Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yesterday & Today

"A good well-lived today makes every yesterday a dream of a good future, and every morning is a vision of hope."
~Sanskrit Proverb

Oh, I wish I could properly describe to you just how lovely the past two days have been here in our little (itty-bitty) corner of the world. We have had glorious sunshine, blue skies (with a fluffy cloud thrown in from time-to-time), warm (yet comfortable) temperatures and a delightful breeze. They are, in my opinion, the perfect summer days. I still work up a good sweat (or for us ladies, *glistening*) when reel mowing or weeding...but the heat is not so stifling that I feel as though I may pass out! It is just *wonderful* and I have been getting so, so much accomplished!

I *have* been weeding...although I still have so much to do (it is such a seemingly never-ending process, isn't it?). Most of the photos I am posting were taken pre-weeding! ;)

While hanging the laundry out I silently (truly from the heart) thank God for the weather He has given us these past few days (and hopefully for the rest of the week). Although we could use a good rain-drenching, I really can't complain as I look around at the beauty that surrounds me. What a wonderful Creator!

The veggies in the garden are growing splendidly. I didn't think my green beans were going to make it, but alas, they look healthy and just perfect! I have been weeding in the garden beds, as well.

They know, they just know where to grow, how to dupe you, and how to camouflage themselves among the perfectly respectable plants, they just know, and therefore, I've concluded weeds must have brains. 
 ~Dianne Benson, Dirt, 1994

While helping my mom go through some things, last week, she gave me this old quilt to use. It makes a fantastic tablecloth! We have been enjoying some great time here (as I will show a little later in the post)...

Out back...

I must say, folding clothes (fresh off the line) outside (on a beautiful evening) is much more delightful then doing so inside!

The goats have been enjoying the weather too! Out and about they go...munching on grass, weeds and leaves in the yard. The babies are so sweet to watch as they jump around and follow each other everywhere. That big gal, though, Penny...Oh dear...she is difficult. When taking her out to put her on a line (and we move the line for her to get new grass, daily)...she digs those feet in of hers and refuses to go. I am stronger than she is, though, and I pull her right along. Stubborn old goat that she is, she will lay down! It is quite the ordeal getting her clipped on to the line each day.

This is what happened to my skirt yesterday during our tussle. While I bent down a bit to coax her along, she stepped right on my skirt and when I stood up, she pressed down hard and this was the result (it was quite chaotic...truly!)...

I mowed half of the lawn yesterday (with the reel mower) and I was so glad when Chris got home from work, he weed-eated around all the edges of things to make it look neat and clean...

Evening sets in and the woods gets darker...

I spent some time out at the table, candle lit, studying in my Bible...

Chris joined me after he was finished with his yard work...

Today (Tuesday) has been quite similar to yesterday. I stayed busy but it was truly enjoyable!

Eggs from our chickens were washed, dried and put into the fridge...

I continued mowing the yard. I got most of it finished. With a reel mower, it can take a *long* time to get a yard mowed...especially one that's a decent size like ours is. Plus, although not totally obvious in the pictures, our yard is filled with uneven ground, holes, bumps and the like. It takes a lot to push the mower around and get things cut, sometimes having to go over a place twice.

I am quite thankful, though, for the workout between my spinning days. It helps me to know I am keeping my metabolism going and burning up some more calories. **I was going to wait until Friday to weigh again...but I just can't help it...I need to check tomorrow and see if I lost that extra half pound. If I have, I will have a total of a 15 pound weight loss since I started at the beginning of June!**

For supper, we enjoyed eating outside... (Madelyn was at Ma's house helping her with some things).

Oh my silly boys...they taped pieces of cardboard and tape them on to make a "motor" sound with their wheels. They were spinning their wheels, listening to their "motors" here (the joys of boys!)...

