Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day with Aunt Nen

Yesterday, we took the day off from schooling to go visit my sister (who lives about an hour away). Madelyn and Jaxson went with me while X got to spend time with grammie and pop-pop and "work" at the garage! ;)
My sister, affectionately called *Aunt Nen* by my children, taught Madelyn and I how to make pomander ornaments for our Christmas tree, this year! :) I began with a bit of difficulty but Madelyn caught right to it and did a wonderful job!

Jaxson got to enjoy *play-time* while we worked...

Notice his face, below, ...making the car sounds ;)

Aunt Nen was a good and patient teacher!

Madelyn did so well with the hot glue! (I won't mention how often I burnt myself on that hot glue, yesterday! ;)

Madelyn's first, finished, pomander! Isn't it great? :)

While Madelyn and I worked on them, Aunt Nen started to make some applesauce for supper...oh my! The scents of apples and cinnamon filled the kitchen! It was delicious scents to breathe! Jaxson asked if he could *help* make the applesauce and his loving aunt obliged!

And although it is hard to tell in all the pictures, nestled comfortably in my sister's womb, is my sweet niece or nephew...who I know is anxiously awaiting the day that their Auntie Katy can snuggle him or her! ;) ( maybe *I* am the one who is anxiously awaiting that day!)

My finished pomanders...

By the second one, I had really gotten the hang of it! :)

Madelyn made two, as well, but it seems I have forgotten a picture of the second!

After picking up Xavier from my mom's, we came home and the children enjoyed some drawing on newly purchased large drawing paper!

Look what X drew...I love it!

Noa's Bote = Noah's Boat
Absolutely precious! ;)

Xavier also enjoyed a bit of soup for supper while watching the other children draw! :)

A stack of books I intend to read, soon. Although there are *many* others. I am actually looking forward to winter, a bit, so that I can get my fill of books! :) I feel as though I can never read fast enough! There is just so much I want to soak in!

Today we will be back to our book studies. Then laundry, baking and other housework will keep me busy this afternoon! I hope you are enjoying your week!

Thank you all for your kind and loving comments you leave me...each of them makes me smile and it is wonderful how we can still converse over these many miles that seperate us! I think someone asked for the recipe I used for my biscuits. I will try and post it, soon! If you ask me a question, in the comments, and I haven't responded...please forgive me. Sometimes I truly forget! It helps if you have your email accessible on your profile or leave it for me to respond. :)

Until next time I leave you warm wishes for a beautiful day!
Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. What a beautiful day. How fortunate you are to have such a caring sister to go visit. Truly a blessing. I love looking at your blog and seeing your day. It fills the heart with warmth.

    Blessings Marlyn

  2. Good morning, Katy,
    I'm so happy to have read your blog before we begin our school day. (in about 10 min.) I hope you still counted yesterday as a school day. Experience is always the best teacher. In PA, we can feed those hands on experiences into our lesson plans. This is my last year hs as my boys are in 12th grade, but the education will continue for a lifetime. (The only plus is no more portfolios and evaluations after this year...LOL) Katy, I so enjoy your blog. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I hope one day we can meet. :)

  3. oh my gosh... i look like a big puff ball!!!

    (yes, i did read the rest of the post... i just seemed to fixate on the giant picture of myself!)

  4. Sounds like a fun day and your sister will be a wonderful mama just as you are:) I noticed on your stack of books there I've read 2 of them, Glimpses of heaven and traveling light, both were great reads;) Enjoy the day!!!!

  5. Enjoy you Blog, and all fun and
    interesting events and projects
    you do.. What a Special Sister :_)


  6. Katy, I just adore your's so sweet! I feel like I'm sitting in your kitchen. Makes me want to go make a pomenander.

    I'm still in the throws of helping my readers get their bills and receipts in order and working on yet another one for tomorrow.'s what I do best--I'm just too geeky. :o) I try to make it all look pretty and romantic just isn't the same at all as a day at your house. Ha! I guess I'll just have to come by your place for a refreshing quiet day at home. You are like 'a neighbor' I can visit with any time I drop by. I'm quickly becoming your fan Katy! I'm going to go break out my antique coffee mug and cuddle up with a warm cup of coffee...and read some more..
    I love your music much!

    Have a blessed day and give all of your kiddos a hug from me. I know..they don't know me..but they look so cute I want to hug them.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  7. What a sweet day you all had! I bet every time you look at the pomander ornaments you will think of this fun day.

  8. Katy,

    What a wonderful day you all had!

    Learning great hands on skills...

    Thanks for sharing your day.

  9. What a great day you all shared. Your bog posts are a highlight of my day. A glimps into a loving home & loving family. Nen is a beautiful expecting Mama. May the time pass by fast as you all await holding the little bundle of blessings! Blessings to you all!

  10. Katy,I have been enjoying your blog today and I am still amazed by your mothering.You have a beautiful family and are all lucky to have one another I wish my extended family was that way BUT they choose not to be so I am learning to realize that.
    I read about the pumpkins,thats a bummer in a way BUT it is good for the Chickens though.We give ours to the girls to eat,it is said to be a natural wormer for them.We even cut up little ones for the silkies to have.Just some info in case you ddin't know.
    It is a honor to follow your blog.

  11. These are beautiful! Looks like fun. I remember waiting for my sister to have her baby too. It's so exciting! Adding her to my prayers. When is she due?
    Have a lovely day!


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