Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemaking: Canning

August is a busy month of canning for me (and many other women, as well). Although our green beans, from the garden, didn't do so great (many of the canned ones above are ones I did last year)...I am happy to report that the sweet corn is in abundance! Praise God! I am so thankful for his goodness. Last year, we had an *abundance* of green beans...but after a while, I was so tired of canning, that I just stopped. Since the green beans aren't doing well, this year, He has taught me a valuable lesson about not letting the good food, He supplies, go to waste!

**Although, if you look in the picture at the top...the second row up from the bottom, second jar from the left...those green beans look a bit suspicious to me...I wonder if they didn't seal right? I will have to take a trip, downstairs to the basement, and have a look.**

Below, jams, jellies & butters I have made (and a few that were given to me as gifts)...stored on a few perfectly-sized-for-them shelves on the side of our kitchen island. I also have strawberry freezer jam...in the freezer ;).

And...if you are a canner, like me, you may have the problem with a seemingly over-abundance of rings...since you use them, and then after the jar lid is sealed after canning, you remove them and can *re-use* them...I feel like mine keep multiplying! ;) So...taking a lil advice from the *canning* Homestead Blessings DVD that I have *and have watched*...I used a metal clothes hanger and keep them all neatly within reach...

Today, I scraped all the kernels off *many* ears of corn. I was able to get 14 pints canned today! They need to sit overnight...then tomorrow I will wash them, take off the rings, write the date on the top and then the children, always eagerly, will take them down to the basement shelves (which are running out of room and we need more of!). As soon as one canner-full is done, while I removing the hot jars from it, the children are *already* asking if they can take them to the basement. I am not sure why...but they love that job! :) I am glad...because honestly, I *don't* like that job! ;)

Have you been canning a lot, lately, as well? I just love all the jars lined up. It's so pretty to me...as well as gives me great joy to know that we will be enjoying delicious, fresh-tasting food in the middle of winter! :) I am no super-canner, yet. I would love to have shelves and shelves lined in the basement with canned foods! But each year, I learn more. This year has been the most comfortable I have *ever* been with canning. Now I feel like canning everything! ;) Last year, I froze all the sweet corn we got (after we blanched it and cut if off the cobs...then we put it into freezer bags to freeze), because I thought canning it would be too hard. Well, this year, I started canning corn...and it's *not* hard! :) It takes some time and some work...but it is well worth it..and also part of my role as a keeper of my home.

Before I go...a picture of Xavier, at rest time, on Sunday. A sleeping child is such a beautiful sight to behold, isn't it? So sweet and peaceful. I love when they first wake up...rubbing their eyes after a refreshing slumber...a smile forms on their faces as their eyes focus on me and I say, "How was your rest?". Their grins always get bigger as they sigh, "Goood!". :) I will definitely miss the days when my children don't need a rest time. **Although, I must admit that I think sometimes even us big people need a rest time! ;)

Now, as X is doing in the picture above, it is time for me to head off to sleep, as well. It's been a long, beautiful day...everyone in my family partaking in different adventures for the day, that maybe I can share sometime soon. But for now, my eyes are heavy and my legs ache for the comfort of my soft bed.

I hope you are finding joy in even the smallest things, each day. A cheerful attitude can make *all* the difference over the mood of your entire day. Maybe we should all make a joy list, each day....either mentally or with paper and pencil...jot down the things, even the ever-so-little ones, that give us joy. Just an idea! ;0)
Thanks for visiting. :) I enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for the comments and emails. I read and appreciate *each* one!

Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Today I enjoyed flying a kite with my eldest daughter.. part of the morning and most of the afternoon we were outside flying the kite that her nonna (my mom, her grandmother.. who passed away 2 1/2yrs ago gave her). I found soo much joy in that! She was soo excited to see her kite fly high.. up up in the sky. Wonderful! I will remember and cherish this day! ☺☺ Blessings!

  2. What a GREAT tip on the canning bands, how neat! I love the look of all your wonderful jars, I don't can myself due to my fibromyalgia, and yes, I would say there is *something* in that jar of beans, let us know what you find!

