Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh the embarrassment.....

....of a horribly cluttered school room. Yes....cluttered. *blushing* I know what you are thinking..."Katy let her schoolroom get cluttered????" Yep...I did. Not on purpose. We have been busy and I got lazy about keeping it looking right. Plus, it is a hard room. It looks bigger in the pics than it really is...It would be ideal to take the table out...but I am not sure where to put it then...and also...it is such a good spot to do crafts/activities at. However....the good news is that I decided to clean/declutter it!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!! So... here are the before pics...that I hesitate to even post. ACK! (and yes...under the chalkboard...I have been peeling at some old wallpaper...LOL)



I think it is such an improvement!!! Not only did I declutter...but I organized things (more than the were before). There is still room for improvement. We have more toys than I would like in the schoolroom...the kids keep bringing them down from their rooms. We will have to work on that. But anyway...it is improvement. :o)

I struggle with all the normal things everyone does. I know sometimes it may seem like people have the "perfect" lives because of their posts....but not true, not true. I am just a normal gal struggling to balance life! :) It's kinda hard for me to show the BEFORE pics, especially because I have a tendency to get hung up on "perfection". But, I want to be real...and never be fake...and the truth is...I will never be "perfect"...and I am learning to be OK with that (slowly but surely). I will always strive to do my best at things...that is just my nature. But I need to understand that I can't achieve perfection on this earth...ever.

I do love keeping things clean...and organizing things...but sometimes I have a "Martha" mentality. Read here in Luke 10:38-42.....

38 Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. 39 And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word. 40 But Martha was encumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me. 41 And Jesus answered and said to her, Martha, Martha, you are careful and troubled about many things: 42 But one thing is needful: and Mary has chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

Oh gosh....seriously...how embarrassing. Martha was a servaholic. Probably a perfectionist as well. I wonder if she was the older of the two sisters? I am the oldest child and am this way...so I wonder if it mostly pertains to the eldest kids?

Are we to be tidy homekeepers and take good care of our homes? Absolutely! However, are we to get overly consumed by it that we neglect other things, such as reading with our children more etc? NO!!! I think having a good organized system is a GREAT thing...I like to make lists of things and I keep myself organized in my daily planner etc..and that can be such a great time saver and help me be a good manager of my time. However...it's when I get obsessive with some things...that it gets a bit ridiculous.

If you notice you are constantly cleaning (like, the second someone gets up...do you fix the couch cushions/pillows?), list making, daily planner book obsessing....you just may have the Martha Syndrome like me! ACK! Please join me in taking care of your home..but also taking the time to truly enjoy your children and family more! Now don't get me wrong..I do enjoy my family...but when things get messy, I get tense and it stresses me out. I can't enjoy the moment if things don't seem "perfect". This is something I will be praying about and working on trying to improve! If you suffer from Martha Syndrome...let's work on this together...praying for one another and encouraging each other! :)

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject....are you a Martha or a Mary? Do you struggle with things like I do or are you able to go with the flow? Please share your thoughts with me!!! I would LOVE to hear them!!!! xoxo


  1. Oh Katy,
    That is one of my biggest struggles. For years I was a SAHM and my house was always clean and organized. After a accident and an illness my husband is unable to work. So now I am the sole provider for my family, and it seems like the house is always a mess. I just don't have enough time to work full time, care for my husband, keep up with my kids, and have a perfect house. The house is the thing I've had to relax on. We don't live in filth, but it sure isn't as clean and organized as I wish it could be. I remind myself that time with my family is way more important than a spotless house. One day I'll have the time to have a spotless house, but I'll be missing my cluttered house of kids.

  2. I have to let things happen, I can't follow behind the kids and clean or I would lose it...okay I did lose it LOL since i have been on the right meds, i honestly let things get messy. I will clean it up, but i need to let things go. Does that make sense?

