Thursday, March 8, 2012

"What Jesus loves, we love;

...what Jesus hates, we hate; what Jesus seeks, we seek; what Jesus shuns, we shun. This is true friendship when there is but one heart in two bodies, and when one heart in the twain produces with undivided strength one object.
~Charles H. Spurgeon

The rain will be rolling in here soon. The children are out playing in the yard (as the temperature is spring-warm) as long as they can until the skies rain down their droplets of water! We will start our schooling in a while...but for now...they need (and truly love) running and playing outside! It's great exercise for them...and as I sit and watch them out the window, I think of how good it would be for *me* to join them! 
I must admit, when I think about the fact that children who attend public school must have a "physical education" class (aka: gym), I feel saddened. Children shouldn't need educated on the mere fun of running around outside to play....and truly, they don't need to be...for you give a child an open yard and a ball and they will know precisely what to do all of their own accord. It's my opinion that gym class is in public schools just to give children a bit of exercise during the day since they are desk-bound for so many hours. Yes, for the elementary grades there is a half-hour of recess time, as well....but that is not much time at all. 
As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am a *huge* advocate for home-schooling (for a multitude of reasons). One reason on my list is that my children have a much smaller risk for obesity issues because they are able to get out and play so much! When we sit to work on our studies...we focus, do what is needed and then the rest of the day is devoted to chores, games, exercise (through play), reading together and movies (on those snowy days). No peer wasted time! I suppose I could go on and on...but I won't. I just can't accurately describe the joy it gives me to see my children out playing! 

The children just came in to get tall glasses of ice water! They are all-a-jumble of talking about their outside-escapades! :) I have some pictures to share from the past few days...and then I need to get busy with things around the house! 

I had won a gift certificate to Daddy's Little Princess a bit ago. Below is Madelyn's new outfit we picked out. It is beautiful, feminine, modest and comfortable! Madelyn loves it (and so do I)! They offer hand-sewn, modest clothing that I just love. After Jaxson's medical bills are paid for and over with...I hope to be able to purchase more of their clothing (and one day, try to make similar things myself!)...

The chickens have been laying faithfully for us. We always have a wonderful, constant supply of eggs...

Madelyn's working on her first cross-stitch project...

Xavier got a haircut! Handsome little guy, isn't he? :)

Learning, learning, learning...

Yesterday, my sister and Eloise came to we definitely went to meet with them!

I was babysitting my nephew (from Chris's side of the family) he got to join in all our fun too!

Eloise (who loved my nephew's Ruff-Ruff dog) and Jaxson...

Eloise just loved my nephew! She kept calling him "baby"! (although he is a year older than her!) It was so sweet! She kept "talking" to him and trying to play with him....he wasn't as thrilled. ;)

Which one? ;)

Xavier and El....

I was holding Eloise and tried to take a photo...but it didn't turn out well...however, it's a great picture of my dad in the background...

Eloise *loves* Madelyn (more than she loves's true...). All children seem to flock to must be her personality and her *mothering* ways!


"I wear my sunglasses at night..." (ok, not really...but isn't this funny?...)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. I love seeing Madelyn being so mothering with El! She would make a great Early Childhood Educator someday!! They say that instinct if one of the most important in our field of Pre-K - 4 Education! :)

  2. Such a nice visit with you and family. Madelyn is such a beautiful girl in all ways. Thanks for sharing your family pics. Hope you and family have a pleasant day. Rain is coming our way to...lot of rain in forecast!

  3. X looks so much older with his new haircut, it really suits him will. Your children are beautiful and look very happy playing with their cousins. Isn't family wonderful!

    Take care,

  4. Such cuties! Love Madelyn's new outfit. She looks like such a sweet loving girl.
    You are truly blessed!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Such a beautiful family you have. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. What a quaint and lovely outfit for Madelyn! I do wish we lived close by one another. I love to sew clothes for my little girls and could help you along in your sewing!

  7. good job to maddy for cross stitching.. i'll have to see it sometime when i'm in town!

    the pic of el with the power ranger is so silly!

  8. Katy, I don't have a website and I don't blog, but I do follow a number of blogs on a regular basis. I live in a suburban lake community near Kansas City, MO. I am a crafter and sell my creations at booths on occasion in antique malls around the area. I find myself drawn to your blog for a number of reasons. Although I don't know you, I feel as though if I did we would enjoy each other's company very much. I love following along in your daily joys and trials of home schooling, raising children, and tending a home. I, too, am a Christian woman who has a strong faith and love of the Lord and family and home. I just turned 58 and my husband and I are now empty nestors. Our daughter lives on her own not too far away from us. We pray daily that she will one day find a good Christian man to share her life with. Reading your daily postings about life at home with children and tending a home takes me back to days already passed for me but those memories I will cherish always. I also enjoy hearing your playlist of music as I read your postings each day. I just wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. God bless.

  9. Anon....thank you, so much. Your words have warmed my heart! Thank you for reading. It's wonderful to *meet* you!


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