Sunday, October 26, 2008

A little Sunday Talk!

First, I just have to new chair pads I got for my dining room chairs. I was so excited to find them! The other ones, I have had for years and didn't even match my dining room. So, I have always been on the lookout for some...but never willing to spend an arm and a leg to buy them! LOL Well, one day last week when I was out...I found some...for, GET THIS: $4.99 for the whole set!!! Seriously!!! Wooooohoooo! I was so thrilled! Now, if I can just find myself a beautiful, inexpensive rug for my dining will be complete (well...till I get the farm house table and benches that I want someday...hehe)! knitting progress so far! I am really enjoying it. It's so relaxing and rewarding to be making something! I am trying to either make or mostly buy handmade things for Christmas! This is a scarf I am making for a Christmas gift! ......

This is going to be a busy week for my crew and I....schooling, plus tomorrow, Madelyn is going to a pediatric dentist, over an hour away. She needs to have a couple cavities filled and she gets super she will be put under anesthesia and they can get them all done at once. My friend, Heather, is going with me and I will take my knitting to work on as well.

Then, Tuesday...schooling and housework as usual and then Madelyn has a Daisy meeting in the evening...

Then we come to Wednesday. In the evening, we will be going to our church's trunk or treat. X doesn't want to dress up...I don't know if Mad or Jax will want to either...but we will see. Kids go around and get treats from trusted members of our church who have them out of their trunk (which they are decorating as well...AND they are dressing up as Bible characters and such). It will be really nice and I will be there, face painting for anyone who wants it done! :) I am making snacks to take in...other people are as well.
I am NOT a fan of Halloween. I don't like the history behind it (which I have went and found out about), I don't like that it is a traditionally pagan holiday and just in general...I don't like it. LOL I know the majority of people have fun with it and dress up innocently and all.
I don't stand in judgment...I just prefer for my family and me not to participate anymore. I was teetering on whether to even do the trunk or treat...and I decided it would be a fun alternative for the kids and also nice because there won't be those gruesome, horrible costumes around. Just a fun and sweet time! My husband isn't for or against he kinda let me make the decisions on this :).

What are you planning to do for Halloween this year? What have you done in the past? I would love to hear about it! Do you all dress up or do you do an alternative Halloween? Fill me in! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about it all! Monica from The Homespun Heart has some alternative Halloween thoughts on her blog!

Anyhoooooo ~ thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my new chair pads, my knitting progress and reading my thoughts on Halloween! I gotta run off to the grocery store before supper...I need Jello for Madelyn for in the morning (it's the only type of food she is allowed to have before going to the dentist! She can only have it before 8:30am!) I go! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!!!

PS***We had a truly lovely church service today. It was communion Sunday and I cried and am just so thankful for the grace and forgiveness we are given through the shed blood of our Precious Jesus! They showed a youtube video of clips from The Passion Of The Christ (which I still haven't watched...and don't know that my heart can handle it in it's entirety). about bringing to life the whole reason for communion!

OK...really....I am leaving now!!!!! xoxo


  1. They look cute with your chairs! We sorta stopped doing halloween years ago. So many of the "kids" trick or treating were starting to be...ummm...old (and sort of scary) and not even in costume. Not too many people trick or treat around here anymore anyway. Most participate in trunk or treat or fall festival type things at city hall or their church.


  2. Hi Katy...I'm jealous of those chair pads!! They are very, very nice!!
    As for Halloween...I love Halloween...but the good kind of Halloween....only one of mine still goes out..she's going as a fairy. We don't get hardly any trick or treaters where we live....and I do take the kids around to the "church" people (yes, I always went to church until they moved it.....long story...I'll share on my blog someday)....and some other neighbours...completely safe and fun.
    I have never heard of trunk or treat...neat idea!


  3. I always appreciate your perspectives Katy, even though I know we don't always agree! And because of that, I wanted to let you know that I'm actually totally with you on the Halloween thing! :) I haven't been a big fan of the holiday for several years now. Too creepy. And I've never understood churches who do haunted houses! Maybe someone else who reads this can offer some explanation on that.
    Also, I know our churches differ on how often we have communion, but we seem to be similar on how important it is. It was beautiful to read about your reaction to it. Personally, I'm thankful my church has it every week because it's so powerful for me and I am so moved and strengthened by it that I feel like I need it every week.

  4. We have always celebtate Halloween with our kids, but we don't do anything grusome or scary. We enjoy pumpkins, harvest and dressing up silly. We chose to celebrate the fun and innocent side of Halloween.
    Great chair pads!

  5. Hi Katy,

    I love the chair cushions. You are doing great with your knitting. It's very pretty. I will be thinking about Madelyn tomorrow.