  3. Katy, I'm a working single mother, so I'm NOT obsessive. I try to keep things from being cluttered so much, and I do a fair job of it, but I have a spare bedroom that is the "school stuff/catch-all room" and I just keep the door closed because I can't get rid of all the school stuff I might need at work.

  4. Oh how I want to be a Martha! I really do..but I have given up with 3 kids at home and running every which way these days. Can I hire you to come and declutter my home?lol I can start to but get off task. I call it being ADD even though I am not. Oh Martha please come to my home give me all your crafty, nifty things...

  5. Just loved this post. Actually, at different times, I'm a little of both.{: I try to keep my home clean, but there is dust and the stove needs to be cleaned! But I take care of my home and most of all my family. Just love visiting here. Blessings, Kathleen

  6. My dear girl, I can so relate. I am such a Marth. I am constantly cleaning and organizing and I totally live by list. I made my own weekly work sheet for the home with what to do, menu's, calls, errands, dates to remember and such. It stays on the fridge and I live by it.
    I think your school room looks fantastic. You did a wonderfukl job. So neat and tidy and all put together. It makes for a more welcoming appeal to enter and to learn in I bet. Sorta like the clean sink deal on the fly lady's blog. That is so true. I keep trying to get my hubby to clean up his workshop and barn. Haven't been successful at this yet. His space is still so messy.

  7. Oh Katy, I can relate all to well. I am a TOTAL perfectionist..in many areas of my life. The housekeeping area, though, is something that has kind of fallen by the wayside with the addition of my son now. And I have learned that it is okay if there is dust on my nightstand or a smear on the bathroom mirror...the world is not going to end! It's hard for me to let it go sometimes, but I'm forced to now because I have a 6 week old that needs me a lot more than that pile of laundry does. I'm still working on not trying to be perfect in other areas...but that will come with time and of course God's help all the way. But seriously, I needed to hear this today...thanks for the right post at the right time:) Have a great night! <3Lauren

  8. So true! As with any area of life, it's all about the balance. Messy house, messy lives - but we can't take either to the extreme. I think this old poem that I had in the nursery says it all: “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow,For babies grow up, I’ve learned, to my sorrow. So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep.I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

  9. It depends on my mood. I want to be Martha and have everything perfect, but you know how life is. I tend to become overwhelmed at times and have to let things go for my sanity.

  10. Oh what a great blog! I am a Martha though and I struggle really hard with this. It's hard for me to let my kids be kids because I want a neat home all the time. Thanks for reminding me what I really need to be doing!

  11. BOO!!! You have been "BOO-ed"! Please stop by my blog to pick up your treat :)
    Happy Halloween ,

  12. In order for my brain to be uncluttered, my house needs to be uncluttered. I have just found that's the way I am. No matter how hard I try to not worry about messes and disorganization, it just doesn't work. I have actually decided to accept that fact about me, and not feel guilty or bad anymore. I have felt guilty and bad for years now. Like I need to apologize that I like a tidy, organized home. We are all different, and I'm glad to be me. It has taken 42 years for me to feel that way, but I think I'm finally there. I hope my kids remember that we had an organized, happy and love-filled home--I think these wonderful qualities can all fit nicely together. I loved your post- thanks for sharing. Julie

  13. BRAVO for posting before and after pix! It's difficult when a cluttered home affects some of us with cluttered minds and stress. But, it's all about priorities. If we keep our priorities straight, there's less stress from less guilt about what we have and have NOT done. I try to clean up, as much as I can, as I go. But, when it's a mess, well, I guess I've had a great day being a mom, wife, daughter, friend and neighbor first :)

  14. Katy,

    I tend to be a Martha too. But I have relaxed some over the years, I have to say. I mainly just need the main rooms decluttered...if I can have my living room decluttered and tidy before bedtime I'm okay...if I have my kitchen and dining room that way...even better and I'm ecstatic if the upstairs is clean...that's our library, computer area, crafting area, etc... But that just doesn't happen that often!

