Thursday, August 5, 2010

His Strength In Sorrow

We all experience it at one time or another....the pain and anguish of loss.

The past two weeks, my heart has been extremely heavy. I pray and search the Psalms for comfort, peace and answers to everything that has been happening around me lately.

My mother, although doing better, is still dealing with after affects and extreme exhaustion from health issues that took their extreme last week. I have praised God and thanked Him for her life. Recovery has been slow and difficult...but I am glad she has the chance to *be* recovering. I am trying to be the best help to her, as I can. Unfortunately, when I get overly busy...I show my stress by crying. In fear that my emotions would affect *her*, I called her expressing my apologies for my tears as I was helping her at her house the other evening. She is so loving and understanding, and for that, I am truly thankful.

I have a *true* desire to be who everyone needs me to be. I want to *fix* things around me. I run into a problem, though, as I start trying to do, do, do and all of a sudden realize that my imperfect, human self can't actually *be* and *do* everything my heart desires to. It's when I *must* turn to the only One Who *can* handle it all. He is my only sanctuary...offering peace and rest. I turn to him again and again as some days seem more difficult than others. Yesterday was one of those days.

A young, newly married, family friend was killed in an accident at his work, yesterday morning. His life, at the age of 23, was just beginning. He and his wife had just purchased a house and were beginning their lives together. Before buying their new house, they used to rent an apartment from my parents. He had even worked for my dad, at his garage, at one time.
My sister called me, with the horrible news. Immediately, my heart sunk....disbelief and sadness spreading through me like wildfire. He was such a good kid...but I don't know if he was saved. I don't know where his relationship with Jesus makes my heart hurt even *more*. Now, I just want to stand on the rooftops and call out to everyone that Jesus loves them, died for them and desires them to *know* Him!

I awoke, this morning, with a headache. Although dulled by the medicine I took, it's still there, lingering. My body feels stiff and achy...I didn't sleep well at all. And I know that our friend's wife, mother and brother probably didn't sleep at all...and if they did, only because extreme emotional exhaustion pushed them to it....awaking to the bitter truth. A truth that they will awaken to each and every morning. Oh how my heart prays for them...their comfort and healing. Would you pray with me, too? Please, cry out on their behalf...asking for a love that only the True-Love-Giver can surround them with.

After bathing and dressing this morning, I received a phone call from my sister. My grandma...who is living with Alzheimer's and celebrates her 75th birthday, tomorrow, was being taken to the hospital. She was talking and soon, her speech was not understandable. She is alive...but not responsive now. My father, aunts and uncles are with her. I sit here, waiting to hear what is happening. I thought about going to the hospital...but I would have my children with me and I don't know that it would be good to take them there, to a small waiting room.

I have found His Strength...although the hurt is there, I know I have He Who loves me most, at my side. The Great Comforter is my solace. He hears my cries and, although I may not see it right now, has His hand on everything. He knows each and every concern we have...and is in control of it all. I am praying that those who don't know this...will.

If you are struggling today...know He will rescue you from the hurt. Turn to Him and trust Him. Read Psalm 40 and rest in Him. Find encouragement in Psalm 37. Pray and read. Read and pray.

And if you have a moment, a dear blogger, Jewels, has a prayer request for her friend, George...who needs the peace of God as his body is battling cancer. You can go HERE to read Jewels' prayer request.

As I continually blink away they come and go...I thank you for taking the time to stop and read. This has been a difficult time for loved ones, around me...and I appreciate your prayers....because the only way to have *real* peace is from the Source, who freely gives.


The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. You are in my prayers hun....

  2. You and ur family are in my prayers
    God Bless! Tasha

  3. you are in my prayers can be very hard...we've lost so many over the years..the Lord is always close by, comforting and guiding..praying for your mom especially....I went through the same thing with mine...God bless

  4. Your friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Just a few short weeks ago, my own grandma passed away from the effects of Althziemers. It was such a sad time to go thru, but a joyous time to remember "who" they were. God had his hand around my family then and he will have his hand around yours. Rest assure that God's Will will be done.