  6. Hi Katy what a GREAT buy on your chair pads!!! We used to do halloween when the kids were really young and then we realized what halloween really was about and so my whole family sarted doing harvest parties for the kids and we would make goodies bas for them and we would dress in good clea costumes and have lots of food and games!! Steve and I went to see The Passion and I tell you I almost broke his hand it was so intense for me, there were times I wasn't sure if I could stay and se anymore but I am glad I did as it really brought to life what Jesus did for me and what He went through because of me.
    Haave a very Blessed night and good luck tomorrow at the dentist. Wendy

  7. Your new chair pads are wonderful, Katy! We got trick or treating with friends, but no scary costumes. :0)

  8. Your new chair pads look so cute..and what a great deal! We're not big on Halloween at my house either. We are doing our church's Trunk or Treat on Saturday, but on Halloween night I think we'll only be going to my grandmother's house for her to see my son dressed in his dinosaur suit:) Just some good church and family fun...nothing very "halloween-ish" but I like it that way. I'm in the same boat with you on Passion..I've chosen not to watch it because I just don't think I can make it through it. Maybe one day if I work up the courage...I guess that really puts into perspective how weak I am though - that I can't even watch a reenactment of his crucifixion, yet he actually experienced it for me. Well, anyway, good luck with your daughter's dentist appointment and have a great week! <3Lauren

  9. I will be thinking of Madelyn tomorrow!!!!

    Im pretty excited.... The church we attend has a Annual Harvest Party Halloween night! Kinda like a carnival of sort! It is our first year so Im anxious to see how it goes! the boys will be dressing up but, nothing scary at all!!

    I love taking communion! In fact that is the only part of our church Im not happy about we just don't do it enough!!!

    Chair pads are AWESOME! hope you have a great week sweetie!

  10. Sorry to hea about your daughters appointment. My daughter has an appointment for hr teeth coming up too.
    I also am NOT a fan of Halloween.Since hubby and I disagree we do dress the kids up for it. We usually go trick or treating with hubbys brother and we always have a great time together.If I had it my way we`d probably have some kind of harvest celebration or something like that instead.
    Your knitting is coming along wonderfully Katy!!I bought the same yarn last week! I plan on trying to crochet soon.When time allows!I`ll pray for your daughter that she is calm nd at peace for her appointment tomorrow!Take care!

  11. Hi Katy,
    That is positively amazing that you got your chair pads so inexpensive! whoHoOoo! You found FAVOR with the Lord!
    I understand what you mean about Halloween. That is such a tough call. When I was little, we dressed up, and had SO much fun; it was unreal. I LOVED HALLOWEEN.
    I don't like the gruesome stuff of Halloween nor anything that has the devil on it. NO WAY!
    But the cute little costumes, princess and fairies and things like that are cute I think.
    I am happy you got to take communion today. Doesn't that just make you feel wonderful?
    The Passion of the Christ is hard to watch, but
    THANK YOU JESUS for dying for me!
    Hugs to you Katy

  12. Awww I am sorry your children will never know the fun "American" ways of Halloween. It is some fun wonderful memories for me as a child. You can make anything bad if you want, but I won't give into all this negative Halloween stuff. It is and always will be a fun Holiday for my family and I. I don't get dressing up as bible characters either, I sorta think that is a silly idea. Either you celebrate the holiday or you don't/ Look at how many customs and traditions we now have at Christmas time that really have nothing to do with Christmas and the birth of christ/ I hope know one decides that we should cancell Christmas,
    God Bless you and yours

  13. I'm fortunate not to have that problem, as we don't celebrate Halloween in the netherlands ;)

    We don't celebrate thanksgiving either, but that's a celebration I would like to take part in.. I love the idea behind it..

    greetings from the netherlands!

  14. What a steal, I love those chair pads, just what I need! I hope you find your rug soon too! Since our kids are grown and gone, I don't celebrate Halloween, but sure do celebrate fall, had a big fall fun night, lots of good food, a hayride, and plain ole fun! The kids had a blast! I understand how you feel about it all.

  15. Cute chair pads. I so know what you mean about waiting to find a good deal..and man did you find a good deal!
    Hugs to Madelyn.
    You knitting is so nice. I'd love to learn to knit. Is this something you learned recently?
    We celebrate Halloween by letting Katelin dress up and trick or treat around the neighborhood. We carve pumpkins and bake the seeds. I don't decorate the house in scary things..just cute pumpkin stuff. I can see why people wouldn't want to celebrate it. Oh and we always check her candy before we let her have any.

