Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Joy-Filled Fourth!

Oh, what an absolutely beautiful day we had yesterday, spent with family and couldn't have been better! We started our day by attending a small and sweet (where even children can be pulled through in wagons) local parade. My dad takes his wrecker through each year and Chris's family always takes their horse and buggies through. My children have the fun of getting to ride through it, throwing candy to little ones whose hands eagerly gather up the treats and put them into a bag.

My dad drove his truck through, lined up in the middle of the parade. Madelyn and Xavier rode through then (and that's my pretty mama, up in the cab in the top photo)...

All lined up and ready to go (that is my aunt, uncle and cousins ((and some of their friends)) in the jeep beside the truck. They go through each year too...

Going *through* the parade...

 Below is Chris's grammie, waving from the carriage, oh how I love her! She is one of the sweetest people...

Chris's family brings up the rear of the parade every year. That's where Jaxson was and Madelyn and X hurried back to ride through **again** after riding through on my dad's truck...

I sure love this wagon-load of people!

Although I don't have photos of the rest of the day ...there was still much fun to be had! After the parade, I came home and made deviled eggs to share and a salad for myself and then off I went to a picnic at the family pavilion. Chris had helped with the horses and rode to the pavilion with his dad and the children rode in the horse-drawn wagon all the way home!

We enjoyed lunch at the pavilion with some of the people we love most in this world. We visited, laughed, ate and had fellowship with everyone, thankful for the breeze that blows through that way (which takes the edge off the sticky heat). Finally, the heat was too much for many and they decided to go swimming (at our wonderful neighbor's house). I came home to rest while Chris and the children changed into their suits and hurried over to join the others in a refreshing dip.

To finish out our day of celebration, we were invited to our pastor's house for a picnic. A great group of fellow believers and friends were already there (as we came a bit late). We had wonderful discussions, laughter, playing, sharing and fun! The children had fun running around with friends...jumping on the trampoline, playing football with the *big* guys, and playing games. Chris and I visited with other adults, talking theology and faith sometimes and other times just enjoying simple, sweet conversation. The evening finished up with a few simple fireworks. Everyone sat up chairs in a semi circle and watched the fun little sparklers that erupted from the table. The kids loved it (as did the adults)! It was such a great time and I am so thankful for that beautiful group of Christian friends that we have.

It was a glorious, fun-filled, joy-filled, exhausting day! To say I fell into bed last night is an under-statement. It's more accurate to say that after crawling up the stairs and into my room, I heaved myself onto the bed and toppled into a pile of exhaustion. maybe that is a bit more dramatic than what really happened...but that is how I felt! ;)

I am still trying to convince myself that today is Thursday...not Sunday! Yesterday felt like a Saturday to me! (Did it feel that way to you, too?) The plans for today are filled with washing and hanging out the laundry, washing the dishes and trying to stay cool as the temps are to get into the 90's today. So, I better get some things done while it is still early and cool! :o)

I hope you all enjoyed your fourth of July!
Have a *great* rest of the week!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied


  1. What a wonderful day!!!! Funny ... Your dramatic description of going to bed:):) cute:)

  2. What a fun-filled day for everyone!!!!!! We were with family yesterday, too. Those are the wonderful times in our lives.

  3. It's so dang hot here...105. Had a nice July 4th celebration none-the-less; glad to see that you did too Katy!

    Smiles & well wishes sent your way! (:



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