Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Fun Night!

Sunday night, we had a fun family night together! We started the evening off with some homemade pizza!!! Yum! :)

Madelyn did a little reading from a new book that my Aunt got her....

The boys....always enjoying being silly! hehe....

Playing and reading some more.....

Ring around the rosie! ( kids love these simple games!)....

We all fall DOWN!!!!!

X got hurt when they all fell "down". So he had some relax time on the couch to "recooperate"....

But Jaxson and Madelyn kept right on going!!! (I love Madelyn's sweet face in this pic below!)

Playing Simon Says....(Xavier still didn't want to play!).....

OK...seriously...look at those faces! Who couldn't love that?? I am blessed!.....

And to finish off our night....right before was time for some Icecream!!!! :o)

I love evenings where we spend time doing simple things together as a family!!! Those are the times that make the most wonderful memories to me!

Thank you all for the well wishes for Madelyn's dental appointment. It went well and hopefully she will be back to her old self tomorrow! (That anesthesia they gave her really knocked her out!) She is doing well and I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers sent up on her behalf! Thank you!!!!

OHHHH!!! And such wonderfully fantastic news!!! Our outdoor wood stove is UP & RUNNING!!!! Wooooohooooo!!! I love seeing the smoke come out of the chimney of the stove! And Chris finished it all just in is really getting cold and windy around here lately and the heat is such a wonderful thing to enjoy!

Tuesday will be a busy day...catching up on schooling we missed today (Monday) and also doing Tuesday's I have housework to do! Whenever I get taken away from the house for an extended time of the day...I feel like I have to play catch up the next day! Know what I mean? :) Then Madelyn has Daisy Scouts tomorrow evening! A full day but we will live it with joyful hearts!
Joy is the best makeup. ~Anne Lamott

I hope you are all had a lovely Monday and have a truly joyful Tuesday!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be sure to check in and say hello to you blog friends soon! xoxo


  1. Beautiful pictures, Katy! I'm glad Madelyn's appointment went well.

  2. So glad Madelyns dentist app. went well. Hope you will get everything caught up and wont be too busy tomm. Blessings, Karen

  3. looks like yall had a great time

  4. I love Simon Says! You have a sweet family.

  5. So glad M`s appointment went well today Katy!!Cute pictures of the kids playing together!So glad your stove is installed!!Woo hoo!! It is getting cold here in Pa! Heat is definatly a blessing.We`ve been turning ours on at night and we usually don`t have it on this early,but it`s been super cold at night.
    I know what you meen about the housework too.Between remodeling our kitchen this week and running errands every day I`ve een falling behind too.Hope you have a blessed evening!!

  6. You do have very sweet kids, in fact seeing them do these fun things and eating ice cream at the little table makes me really miss those days. I know you cherish those memories everyday!

  7. Looks like fun! I, too, love the simple times as a family. It doesn't have to cost anything, just time spent laughing and being silly together is the best!!

  8. Such a sweet night!! Beats the arcade, mall, movies, etc. any day!

  9. Family times are simply the best!


  10. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Oh, and the pizza looks yummy!

  11. Katy, looks like a great time! And you are right, the simple fun things will stand out so much more than other things as all of you get older. What a wonderful blessing it is just to be together and enjoy each others' company.
    Have fun today while you do everything that needs to be done.
    I love the quote at the bottom of your post! Too bad, I need a little more than joy to be presentable! LOL!
    Have a great day!

  12. Such sweet family looked like such a fun time:) Glad the dentist went well. Have a great day today! <3Lauren

  13. I agree these are the best kinda memories. I've said it a million times and I'll say it agian. Your kids are so cute.

  14. That pizza looks so good, that's what we had yesterday:)
    Madelyn reminds me of Sydney so much especially when she smiles:)

  15. One more thing....I have been searching high and low for a good apron pattern to make for myself, and Alivia. I went to that Etsy shop and FELL IN LOVE with their Bella aprons. I splurged and purchased us matching aprons for Christmas! Thanks for the heads up on these ADORABLE aprons. They were JUST what I was looking for!

  16. Love all the family photos... your home & family just exude a feeling of warmth and love! :)

    I've tagged you for a meme/award:

  17. I love the pictures! You have such a wonderful family and it's great to see how much you enjoy them!

  18. I agree... the relaxed family time seem to be some of the best memories!

    Thanks for letting me stop by to say hello!

    God bless your Sunday!


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