Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Beautiful Gift of Life!

My sweet baby, Jaxson. My, how the time has flown! I didn't have a digital camera when my other children were born...but I got one for Christmas soon after I had Jaxson. So, I write these words concerning all my children..but just have baby pics of Jaxson to show on here!

What an absolutely wonderful gift God has given us women. The ability to have children! To think this sweet life started at a size that is unable to be seen by the naked eye! Look how he has grown over the past 2.5 years of his life! The time has just flown and I can NOT imagine my life without him!

If you have know how I feel! Sure, there are frustrating times with them, lots of tears and upset over the years...but that's life. You live it and get through it and learn from it. Be their source of prayer when they don't even realize they need it. The love and joy that eminates from your children totally washes out the troubling times!
The giggles you hear when they think something is funny. The look on their face when they have just discovered something new. The stories and tales they make up with their imaginations. The amazing love they show me when I am having a bad day..(tons of hugs and "I love you, Mama"s). The sweet sounds of their voices when they sing at the top of their lungs.

If you don't a life of love and show your love and obedience of Jesus daily! Let your kids see Jesus shine through you! Let me tell you...being the best example is one of the greatest challenges you will face as a parent. And although we all fall short....through love, prayer and forgiveness....we do our best. We want our kids to love Christ, love others and be in Heaven someday! Right?

And...can I tell you a secret?? Our kids aren't really our own. They're God's. He's letting us care for them for now. From the time of conception...God has entrusted that sweet life in your hands. What will you do with this responsibility? Everything we do should always be done with God's will in mind. That starts from the second of conception...till the end of time!

I am so thankful for my children. I am so thankful for a loving God who trusted me enough to give their precious lives to me. I am so thankful for the wonderful forgiveness God gives me through the blood of Jesus. I am definitely not the perfect parent. I try so hard....but fail miserably daily. I thank Jesus for his life, death and ressurection so I can experience God's great forgiveness.

Lea at the Shabby Olde Potting Shed has a lovely post you can go to HERE that has a video of a wonderfully loving woman who shares her experiences in life and forgiveness towards her mother for aborting her. Yes....this girl on the video was aborted....and lived anyway. She doesn't harbor ill feelings toward her mother. She is thankful for the beautiful gift of life and offers only love and forgiveness for what the abortion attempt did to her body.

I don't sit in judgment of anyone, ever. I sit here in joy...thanking God for my children and praying that maybe someone who is considering abortion reads this and changes her mind. I sit here hoping that those who have already had an abortion see why it is wrong but know that they ARE forgiven by our loving Creator. All you have to do is pour our your heart to Him. He hears you, He loves you, He forgives you.

Do you ever just wish you could bring all the homeless, orphan, hungry, not-wanted children home with you? I wish I had a HUGE house and could just give homes to all the suffering children in the world and give each of those women who think about aborting...a hope. A place that would love them and care for their baby. I just want to yell it from the rooftops..."Have your baby! I will love it and care for it!". Do you ever feel like that? I wish I could open a place that could do just that.

Thanks so much for coming by and reading. Please know this post was written in complete love towards all women. I don't know your situations or what you have been through...but He does. I do care about you though. If you need prayer or want to email link is up in the left sidebar! Whether it's about abortion issues or just struggles as a parent...I am always here to pray for those who need it. I pray constantly....I have to. It's the only way to live! :o)


  1. Katy - That was a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. It's so easy to get so tangled up in life that the important things are taken for granted.

    And you're so right. Being a Godly example is the biggest challenge we face each day. It's only through a daily surrender of our selfish desires/wants and a committment to serve Christ that we can live as He desires.

    Thanks for this sweet gentle reminder this morning. Bless you!

  2. Katy, you are such a dear! That was a powerful video.

  3. Hey Katy,
    You have a part-time ministry calling through this blog. Your posts always read with love, not judgement. I think it is important to realize that we all fall short of perfection, but it is the continued quest for it that is important. And I TOTALLY feel you on the abortion issue. It truly breaks my heart. Thanks for the great read, inspiration, and focus this morning.

  4. Your love for the Lord is amazing, Katy. Your posts are always so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for a much needed reminder of how wonderful being a mom really is!

    Have a great day!

