house and *hopefully* just spending time together, as a family, to celebrate!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!
Glad you stopped by for a visit today!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Lovely bluster!

    Happy Birthday to Chris!

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  2. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Thank goodness we didn't have the bad storms that were predicted for us during the early morning hours. We did have lots of rain, though. Our flowers are blooming all around the yard, the forsythia is in full bloom. I we still have cold weather to come. I hope Chris has a great birthday.
    Love, Marie

  3. Have a nice weekend you guys - - Happy birthday to Chris!


  4. Dearest Katy,
    Technology is truly an amazing thing, isn't it? What a blessing to meet you and find such a kindred spirit in the Lord. Though we are miles apart and live in such different worlds -- we share a passion for the Truth of God in Christ! I hope you are having a beautiful rest of the day -- i can only imagine how cold your fingers must have been hanging up the clothes! Oh, and I love the picture of your little one and the doggie! :) May you have a beautiful birthday celebration tomorrow and a beautiful Lord's Day! Sending you all my love and blessings and thanking God for the gift of friendship!

  5. Happy Birthday to Chris! I loved the kitty litter cake that Devon made. I need the recipe for a friend. She would love it! We had tornadoes in our area yesterday and it is still windy here. I will be glad when everything blooms again too. :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!


  6. I agree that this in between stage is hard. I get tired of the mud and gray days. Thankfully spring is on it's way and soon things will start to green up.

    Hope Chris is enjoying a wonderful birthday!

  7. sounds like a nice day..
    Its been so hot here today..Been spring cleaning and feel so much better that my room is done..
    Happy Birthday to your hubby..
    take care Katy..

  8. my gracious you have a lot of thankfulness to celebrate too;)
    love that entryway and I can see all the colors now:)

  9. Great pictures! We are blustery here today as well with some snow flurries. Pretty chilly-mid 30's. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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