Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk Or Treat!!!

So...previously, I told you all how I am not a fan of Halloween. Well, our church was having a trunk or treat! Well, the kids really wanted to I agreed! My aunt had previously bought these costumes for the boys from the Disney Store....Jaxson is Rattatouille and Xavier is Buzz Lightyear!
For Madelyn...we made her into a hunter. This way....the clothes she wore can all be worn again and again. My sister painted her face with some fun camo paint I had gotten! Didn't she do a great job with it??? .....And...because it is FREEZING here in PA and SNOWING...they moved the trunk or treat into our church's multi-purpose room!

Here is a picture of one of my aunt's (AKA~ Queen Esther) and Jax (AKA~Rat)...LOL....

More pics of the kids getting treats from members of our church dressed as bible characters.....

And some of the people even got truly into the part and decorated and told a story!!! :)

We enjoyed some yummy snacks....

And....after daddy got home and showered from work...he even came in to join us!!!!

X (or..ahem, I mean, Buzz) was actually sitting like this on the floor...and I just had to take a pic! I thought it was too cute!......

We had a really nice evening....exhausting but nice! :) I think the kids had a lot of fun...and ended up with a lot of "loot"....(tooooo much actually...LOL). Lots to do today as off I go...but I just really wanted to share these pics with you all!

Oh...and thank you all so much for sharing with me your feelings on whether you are a Martha or a Mary! I loved reading them and hearing about how you each are! :) I appreciate you taking the time to share them with me and everyone else who stops by and reads them! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! xoxo


  1. THAT's your church's multi purpose room? It looks like your entire church! *lol*

    We're renting a highschool gym to hold services ;) When the pastor is beneath the basketball ring preaching, it will look like a halo on him.. *lol*

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  2. I love that idea! I wish our church did it. Love all the pictures except you need to be in more of them too!!!

    Your husband looks just like my neighbor BTW. =)

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. They looked like they were having a great time! We just don't do Halloween as such either, but I've always let the kids dress up, usually in something that can be inexpensively put together, and they go to our church (if we have something) or a local church for a Hallow Him or Harvest Festival. There are games to play, cake walks, and plenty of candy to bring home.

    This year our church is having one on Saturday with a costume contest (no scary ones!) and Joy will go Friday night to another church and then tonight she gets to wear her costume to dance class. I think she's really excited about wearing the costume to dance. She is Pocahontas.


  4. What great pictures:) We have our trunk or treat to go to on Saturday. Looks like your was a blast..I hope ours is fun too! Have a great day! <3Lauren

  5. The kids look so cute in their costumes! What a great idea with the trunk or treat...even if it had to be moved inside. You leave that snow in your direction! :)

  6. Great pictures! It looks like lots of fun!

  7. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. This is the first year my kids are not dressing up. They think they are to old. (They are 16 & 12)I'm a bit sad about it. Seeing your kids in their costumes brings back great memories. Thanks again!

  8. Totally cute! Glad you had a nice evening.

  9. Oh they are so cute!! I used to run the food consession stand at our churches Harvest Fest and it was exhausting!!! but we had so much fun!!! Hope you have a very Blessed day!~Wendy

  10. This is what we do too, isn't is such a great alternative so our kids don't feel left out?

    Cute costumes!

  11. What FUN!! Great costumes! Looks like everyone ejoyed themselves! :)
    This is a great idea!

    Have a great day Katy


  12. How cute are those costumes! Your kids look precious in them.

    It sure looks like all of you had a fantastic time.


  13. Hi!! We went to a Halloween carnival last night at our church, too. The kids always have so much fun, and I'm always so worn out getting everything ready. Your kids look very cute in their costumes. They look like they had a great time. Julie

  14. At least you know all that loot doesn't have razor blades or some other such scariness in it. Looks like a fun time!!

  15. Let the fun begin! It looks like the kiddos had a wonderful time, Katy... and please keep the SNOW :)

  16. Hey thanks for visiting my site and entering the giveaway! Good luck!

    "Nana's Box"

  17. I like their costumes. I love that everyone from church dressed up like a person from the bible! That is such a neat idea!

  18. I'm not a fan of Halloween either, but I must say your kids look so darn cute in those costumes. You have an adoreable family. Aimee

  19. Katy,
    I just love the pictures!! The kids look so cute!! Your supper looked absolutly wonderfull too!! I`ve just been playing catch up here on your blog! The past few days have been so buiy I have been to exhausted to go on the computer. I will probably do a post about my eventfull week later on tonight:)Hope your having a blessed Lords day!!
    Love and blessigs,

  20. Whatta cute rat! Your oldest reminds me of my DD who is going to be 5 soon. She is a girly girl who also happens to love guns and fishing. She is starting archery as well. It's funny, we will be driving down the road and see a turkey on the side of the road, then we hear a gunshot noise (made by DD using her finger as a gun. Like you, we arent thrilled with halloween either.


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