Friday, October 31, 2008

Filling Tummies at Suppertime!

Yesterday we had a super yummy supper! Earlier in the day, I made cookies for our youth group and even made some extra ones for us (although we were all too full with our supper to eat dessert...LOL). I also made a couple loaves of bread! YUM!!!!

So, for supper last night, we had homemade meatloaf, baked potatoes, yellow bean casserole (from beans I had canned last year) and homemade bread with my homemade strawberry jam!
Oh my was so yummy! Even my kids loved it! They even loved the meatloaf! (Madelyn said I should make meatloaf more often! LOL) And I just love using things I have made or canned! It honestly makes the meal taste even better to me, does that make sense?

I am not sure how you make your meatloaf....but mine is super easy. I don't measure anything...LOL. I take a pound of ground beef and throw in some Worchestershire Sauce, Quaker Oats, some milk, an egg, and some dried minced onions! I just mix it all up and cook for an hour! LOL So easy and good!!! Lucky for Chris, we had some he gets to have it for his lunch at work today! (I always pack his lunch...usually it's a sandwich and stuff....but some days he gets leftovers...I think he loves those days!!!)

I finished my first ever knitting project!!!! It didn't turn out as long as I wanted it to..cuz I made it too wide...but I am learning! I used a whole thing of yarn for it! LOL
And I started my next knitting project (below), the yarn is super soft!!! It will make a GREAT scarf.....

And just for fun...cuz Jaxson was being silly.....hahahahaha!.....

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Smile a lot and don't stress! God Almighty is in control!!! Thanks for stopping by! I truly love reading your comments! xoxo


  1. Yummy. That bread looks so good! I, too, love meatloaf this time of year. It's such a comfort food. Have a great weekend!

  2. Yum you make me hungry! The kids look so cute in their costumes and what a fun time to share as a family. I dont really do halloween either although I have to admit I love to watch the great pumpkin Charlie Brown! I do let my kids dress up although I dont let them dress up scary or evil. Dylan is going as Elvis this year. Anyways hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, karen
    P.s. Love the scarf great Job!

  3. We'll all be by for dinner tonight - that bread looks yummy! Have a good weekend!

  4. The bread looks so good Katy! I bet your home smelled so good! We had meatloaf Wednesday and mashed potatoes and it was so good to taste winter food again but I know come spring we will be wanting hotdogs and macaroni salad again:)
    Have a great day!

  5. I always heard a good meatloaf shouldn't have more than 50% meat in it ;)

    My grandma makes her meatballs or meatloaves with a pound of beef, 3 eggs, one chopped onion and five ground up slices or bread.. That was the secret recipe I have been trying to get out of her for like.. ages! *lol*

    Your bread looks SO delicious! It's been........ more than half a year since I ate white bread.. I did stop the Atkins diet, so I eat whole wheat bread again now ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  6. Well done on the knitting! Each item you make will get a little easier :)

    Your food always looks delicious.

  7. the bread look yummy
    i sent you a myspace message to ya.
    on your myspace

  8. I love the white yarn. It looks so soft and cuddly! Good job on completing the first scarf!

  9. I loooove meatloaf! We seriously eat it all the time. It's so easy, and sooo good! I top mine with a mixture of brown sugar and ketchup and spread that on in the last 15 minutes of cooking. Mmmm!

    Great job on your knitting! The white scarf looks perfect for the upcoming winter season!

  10. Your dinner looks wonderful! My hubby would be a very happy man with that. I try to cook extra so there are leftovers for lunch, but I don't as large of a family of you.

    I love the white yarn. It will feel wonderful on those windy, cold days.

  11. Hi Katy I love it when I make a nice comfort meal it just makes us all feel so good doesn'tit?!!! I hope you all have a very Blessed weekend my friend!! Take care!~HUGS~Wendy

  12. Katy, I want to eat at your house! You always make the best meals! That bread really looks good! You kids are so cute! What a wonderful life you have Katy, you are blessed! Hugs! ~Beth~

  13. We had meatloaf last night too. I have a few different recipes, all easy and I always make double. David loves meatloaf sandwiches. Last night I made it Swedish style. I don't measure either. (unless I am baking). We had mashers and fresh aspargus. Good plain simple healthy food! YUMMO!!

  14. That dinner looked so good! So these are veggies you grew and canned?
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Your bread always looks so delicious! The Country Blossom Bakery might be in the future? {: I have a learn to knit book, and I have the needles.. I just have not tried. Yours looks so pretty! Have a great weekend, blessings, Kathleen


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