    By the way, I wanted to invite you to stop in and check out Tammy at Lattes and Lollypops. They are a home schooling family and she is hosting a Home School Open House. This was the first one and we participated. I thought you might enjoy it and hopefully you can participate sometime too!


  15. I have those moments when I freak out about the house. Normally it's stuff that has been here for days and didn't bother me but all of a sudden. I get to work and then normally try to leave the house. Going away and coming back home really gives you a new perspective! LOL It's never realy that bad!

    I do pick up and clean up a lot but I do it on the run. I don't let it consume me and it's a lot easier now that it's just me during the day. The messes are all at least MINE! LOL I do think it's important to have a nice looking house but don't let it take over your life, right?

    Have a great day!


  16. I'm a total Martha. But luckily I have time alone at home in the morning to take care of things so it doesn't get in the way of spending time with my family. If I don't get to do it then I wait till everyone is in bed. And it's usually dishes that pile up in both sinks and all over the counter next to it.
    I've come up with an idea about Katelin bringing down things from her room into the living room. She has a basket down here. Once it's filled it's time to take it back upstairs.
    (BTW you musta read my blog "Miranda Stewart" LOL)
    I was looking thru a catalog yesterday that I got in the mail and ran across some ME folders. I instantly thought of you. I can't find them online at their website but there's some magazine holders I thought were cute too. Maybe you can use them on your shelves. Your classroom looks AMAZING by the way. And yes a great improvement!

  17. http://www.currentcatalog.com/096985.html

    Found it!

  18. I am a Martha - about certain things (like bathroooms, kitchen, making my bed every single morning just so) and other things I could care less about. The schoolroom looks great!

  19. Katy, I guess with all the kids in and out all the time and me growing up cleaning my moms house. I dont worry with a little messeyness. I do tend to cleanup after each person some but Im not obsesive with it. It never does any good with 7 people in and out all day. But I do like being organized. So I guess Im a little of Mary and Martha combined. Blessings, Karen

  20. Oh, this is definitely something I struggle with! I want to be a Mary, but I am way too often a Martha. It's definitely something of which I have to CONSCIOUSLY and CONSTANTLY remind myself! Thanks, Katy, for posting your before pictures! ;o) The after looks awesome!

  21. Hi ~ I miss you! Your blog looks wonderful. Your kids are beautiful & they're so grown up. You sure love your blog.

  22. What an amazing transformation!!!!!

    :) Looks great!


  23. Some say the way we keep our homes is a reflection of us, and you dear Katy beams caring and there's nothing wrong with that! Were alot alike, but since my kids are grown and gone, I'm a little more relaxed about it, but I just feel better about everything if the house is clean and everything is in it's place! The school room looks wonderful, don't be so hard on yourself!

  24. Another great post! No, none of us are perfect and never will be, but it sounds like you have your priorities in order. And that is important!
    I'm happy for you for getting the school room better suitable for your daily living.
    Have a great week!

  25. Katy, I too struggled for years with having to keep everything so orderly. And you know, I found that it stole more joy than it gave. Now I still like things orderly, (its who I am) but I make choices based on what will matter the most at the end of the day ~ a neat room or a giggle shared with my son? It really is a matter of focusing on priorities and seems like I have still to remind myself daily lest I fall back into my old ways.

    You're doing a great job!


  26. Oh Katy, I know how you feel. Have you read the Mary Heart/Martha World book?? I am totally Martha, cutting out her cheese into Noah's Ark figures!! Doesn't it feel great to get your school room straightened out?? I wouldn't really know, being as I haven't really organized ours. We are moving this weekend, though, so I can have a fresh, clean slate!!
    Oh, I tagged you on my blog!!

  27. Katy, this is a great post! I think I have a split Mary/Martha personality - I want it both ways! I get frustrated by the messes, but I also see the value of teaching and making memories with my children, which usually wins out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now, but haven't had time to comment much, but I wanted to let you know that I have given you an award! Stop by my blog and read all about it!

    Nancy @ Homemade Blessings


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