  5. Your babies are precious! Thanks for posting this it is well said. It made me think of this scripture I read today

    Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world -James 1:27

  6. What a cutie :) I enjoy reading about your family and seeing the photos :)

    I do feel bad for kids and wish I could save a few and give them a good home but I know two kids is my limit. That's why I stopped! LOL

    BTW~I had to cut and paste part of my stitchery tutorial into the right place. I don't color it when I'm's before I stitch! Whoops! It still may not be the "Correct" way to do everything but it's how I do it....

    Have a great day!


  7. Can I just add some thoughts and prayers to the Mom's who are suffering with infertility, and are not able to bear any children, or anymore children. Such a sad time when they so badly want more but can't.

  8. Beautiful post Katy and such a sweet amazing boy. I often think about adopting and giving a loving home to a child out there.

  9. Very beautifully written, Katy. I'm not personally adopted but I do have 7 adopted siblings. Adoption is as much a miracle as childbirth. That a Mom would love her child enough to provide the best home for him even if that means it's not hers.
    So this post touched close to home for me. Thank you for the lovely way you remind us to not take anything for granted, that each second with our children is a blessing from God!

  10. Wow! What a powerful post and the video is just well makes me speechless. Thanks so much for reminding me how much my kids need to see Christ thru me. I have been kind of out of ranks the last couple of weeks but thanks to you I am going to the prayer closet and getting things back on track. Thank you so much Katy for you willingness to listen to God and put post on your blog that speak so powerful. Blessings, Karen

  11. What a beautiful post, it made me teary-eyed! As a mother, I so understand the love you're feeling. And I agree, children don't belong to us but to God. I tell our son all the time that I thank God for lending him to me and his dad, and how blessed we are to have been chosen by Him to raise him.

    He's 6 and lately, he's in a phase where he wants to marry me! Regardless of what I tell him why we can't, he still insists he wants to marry me. I love that innocence in children.

    Again, beautiful post filled with love, and the light of Christ.

    Many sweet blessings!

  12. Such a beautiful post! I thank God everyday that I was choosen to be Mama to my precious Megan! If circumstances were different I certainly would open my heart and home to welcome more children.

    Have a great day!

  13. Hi Katy,
    I so enjoyed your beautiful pictures and words today. The precious gift of Life!!!
    Love Lea

  14. Hi Katy,
    I came across your blog the other day and I have so enjoyed reading it the past few days. This was such a wonderful message today..I am a new mom (my son is 5 weeks old) and this just warmed my heart and made my day. Being a new parent is overwhelming at times, as I'm sure you can relate, and just being reminded that God hand-picked me and my husband to care for my Noah is so wonderful! And not that I need to tell you, but your son is precious...I know your other kids are as well! Thank you for blessing me today...bless you as well:)

    <3 Lauren

  15. You always have such inspiring blogs. You are a blessing to me.


  16. A beautiful post!! And what a precious child. He is a cutie!

    The best part of the post was about "God loaning you those children." This is such a true statement.

    I love to visit your blog -- you are such an inspiration.

  17. I soooo love you!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Katy,

    your post really touched my heart today as I hope and pray my kids see my life as an example of Christianty they want to follow. I too feel at times I come in short with the three precious gifts he have bestowed upon me but I know in the end we all do the best we can!

    Girl, I hear you about bringing home all the homeless children, I hear you loud and clear. We are praying for the calling again and I hope the Lord makes a way to bring another one home. If you have it on your heart to be a mother through adoption, he will provide a way! I'm an advocate for adoption and I'm always available to talk about it with anyone at any time!!! My husband says I eat, sleep and drink it!!LOL... It's my passion.

    Anyway, another beautiful post. Your words are so graceful and loving. If I wasn't already a Christian I would without a doubt say "I want what she has" I can hear the Holy Spirit through your posts. Keep it up my friend.

    God bless,

  19. Hi, my name is Dena and I'm enjo5ying your blog, especially the post about children. I have three wonder boys...17, 5 and 3. My 5yr old is autistic. They just grow up so fast! I asked my youngest the other day if he'd stay little forever and cuddle with mommy all the time and of course he thought that was an excellent idea. If only that could happen. Although, watching them grow into adults is awesome too. God bless you and yours!

  20. Beautifully put. I could see alot of myself in what you wrote about feeling truly blessed to be given the gift of children. I told my kids again yesterday "You are such a wonderful gift from God and I thank Him everyday"


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