Monday, October 18, 2010

A Full & Delightful Weekend!

We enjoyed a beautiful autumn weekend, here in Pennsylvania!

We enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, bacon and buttermilk biscuits...

I made a double batch since they are Chris's favorite! ;)

The days were filled with drawing...

and reading...

and resting (after helping daddy get a load of wood for the wood stove)! :)

Our neighbors have a trampoline and welcomed us to use it whenever we like! Isn't that kind of them? The rule is that only one can jump at a time, the children took turns...

Isn't that picture of X, above, funny? It looks like he is standing in mid-air! :)

The children just love the trampoline! I remember how I used to love to jump on them, when I was younger, as well!

After spending the morning getting wood for the outdoor wood stove ~ Chris spent the later afternoon archery hunting. So the animals, children and I spent some more time outdoors...

We don't acknowledge halloween, here at our house. The children, however, still love to carve pumpkins and I don't have a problem with that as long as there are no *scary* faces! :)

So they had fun, cutting and carving and taking out all the *gook* from the inside of the pumpkins! When they finished, they set them on the edge of the porch...they only lasted there for one night...more on that later in the post! ;)

I washed, hung out and ironed curtains and other laundry...

Pretty soon, bellies were growling!

For supper, I made some warm, thick broccoli-cheese soup...

Delicious and filling...

Daddy came home and we put in one of our favorite movies to watch for the evening...

By the time the movie was over, I was all cried out ;) and everyone was ready for bed! Pajamas were put on, teeth were brushed. Soon, everyone was snug in bed and fast asleep! :)

Sunday was another glorious day and oh, what the most high God had in store for me! I was reading The Holy Spirit Within Us by Bill Konstantopoulos and had been feeling convicted about selfishness and pride. I intended to talk to my pastor, after the service, about holiness and how I can be holy and how I don't feel holy enough. In we went to the service, enjoyed some beautiful worship while tears poured from my cheeks as I prayed my heart to God to help me be more selfless and holy.

As the sermon began, I turned to the scriptures God put on our pastor's heart to use. **1 Peter 1:13-25** When I saw the heading, in my Bible, above this passage of scripture, again, tears started streaming down my face. The heading was Be Holy. As the pastor went through the sermon, I felt God speaking to me, through him. I took notes, as I always do, wiping tears from my cheeks. All my questions were answered...without me having to actually ask anyone, but God, in prayer. When He works in ways like those, my heart fills to overflowing!

I don't usually do this, as I like to pray privately, but at the end of church, during the last song, I went up to the alter to pray and just pour my heart out to God, again. Chris, who didn't understand why I had been so emotional the whole service, came up to wrap his arms around me and pray with me, as well as my uncle and then my pastor. It was a beautiful time that I am so thankful for. He has begun such a work in me and I look forward to seeing what He has in store for the rest of my life.

After church, we got home and made some homemade pizza for lunch! Afterwards, we all enjoyed a restful afternoon. As late afternoon/early evening set in we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Stu had been out and about, eating during the afternoon. When we went outside, the children were so sad to discover that she had eaten big holes in their pumpkins!

So the boys popped them into the wagon, and Jaxson jumped in for a ride as well. Then they went to take them to the woods.

I enjoyed a little bit of reading out on the front swing. I took deep breaths of the crisp, autumn air as I sat there, thanking God for the beauty of the season. I love moments like that! :)

For supper, I made some lasagna which we all enjoyed. We were asked to watch a couple's children while they went to a class at our church, again. I happily agreed! The children all had fun playing and I enjoyed rocking and snuggling their toddler. As my children grow, although I still snuggle my own children, it's so nice to be able to snuggle other babies!

Today, we have been working on schooling (now on a break...but back to work soon!) and housework! I need to get some bread dough rising, as well!

Always glad that you took the time to stop and visit me! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, as much as I did! May the week ahead be even better!

Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Beautiful fall pics, and that's too bad about the pumpkins but it looks like Stu at least enjoyed them;)Hope you have a great week:D

  2. We love cream of broccoli soup too! I make a cheese biscuit. would you share the recipe to your husbands favorite biscuits? I'd love to try it.

    I love the cozy home you have? Don't you just love fall? the leaves make everything look so pretty!

  3. Thank you for sharing your weekend! Ours was similar. We are so blessed to live in PA, too!

  4. hey! why didn't you tell me you were making biscuits! i have some lingdon berry jam! my mom is in town visiting and staying at our house. i loved your post! you lovely lady! i loved how the dog ate the pumpkins.

  5. I am sorry that the pumpkins were eaten! Looks like a nice relaxing weekend.

  6. I love 'FALL.' It looks like you do too :)

  7. The buttermilk biscuits look yummy! Love the mid air photo of X. Stu must have really liked the pumpkins. I once had baby goats who ate my lilac bush to the groung. So glad to hear of others who do not acknowledge halloween. I though I was the only one. So wonderful God answered your questions in the message & your loving family surrounded you with their love & support of joining you in parayer. Praise God for His answering your need & speaking to you. Blessings!

  8. your baby girl looks just like you..your kids are just so adorable..
    sounds like a great weekend you all had..
    i love stu, such a cute little thing..
    have a nice evening..

  9. Little women is one of our favorite movies. God is so good. It is so awsome how he works in our lives, and knows just what we need. I enjoy reading your blog. We do not celebrate halloween either. We did get some pumpkins though. I'm sorry about yours.

  10. Katy~

    I am new to your blog. I've been reading for a couple of weeks now and I am in love! We seem to be kindred spirits, you and I. Your blog is such a nice, quiet place to come and take a gander each day. Thank you for that.

    Anyway, your biscuits look AMZING! So tall! Please, would you consider sharing your recipe with your faithful audience?

    Your new friend in Christ,

    Kelly in MN

  11. What a beautiful weekend you had! The weather here in PA was lovely!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Dearest Katy, I so enjoyed reading your post this afternoon. It gave me such a warm feeling and has inspired me to go and do some baking for my husband. I am so thankful for women like you, women of God who are lovingly caring for their families, and ministering to other women through blogging. Katy, you are such a blessing to me, thank you.

    Much Love,
    Tina xxxxxxxx

  13. I thank you for sharing how God shared with you. I loved hearing about the details of the moment. Your day was a beautiful autumn day to remember. I love Cheese brocolli soup. Yours looked so warm and comforting. The precious things you share about the kids are treasured pieces of time. What you share of life is real and simply lovely. I always love my visit here.

  14. Katy I love your sweet. Sorry about the pumpkins. They wouldn't last long out at our place. Love the kids jumping...sigh..mine have outgrown the trampoline.

    I was going to post some pix of my daughter and I's visit to the local vege stand (they have a pumpkin patch) but everyone is wanting me to do my post on how to get a handle on the finances. It seems to be a hot topic for my tea time today. Funny what gets the girls talking.

    I so understand what you are talking about at church. Sometimes, the Lord and I go through times like that..very close..and very revealing too. Thanks for being so transparent. It's refreshing!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  15. What a beautiful fall weekend full of some of my family's favorite things too!


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