  3. Running out of room for all of your home canned goods is a good thing! I haven't heard of anyone having a good green bean year. My parents even went to see their Amish friends and they didn't have a good season either. Such a good reminder to can, can, can when produce is in abundance. Have a great Wednesday!

  4. I just started canning last summer and it is awesome to see all of those jars lined up. Haven't canned this summer. I want to but we are "gardenless" this year! We bought a house with a smallish yard. Hopefully next summer we will have a spot!! And yes, a positive cheerful attitude can help the mood in a home! Thanks for the post!!

  5. we've done alot of canning this year too..good tip about the jar ring storage!

  6. wow I am impressed, great work x

  7. do you have one of those Pampered Chef corn cutter things??? they work nicely!!!

  8. So nice to have summer's goodness all stored away :) Love it!

  9. So nice to have summer's goodness all stored away :) Love it!

  10. Your canning looks great! It's such a great feeling isn't it? My beans are really producing a lot...they had a shakey start due to all the rain...I actually had to replant in a different area as the middle of my beans got washed away in a huge rain! Come say hi. :)

  11. Katy, your canned goods ARE a beautiful sight to behold! One of these days I am going to make myself do some canning. I know I keep saying that! LOL! I helped my Mama can every summer & hated it back then. I just wish I had paid more atention now.
    I do remember that she didn;t remove the rings on her jars until we opened a jar. That way, the rings were out of the way. After that, they ended up in a drawer in one of her cupboards. She always knew where everything was in her kitchen & made sure everything had a place. I miss her so much!
    Have a happy day!

  12. Your stuff looks nice. Always a good feeling when you can. I love to can. I have done some this year too. My garden didn't do so well because we got alot of rain, but i have had many things given to me . The lord has blessed us so much.

  13. You always make me feel so good about being a homemaker. Your shelves are a vision. I've made jams but that's all this year.

    My gardener husband had knee surgery this year. I don't have a clue how to garden myself.

    Apple trees will be read soon; but, the apples look poorly this year. We'll see what we can salvage.


  14. Hi Katy....I remember those days of canning everything I could for my family. I don't do it anymore. What a great feeling when a batch would come out of the canner. Keep up the good work (and it is work!)...for winter will be here before you know it.

  15. I have been putting things in the freezer this year such as apple sauce,apple pie filling,zucchinni, and tomato sauce. I plan on doing corn. I missed green beans:( My husband has been enjoying me embraceing my role as keeper of the home!

  16. Hi Katie! Like you, my days have been filled with lots and lots of canning. I have canned raspberry and blackberry jelly, peaches, applesauce, tomato juice and sour kraut. I still have green beans, more tomato juice and sour kraut to do as the veggies rippen. I froze our corn on the ears and cut off the corn to freeze. I LOVE to can. It gives me such pleasure in knowing that I have used what God has provided us for the nourishing of my family. It is time consuming and tiresome....but well worth it.

  17. All the canned goods put up look great. I love to see shelves filled with the bounty God has provided. I am hoping to add some other veggies to my plot next year. I have purchased two dozen new jars rings & flats. I need more coupons. Your tuckered out young man is so cute.

  18. Love seeing those jars all lined up too!! Very cool

  19. What a beautiful site!
    I am working on having shelves that look like this!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Words of wisdom from my mama. Figure out how many jars of beans you use in one year. Lets say you use 100 for the year, roughly 2/week. Can 150 jars that summer and give away the rest. If the next year does not produce well and you only get 50 jars, you still have the extra 50 from last year and will have enough beans to last you the year. At that point, I guess you just hope they produce the next year :-) If your garden produces will, you just keep can enough to raise your count to 150 so you can rotate and have beans all year.
    This is from a lady who raised her family during very lean times but did not have the room or resources to can EVERY thing the garden produced. However this allowed her to adequately provide for her family.

  21. I know I am old to this conversation but I wanted to add something my mom told me concerning how much to can. If I know I use 100 jars of beans a year then I need to can 150 so that I have 50 left over at the end of the year. If the next season I do not have a good crop, I will hopefully have enough beans to make the 50 jars I actually need (added to my leftover 50) for the 100 I will use that year. I hope that helps!


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