  16. Love the chair pads the ones I have dont match either but Im like you I dont want to pay all that when kids will mess them up. Anyhow, I take my kids to a local street that they block off for Halloween but I do not allow them to dress up scary or evil. I just dont like the holiday for the same reasons you dont. I dont even decorate for Halloween I just decorate for fall then in Nov, I add my turkey and pilgram people in with the decor. Well your week sure sounds busy hope Madelyn will not have any trouble at the dentist and she wont even worry herself about it. Ill be praying for you both! Have a great week. Blessings, Karen

  17. I am so so scared of the dentist as well. When I have a cavity filled, I ask for the gas. lol. Seriously, I have to be loopy so my anxiety does not get the best of me. Love the chair pads, and what a steal of a deal! I'm not sure if the kids will go trick or treating. They love dressing up. I usually stay home and pass out candy, figuring if I don't my house will get vandalized lol. That's how the teens are around here. Have a great week Katy! Hope all is well...sorry I've been a stranger

  18. You've been so busy! I enjoy coming in and reading your blog. You are so creative and blessed!
    We are doing a little party for the kids at our church for the kids. They can dress up as bible characters.
    I hope your little one does well at the dentist!
    Love the chair pads!
    Miss chatting with you. :)

  19. Hi, Katy.
    I remember my mother telling us we couldn't clebrate Halloween anymore. We never dressed up scary or anything, always as a Disney character (My favorite was the Little Mermaid, I loved the fake red hair I got to wear! Hehe...) or one year all of us (My 2 sibs and I) were M&M's. So we stopped celebrating Halloween and started celebrating Fall and the Harvest at our church. We would all have to dress up as a Bible Character or something that God created (I was the sun one year. Hehe..). I think I enjoyed the Harvest parties so much more than going trick or treating. I mean, It is so much safer but overall we got to play fun games, win prizes for the best costume, worship, read the Bible, and of course we still got candy. Now that I'm getting ready to start my own family... I'm not sure how I feel about it? My church now just has a Fun Friday (We have these every once in a while for Children's Church) around the time of Halloween but you don't dress up or anything. I've read about how the Holiday was started and such... My husband loves the idea of our kids getting dressed up in appropriate costumes and going to like Grandpa and Grandma's Houses and other people we know. I guess we'll just wait and see?! I do appreciate how you feel about it though and that you are standing up for your children. Sometimes people think that when a parent choses not to celebrate Halloween they're being over protective... but I don't think so. Not in today's world, you have to be careful of what your children may be subjected to. Anyway... Just wanted to say I am glad you made the decision you did and hope that I can know what I'd like to do eventually! Thank you for sharing! I always love reading your posts!

  20. OMiGosh! Those look like the exact same chair covers we had on out chairs when I was 4! LOL! The are really nice. They're sturdy too; if I recall right they lasted until my little sis came along, then they just never had a chance. HAHA!

  21. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not because it is connected to any pagan rituals but because it is autumn- my fav season--the hay rides and bonfires and parties. It's true you can't go trick ot treating except maybe in very small towns but most kids want to go to bigger towns and richer neighborhoods. We don't hand out treats. We make a huge batch of holiday mix( M & M's, dry-roasted peanuts, candy corn ) and split it up between the kids families.We can afford to buy our kids candy and want for it to be the better candy. Our community has organized a party at one of the biggest churches with lots of trusted adult supervision but most parents are reaponsible and stay with their kids anyway. Carving pumpkins and toasting the seeds----going to the pumpkin patch and the apple farm.....There are just too many good things about Halloween to discount it because of what it once was. Kids don't know or think about the gruesome past or religious connections. Halloween has grown tamer over time. Now Christmas has gotten out of hand. What ever happened to going door-to-door, singing carols? Sleigh rides? Cookie-baking parties? Going to church as the whole family? It seems all we see or hear is the products that are available. All we hear from the kids is a replay of tv commercials for all the "I WANTS" there are. While I love the decorations and getting together with my family, I can do without all the rest of that Christmas stuff. Alot of people seem to have forgotten the reason we started celebrating...
    Goodness, I've gotten off onto a rant and I apologize but we all have our own beliefs and feelings and I think it is wonderful that we are able to share them. Sorry it had to be on your blog.

  22. Katy,
    Check out my blog on the barn party. I have 2 different post on it and it is an alternitive for Halloween. We had Hallelujah night at our Church then the kids got to big and we do it at our house know with family and friends.
    Kim in OK

  23. Hi Katy! I haven't been on your blog in a while. I love the chair pads, and they would go great in my kitchen! Can you tell me where you found them?
    Kathy@Joyful Journey Journal


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