    Nicki in WV

  5. Dearest Katy, praying for you and your dear ones. You are doing the best with Him and rest. Hugs my friend. Love, Tina xxx

  6. Praying for you.

  7. You, your family and friends are all in my prayers Katy,(((((BIG HUGS))))) to you on this difficult day.

  8. Will be praying for you. God will give you strength. Lean on Him.

  9. I am sorry your heart is so heavy today Katy. I pray God will touch those that weigh so heavily on you, I pray God will also give you peace and also give you strength to be able to help your mom and take care of those around you. God bless my friend.~hugs~

  10. reach for the best feeling thought. peace.

  11. God is with you, Katy,.....and those that need HIM.

  12. praying for your family and your sad...

  13. Katy, I am praying for all those listed and for you as well. I lost my grandmother a couple months ago so I know how you must feel. You are on my heart and in my prayers. Blessings,Karen

  14. So much to handle right now. I hope you can start to sort everything out and feel better. Outside stress is tough when it just keeps piling up. May the Lord be with you.

  15. Praying for you and those around you who are hurting.

  16. The Lord is listening - He always hears our cries. Take heart.

  17. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and with Jewels - Peace be with you and yours.

    Gentle hugs,

  18. Your family and friends are also in my prayers...God Bless

  19. PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING for you!!! Lean on Him!
    Sending big hugs!!
    Amy <><

  20. Katy,
    So very sorry to hear of this loss, he was so very young. I am praying for your family and your Mom and Grandma. I know the hurt you are feeling so well. I have lost many people in my life, that's why I live each day to the fullest for it is trully a blessing. My husband lost his Uncle George (age 57) a month later we lost uncle Charles (age 51)They were brothers. A week later Charle's 26 year old son died. Then 3 months later his cousin Jake died at the age of 38. Then 5 months later, we lost his aunt Connie, this month his Aunt Barb. All from heart attacks. I have been on my knees a lot trying to understand. It has been a tough year. Just know I understand and I care, if you need to talk feel free to email me, it's listed on my blog. Many Blessings to you,

  21. Katy, I am so sorry for the loss of a friend, and the illnesses of your loved ones. You all have my prayers.
    I know the Lord will do what is best even when we can't understand why. We just have to trust and accept it.
    Your heart is right with Him, and I know He will bring you comfort and peace.
    Take care. Many of us are praying for all of you.

  22. Katy, my thoughts and prayers are with you dear friend. It is not easy to watch a loved one suffer from alzheimers and especially as they near the end of the road of life. I dealt with this with my sweet gram just a few short years ago and I know how you are feeling.

    I will keep you and your sweet mom in my prayers and that young family as well. Keep trusting and leaning on the Lord and he will guide you my friend.

    If you need to talk you know my email addy just drop me a line and I will listen.

    Many Hugs to you sweet lady.



  23. Psalm 37 is one of my most favorite Psalms. God bless you as you hurt. The pain you are experiencing is a strong reminder of how much we need our Lord. Only He can help us in overwhelming times like this. It is also a strong reminder of your tender and compassionate heart. May you continue to have concern and love for those around you and May the power of the Holy Spirit living inside you guide you through these days. Have a joyous and Blessed day. The joy of the Lord will be your strength.

  24. Praying for these concerns, Katy. May God bless you all.

  25. Katy, I wish I could be there to give you a hug. I've known times like this, and it seems like they just won't end; but we both know how wonderful God can be to help us through.

    I am so glad to know you reach out to Him during this. Hold on, and I will hold you in prayer.

  26. Dearest ((Katy)), I too, am thinking of you and praying for you, and those so very dear to you. Mmmm...yes, life can be so hard at times--and hurt so much, can't it. May you, and yours, sense the Lord's tender care, for, and of, you--deep inside, where He lives and moves and has His being. And, Katie, it was very kind of you--in the midst of your own sorrows and sadness, to ask others to pray, for George and his family. Very kind. Sending love and a big gentle hug to you, precious little sister. xo Tenderly, Jewels

  27. Oh my I haven't checked into any blogs lately. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of the family friend. So wonderful to hear your grandma and Mom are recovering! Huge hugs to you!!


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