Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Much Ado...

...about everything! ;)

Ok, actually, that was an exaggeration. I will not be covering everything about the past few I would have to write a book! But I do have some random things to post about! :)

I did a little *rearranging* in the schoolroom the other day...just of my desk area. I made myself a sort of cubby.

It's a nice little area! Now, Madelyn would like a *cubby* of her own! ;) Also...if you notice my window stars...they have faded. I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong...'til I realized I had used tissue paper rather than kite paper! So, now I have some kite paper ordered and on its way. I look forward to making some stars with Madelyn. I got my kite paper from THIS store, if you are looking for some too. Doesn't it have some of the cutest project supplies? :)

I made some bread yesterday...a recipe that makes three loaves!
Bread dough rising...

Three finished loaves...

I found a couple good books at the thrift store (they have a large array of children's books...however I am picky about which ones I actually like for them to read.). Jaxson is a huge fan of books...

I also found this book at the thrift store! For those of you who know me, I am not a huge fan of the television. And when I saw this book, I was excited! Although I consider myself a fairly creative person, sometimes I just draw a blank when it comes to fun little projects to do with the children. This book has an abundance of ideas and I look forward to using some of them!

A package arrived at my home yesterday...and look what was inside:

It is my bag from Lara at Sam Harvey! I can't even properly describe the quality of this was made with such love and care. It has feet on the bottom, to protect it. It is strong and sturdy and just all around lovely. I am so thankful for this beautiful gift from Lara. She named it the "Katy" bag...isn't that incredibly sweet? I am touched and humbled by it all! Sometimes, it is so hard to express gratitude when someone has been extremely generous to you...but *thank you*, Lara. Please know that I will be a walking and talking advertisement for you, my friend!

My children draw and color, a lot, as I am sure most children do. I think it is such a wonderful way for them to be creative. I probably could have devoted an entire post to many examples of the artwork the children have done...but for now I just have a few. And, I regret that I didn't take any picture of pictures Jaxson has drawn. I will, soon. :)

A picture drawn for Pop-pop from Madelyn...

A watercolor by X...

And a book Madelyn made...

Today, I woke at 4am. I had to have Xavier at a dental surgery center (to have 4 teeth pulled...he had two extra teeth and two baby teeth that didn't want to fall out), an hour away, at 7:15am. I mapquested the place, since I was unfamiliar with the area and out the door we went, a little before 6. I stopped to get gas and then we were on our the dark, and the fog. We weren't too far out of town when all of a sudden, deer were running right out in front of me. There was no time to I tried to weave around the first one and speed up to avoid the second and third ones. Unfortunately, we heard a loud *thunk* and felt the deer run into the back side of the van. (I know deer aren't the smartest animals...but why don't they *stop* when they see a car?) That shook me up, I must say. make a long story short, we got a bit lost on the way...bad directions + darkness + fog = Katy gets lost. Luckily, I had the number for the place we were headed and she guided me to the center....with 5 minutes left to spare! (I truly despise being late for anything, so I was glad we were on time!). The doctor and staff at the surgery center were just fantastic with both X and I. Xavier was brave and so well behaved.

His surgery didn't take long and before I knew it, I was in recovery with him. :) He was pretty out of it on the ride home but after another hour or so, did just wonderful! He was back to himself in no time! His mouth is doing well and now he has some extra spaces, where teeth used to be!

This mama, however, came home with a headache. It's been a long day! I *did* make some homemade chicken noodle soup for supper, though, which everyone enjoyed!

All the littles are snugly tucked into their beds and drifting off to sleep....which is where I need to go as well. I know this covered a multitude of different things, but I like to include what I can, when I can. Since I print each year of my blog into a book...I like to cover what our days are like so (my family and) I can remember, in days ahead.

As always, I'm so glad you took the time to stop in and visit. :)
And if you have the time, stop in and see these fantastic things my sister made as Christmas decorations!


The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. What a day! Love all the pictures! One thing that has been on my mind that I have asked before, and I know I forgot to respond (soooo sorry!!!), but how in the early years when your babies were, well babies, did you manage housework and mothering. I feel as though so often I stay drowning in housework, and it's like I don't sit down all day long, but nothing gets accomplished! Ahh! I get so overwhelmed balancing both. I want to spend time with my children, they are 2 yrs and 8 months, but I feel like i can't because of housework! Any advice?! It may be easier to email me at Thanks!

  2. Those deer can do some major damage. I hope that you van wasn't dented too much.

    I always enjoy peeking at your day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So sorry to hear the deer hit your van. Thankfully you are both ok. The littles art work is great. Your bread looks so pretty. Your cubby area in the school room is great. everything is so bright & cheerful in there. All he will want for Christmas are his two front teeth. Hee Hee. Take care & blessings!

  4. Your kids rock! Their artistry is awesome. You have an awesome school room. I surely would like to learn abc's and 123's in there.

    The bread sure does look good...may I have the recipe?

    Glad all is ok with the deer not watching where he/she is going, lol. They just bolt right on out anywhere.

    Congrats to you...very good job with homemaking and schooling your children.

    Take care

  5. did have a day...the deer would make me crazy...when we take *road trips* and go into DEER COUNTRY--I have to put on my *Deer-dar*..means Deer Radar. I loved your first picture..your cubby looks great. With the things your kiddos have made, it sure looks like you have some pretty creative children..good job !!

  6. if you are reading this, Keisha...just remember that kids won't remember if the house was a mess or things weren't perfect..they will remember the wonderful memories of your attention and love....don't worry about the housework so much...believe me, my boys are grown now and remember all the fun we had when they were little....

  7. As I have been reading your blog and viewing your photos I have noticed that you keep a very clean and clutter free home. What type of cleaning routine do you have? Perhaps you could blog about it. I do not mind cleaning for the most part but clutter always seems to be present and I am forever trying to get rid of things we no longer need or use in hopes of one day getting clutter under control. However, after 25 plus years of marriage I’m not sure if I’ll ever conquer the clutter.

  8. Katy, I am so thankful you and X weren't hurt!! Deer really are dense though!! Madilyn's book is so cute, she is very creative! I love t when I see kids so into books, I used to read all the time to mine and they would lay in their beds and read, does a moms heart good to see them!:0) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend my friend!!:0)

  9. Katy, I am glad you are ok after your encounter with the deer. I live in deer country also and I know how frightening that can be.

    I am with Patty your home is always so clean and clutter free I would l0ve to know your secrect. I have 27 yrs of stuff and I am trying to declutter and stay that way and I am always looking for peoples little tricks to help me.

    Your bread looks so good now that it is cooler I will be making more bread myself for the family. Your soup also looked delicious do you have a tried and true receipe you would mind sharing.

    Take care and so glad your little guy is doing fine he has such a cute smile with his little missing teeth.

    God bless you and yours my friend.


    Anne F.

  10. Hi Katy, I too have a similar yellow-ware bread bowl that I always use for my dough. I received it from a lady who had used it all her life for the same purpose. I always feel like I'm carrying on the history of past breadmakers when I see the dough rising above that old yellow bowl :)


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