So, now the evening is winding down...the clocks hands are moving their way toward 9pm and I have every intention of being *in* bed before that minute hand gets to the top. I have spinning class bright and early tomorrow, Bible study in the morning and then some other things to attend to during the day. It will be a busy one...but I am looking forward to it! Have a great sleep tonight!
So glad you were able to stop by today! I hope your summer days are full of enjoyment, as well! :)


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  1. Wonderful, precious days for you and your family. Just how Our God likes it!

  2. Sounds like wonderful summer days!! Such beautiful pictures!! My 7 year old does the same thing with his bike...but he uses straws...so it sounds like a 'motor bike'...the joys of boyhood!!!

    Is your outside woodstove a Central Boiler??? It looks just like ours...we use it to heat our home and water. We love it!! It was an investment that paid for itself very quickly.

    You will reach your 15 lb goal!! What is your total weight loss goal??

    Blessings to you!!!

  3. Folding clothes outside. Now that is a good idea;)

    I'm stealing that and aim at setting me up a table nearby to do so too!

    Old quilts are the best. Even better when they grace the meal table.

    I'm so.
    So,so proud of you and your weight loss. Even more, I know that Chris is:-) and this is what it's all about my friend.
    Reading this post speaks all good things of a woman helping her man...serving her family...dying to herself...as Christ did the church. you are setting a fine example to your precious daughter.

    i'm still reading Katie, but not near as much time to comment. Just know that with each visit here, I'm encouraged and uplifted by you sharing here.

  4. These are the days to delight in aren't they and I love blog posts like these that are so uplifting. Well it is the opposite season here but the sun is shining brightly today and it is rather warm for winter and joy oh joy the snakes are in hibernation so I can go and weed in garden beds that I am very wary of entering in mid summer! Our garden is producing too with lettuce and salad greens flourishing - they often go to seed in the hot weather. I know it might seem hard to believe that we can enjoy salads fresh from the garden in the middle of winter! We have also had another bumper crop of mandarins and passionfruit is being picked daily. Oh I do love your 'new' quilt and it looks lovely draped over your table. It's lovely to read the Bible outside when you have such beautiful surroundings. I'm inspired to do this today having seen your pictures. May God bless you Katy and keep on sharing about the joys of being a stay at home mother. It truly does minister to people!

  5. tell the boys that they can get a great effect by using a playing card (or cardboard) and clothespin it to the spokes. this is how we did it in the 1950's when I was a young one.

  6. Another lovely post! I enjoy reading your posts so much, they comfort me at a time when my anxiety gives me difficult days. I have to say i get more good days than bad, things are improving slowly. Have a lovely day. best wishes jackie x

  7. I enjoy folding clothes and ironing outside. It makes the task so enjoyable! Your yard is so pretty and green. Hope you have more pleasant days.

  8. Hi Katy.........just missed ya so had to come and say hello. Looks like you are enjoying your summer like we are. Your kids are growing......adorable. Loved the pic of your husband with the Word open.......I have one too.......it makes all the difference in the world

    Hugs sweet friend,

  9. What a pleasant setting for folding clothes....love your quilt for a tablecloth, Katy! Glad you're having wonderful weather. We've had some hot temps but we got some needed rain. I will welcome cooler crisper weather.

    I must say that I envy your being able to sit outside at twilight. Mosquitos would carry us away! lol!

    Lovely post. And again, congratulations on the weight lost. I'm so excited for you! You can do it! :)


  10. Hi...it has been awhile since I have been out visiting so I thought I would stop by. :) Yes...weeding is an endless job...but always does give me great satisfaction. Hope you can stop over and say hi...come and see the newest babies born here on our farm. They are very sweet....:)

  11. WOW! 15lbs is so great!! I love your blog! SO encouraging to me :) I was wondering how you keep your clothes soft when hanging them on the line? When I do they are so stiff! Thank you

    1. Thank you Jen!! :)
      Honestly, our clothes do get stiff out on the line, but it doesn't bother us! :) A lot of people use fabric softener in their wash, but I don't. Often, when I fold them, the clothes get a bit softer!
      Thanks so much for coming by!

  12. Excellent weight loss!

    Your green beans growing is a GOOD thing--no "alas"!


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