Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Place for Everything....

...and everything in it's place!

I love for everything to have it's own home. It just *feels* right when something has a place to neatly go back to after it is done being used. I love shelves and their many functions that they have. Although the shelves in the schoolroom picture, above, aren't exactly what I would *choose* to have, they were inexpensive and they serve their purpose, until maybe, someday, something better comes along! :)

I love this coat hanger, that I found at a great price. It is the perfect thing to hang all my aprons well as a wonderful place to hold Madelyn and my clothespin bags! :)

I also have a love for, (I know this may be strange), finding *better* homes for things. Does that make sense? For example, I *used* to house my white flour, wheat flour and cornmeal in glass jars (like the one in the next picture, below). I carried them to and from the counter when making the myriad of goodies I prepare for our meals...and the lids can easily slide off. I found this to be a bit bothersome to me...and not very practical, either. So...I found the canisters, pictured above, with the lids you screw-on. I even got one to house my sugar, as well. Don't they look so wonderful sitting there? Truly, the simplest of things can give me the greatest joy! :)

So, you may be wondering what I used the jars that used to house my flours and cornmeal. Well, after a good washing and drying...I filled one up with our cookie cutters...

And the other two aren't being used, at the moment. I am sure, though, that I will find something to use each of them for! :)

When I buy cereal, I buy it from our local bulk foods store and get it in the bags. It is *so* much cheaper. I have two larger size glass jar/containers (similar to the one holding the cookie cutters but these are double in size). I keep our cereal in them, now, and put a scoop in each all we need to do is take off a lid and scoop cereal into a bowl! :) It is working out wonderfully!

I just love for things to have a not-only-functional...but also *beautiful* space to "live". I love finding new uses for old things. Baskets can hold handmade dishcloths and canisters can hold rice....

A crock can hold my wooden spoons...and jars for my sea salt and baking soda...

Do you like to find different uses for things? Does it give you a great joy? I feel that it makes my home interesting and fun...but also keeps the feeling of old fashioned and simple. I desire for anyone who walks through our doors, to feel cozy and comfortable. :)

I canned 14 *more* pints of corn well as kept busy hanging out laundry, schooling and doing other housework. It was a busy day and tomorrow will be more of the same. Although I am exhausted, I am thankful for the Lord's provisions and also that He gives me a good rest at night so I can wake with energy, early each morning. The children have been busy too...bustling about like bees...helping with housework, working on schooling and playing, inside and outside...upstairs and downstairs. Sometimes there is a bit of arguing and bickering...but before long, all is forgiven and forgotten and they are all back to playing together, again. :)

It's a joyful chaos that can capture my home, this time of year. There are times of peace and quiet, though, as well. My favorite thing is when the children start to sing...especially when they sing songs from church or that we have taught them, at home, about the love Jesus has for them. :)

Our oven has been acting up....and God has blessed us with another. I will be sure to share more about that, with you, later. God is so good, so very, very good. Always faithful...always true. Always loving and providing. I am so thankful.

I hope your days are going well. I hope you are living them to the fullest and joyfully! :)
Again, always so glad you visited. I hope you will stop again, soon.
Warm wishes for a wonderful Friday!

Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. I LOVE having a home for everything! I am re-doing a closet for my son's homeschooling stuff! His computer, printer and books will all be housed there and it is so nice for it all to be together!!
    I also have a desire for company to walk into my home and feel comfy-cozy!! Thanks for the post! I always hope that u will leave a new post! It's a little mama-to-mama encouragement!! Thanks a bundle!

  2. Every time I read your blog, I feel blessed.

    You're home looks so cozy!!!! I wish we lived closer, I would love to drop in for a cup of coffee.

    God bless,

  3. I am always telling my family everything has a place. When things are in there own home it is much easier and faster to get to them. I like to reach and not have to look knowing everything is in its place. I like to display every day things we use in plain sight in containers that have an old time feel and look. Mason jars & crocks are a favorite for me. Baskets are so nice to put unfinished crafts in or mail that will need attention soon. All of your canned goods in your last post look so yummy and beautiful lined up. Gods bounty is wonderful Many blessings to you & yours!

  4. Hi Katy!
    I love finding homes for things as well. I am not much of a "knick-knack" person, but if its pretty and functional, I like to see it. I use the same canisters for my flour, sugar, etc. and they are so pretty lined up on the counter. I also store 95% of my spices and herbs, etc. in canning jars. They are in the cupboard, but look so homey every time I open the door. My aunt gave me eight 2 quart canning jars, and I think they may be making there way to my hoosier cabinet with cereals and such in them.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and great job on all that canning! (I'm canning potato ham soup today, then I'm done until after our county fair next week, and possibly until after the baby is born. Have to check with my midwife in that one!)

  5. sounds like you're hanging Maddy on a hook! LOL!

    i didn't know about your oven... glad you are getting a replacement!!!

    i need some of those big glass canisters... but i guess i don't have anywhere to put them anway. oh well!

  6. What a lovely and inspiring post, I have a few things I need to find new places for as well, and I love the way those new canisters look there:) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. Hey there, Katy......"Everything has a place." That is what my Mom used to say. She was so organized... and a wonderful housekeeper. I learned so much from her. Reading your post about canning takes me back to the day my Mom taught me how to can peaches. They were the best peaches ever! We had so much fun that day. That was my first time canning. After that, I canned every year.

    I love your post, Katy. You are inspiring. I think today I will clean out a few closets!!!


  8. Your home is cozy and charming! I love how you do things!

  9. I have those same jars also. I have a neat little idea for you, I spray painted the tops of mine red and lightly scuffed them with a white nail buffing block all arounf the edges and they look vintage. I have always loved Lea's from "The Potting Shed".I noticed you read her too!!
    She has a mint green lid on one of hers and it is just beautiful. You can even add some deocoupage pretties to the fronts and its looks so nice. Have a blessed weekend....I'm off to do some grocery shopping. See you next week.

  10. Katy,how do you do it all???I try to fit it all in a day but there is always something that gets left unattended.I am jealous of the canning,I need to learn.I can't wait til next time.

  11. I love to organzie too. I have a small house, so I like to decorate with items that will also serve as storage.

    I use those same jars for storing my flour, sugar, etc in. I also use crocks for utensils, a cookie jar for odd and end utensils in the kitchen (the list could go on & on). So I love when you do these posts! : )

    How about using one of those extra jars you have to store your home-made laundry detergent in? Just a thought.

    Have a great day!


  12. Katy,
    What beautiful places to put your things! I too have many of thoes jars, and am thinking about adding more. I have found them in various sizes at Walmart. You have cookie cutters too? Lol. Your home looks like a beautiful place to be, and with everything in its place, Im thankful that God is also in His place, your life:) Many blessings,

  13. I admire so many things about your blog. And do so much of the same even tho there are no longer 2 legged children afoot most times. But does this old house come alive when the 4 granddaughters are here!

    But the part I find brings a smile to my face each time I visit is the verse you have chosen to close your blog with. That verse is one dear to my heart from when I was a child. Thank you.

  14. Those are such great ideas! I just moved into a new apartment, and have been trying to find a place for everything, I think I may soon be implementing some of your ideas. Thank you for sharing and praise God for His provision!
    ~Standing on His Promises~

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