Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Simply Lovely Birthday!

I enjoyed a quiet birthday. I was up early...around 3:45am. I haven't felt 100% the past couple of days...so I went and rested downstairs for a bit, this morning. My sister-in-love asked if my boys could go and play with my nephews, for the day...and Madelyn spent the day with my mom...so, I had a house-full of quiet. It was nice...a bit lonely...but a nice chance to sit and read my Bible, knit some and just *rest*.
My mom and Madelyn brought me lunch and visited with me, while we ate. It was so nice! Madelyn gave me a couple gifts she made me...one being a pin she made (from her make-it kit at Grammie's house) that said *quoted exactly how she had it written*: 1# MOM go mom
It was cute and she was glowing as I opened it!

I knitted the hat in the pictures above and below. I started it yesterday (the 23rd) and finished it this morning! **The cooler weather has bitten me with the knitting bug!** The hat will go to a friend, for her chinese auction/fund raiser she is doing in a couple months...to help her raise funds to go on a mission trip to Africa. I asked if I could donate something to her chinese auction and she said it would be great! :)

This evening, after everyone was home again, with me, we ordered out for supper. (I had a stromboli...yum!) Then, my parents and Chris's parents came over...bringing an icecream cake (my favorite) with them! We enjoyed the cake and I enjoyed being with those I love the very most! (Although Chris and my siblings were each missing from our little get-together...and I love them all *so* much, as well!)

I did a bit of housework today as well as rearranged a *few* things...here-and-there, just *because*. Normally my days are full of go-go-go...and today, I did things a little slower, peacefully moving about without a sense of *have-to*. It was nice and I am so thankful for the day I was given. :) I look forward, however, to hopping back to life...schoolwork, more housework, taxes to receipt and things to do! :)

Candlelight...creates such a beautiful, calming atmosphere. The weather was cooler today and the candles just gave a sense of cozy-ness to the day!

A print, from THIS etsy store...

I just love it! Isn't it fantastic?? It's called *Chatter in the Chicken Coop*! :) I also have another one, a watercolor of laundry hung out on the line...but I haven't gotten a frame for it yet! This one, above, is hanging in the schoolroom. I smile each and every time I look at it!

And...last, but not least...just a few pictures from the past couple of days...

An afternoon time of rest for the boys...

The children made sock puppets, all on their own. I kept giggling...they were so cute!

Jaxson's even has hair! ;)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes...I really appreciate each one. It's now approaching 9:30pm and since I was up so early...I am ready to fall into bed! I hope you are enjoying your week...as August is drawing to a close! :)

A friendly good-night to each of you!
Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. I just had a birthday too! I think birthdays get more meaningful through time, dont you?

  2. So glad you had a great and restful birthday! Happy (late) Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Sweet Katy!
    God Bless this yr for ya!

  4. mmmm. stromboli. i'm jealous... i can't have the sauce!

    glad your bday was so relaxing!!

  5. Happy birthday! May you have many more and each be as peaceful as this one : )

  6. Happy Birthday, Katy! Sounds like you had a very pleasant day. :)

  7. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you are feeling better and those sock puppets are SOooooo cute!!!!

  8. I love the colors of your hat, I'm glad you had a restful day because you sound like a every busy young lady.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your hat is great and how wonderful it will help another. You are a kind soul.

  10. HAPPY Birthday Day Katie! Glad you had a nice day.
    My Birthday is Aug 22 and My sis's is Aug 24. I will never forget yours since it is the same as my sisters. smiles, Angelia in TX

  11. Happy Birthday! :-0 Mine's tomorrow the 26th. Looks like you had a nice day.

  12. glad you had a great birthday..


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