Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Love for Home & A Modesty Question Answered

I have not been baking as much as usual this summer. Between the heat and my lower-calorie diet, there just hasn't been as much need for baked items. I still do *some* baking though and made some homemade pizza for Chris and the children (for supper) the other day.

In the kitchen, you can see that I have been purchasing lower-calorie bread for me. This was *quite* difficult for me to do as, for years, I have done all of our bread baking by hand. I have searched and searched for a low calorie homemade bread recipe but so far, have had no luck. So I buy it when I need it...

More photos from around the kitchen...

To be honest, my kitchen is one of my least favorite rooms in the house. I would like to redo it someday...but I am thankful to *have* a kitchen and I do my best to make it a warm, cozy, enjoyable place to cook and bake in.

I truly enjoy being home. It is my tiny place in this temporary journey of life. There is *much* I would really like to renovate in my house...but even if not another improvement gets made, this *is* home and we live here joyfully. We are a family, we are together and that is what matters most!

"Peace ~ That was the other name for home."
~Kathleen Norris

"A good home must be made, not bought."
~Joyce Maynard

In the dining room hangs a lop-eared bunny stained glass I made when I was in high school....

And this is a stained glass piece my mom made years ago (and let me have to hang in my home!)...

The simple, cozy living room...

A little peek into the bathroom (a cheerful little spot in the house)...

Xavier (my soon-to-be nine year old) had a headache the other day. This was something new for him...and it was hard to see him so uncomfortable. He spent a lot of the day sleeping off and on...

I have been working on crocheting and knitting dish cloths recently...smaller projects that I pick up when I have a bit of time.

Madelyn has been knitting away different things as well!

It was storming when I woke early this morning. So as not to be sitting in the complete dark should the electric go out, I lit an oil lamp and enjoyed it's soft glow in the early morning hours. We are to get rain and storms through much of the day today. It will be a nice day to spend indoors, completing chores and playing games. Then, this evening, we have bible study.

Before I go, I wanted to answer a question I received via email. :) I was asked about modest dressing and my thoughts on it! So, here are my views...

I did not grow up wearing skirts/dresses only (nor do I think it is a biblical mandate). I *enjoy* wearing long skirts as I feel much more feminine in them. They also help me to remember my role as a submissive help meet to my husband (he "wears the pants" in this family!)! (For those who cry outrage over this statement, I want to explain that men and women are equal, however, were created with different roles. The role of serving and being submissive to our husbands can feel difficult at times, but is such an honor.)

I feel so many of the lines have been crossed, through the years, of women trying to be more like men. Feminists paved the way and other women then just fell into step and things have become the norm (which one day would never have been considered acceptable). Maybe not so much in the way of *being* a man (although there is unfortunately a lot of that too) ....but women crying out that we are "just as strong", "able to do every job a man does", "able to dress like a man" and such. God didn't put us here to prove ourselves to be "as good as" or "better than" men. He put us here to help.

I feel that in our time, clothes have become tighter, shorter and more form-fitting (and inappropriate) than ever in history. I feel longer skirts are much more modest and covering on a woman's body. I have no desire to see a man in a skirt or it just makes sense to me that there can be something that separates us in our manner of dress. An honest question I would love to ask women is: How would you feel if men screamed equality with women and started (as a norm) wearing skirts and dresses? (Ack!) I don't really spend time dwelling on the women/pants controversy, though. Wearing skirts is just natural for us and we don't give it a second thought. Others have different convictions and that is for them to decide! **I do wear pants or long shorts to exercise at spin class though!**

These are just my thoughts on this matter and I am definitely not the authority. I felt a conviction, years back, to wear skirts and Madelyn has followed suit. It is how we dress in our home. It's just a matter of what God lays on your heart.  It doesn't make me a better Christian or a better's just a choice I felt led to make (with Chris's blessing). :)

Modesty is an issue that starts in the heart...
then it works it's way outward. Reflect Christ in the way you feel called to biblically and trust that you are honoring Him.

Honestly, there can be ladies who dress modestly and have the worst attitude. Modesty isn't just about covering your's about reflecting a love for Christ in all that you do (which includes the way you dress). It's definitely not about legalistic ideas...but rather a genuine desire to please God...first through our heart and then reflected in our outward behavior. :) Draw close to Him and then follow where He leads! It isn't for me to tell others what to do...but rather for you to do as God directs you!

Here are some other really good links on the issue that you may each enjoy!

* The Modest Mom: Why I Wear Skirts All The Time

* Is This Modest: Why I Wear Skirts

* Like a Bubbling Brook: The Beauty of Wearing Skirts

* Your Sacred Calling: Gender, Morality and Modesty

I hope I have expressed myself clearly and gently and answered any questions that anyone has had on my thoughts about the modesty issue. Honestly, there is *much* about it all that I could have gotten into (such as: has anyone noticed little girl's shorts are getting shorter and shorter? This really bothers me...As not only are clothing companies making them shorter...but parents are actually dressing their daughters in them! ACK!) but I have spent too much time on the computer already and I have *much* to attend to around here at home. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments! Thanks for visiting!



  1. Thank you for sharing your views/thoughts on modesty!! I completely agree with all that you shared!! :)

    Your Mary Engelbredt bathroom......LOVE IT!!! How happy and cheerful it looks!!! I love all of her things!! I also love your kitchen! You are very talented with decorating!!!

    Have a wonderful day!! We are praying for rain here and there is a chance of rain today :)

  2. Katy thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I have been in a transition into wearing skirts, but I have "fallen off the wagon" I guess you could say. It got hot here and it was easier to wear shorts instead of skirts . I'm kind of discouraged a little bit But I know this is something God wants me to do. My question for you is did you have a transition where you still wore pants and skirts or did you just completely stop wearing pants when God convicted you. I neede to read this post and the links for reminder of what God has called me to do and be. Thank you.

  3. Well Katy I love your your red counter tops! It looks very cozy to me!

    It's funny but my post scheduled for Friday is about peace in the home. :)

    Love to see Madelyn knitting...that's wonderful!

    And you stated your views very well and I think every family must follow their convictions and more importantly as you said with your husband's blessing. I think you're very wise!

    Thanks again for all your help on the computer issue! I appreciate you my friend!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I also LOVE dresses. Even more than skirts. Less thinking of what top goes with which bottom.
    Already, my 7 year old daughter pushes the boundaries of our "to the knees" rule. We had her in school for first grade, and I noticed the desire to be trendy started with the school experience. She's a sweet and generous little girl, but there is so much pressure to dress like others. She didn't like being the "weird" one (her words) who had to wear her shorts to the knee. I was getting so weary of fighting this worldly fight in my own home. So glad we're homeschooling all of them this year, for a lot of reasons, but at least this one should settle down a little.
    Great post Katy! I still adore your blog and read it often.

  5. I agree totally about clothes now. Just yesterday, I took my 2 daughters to the mall for some school clothes and left with nothing. It is such a disappointment to see the "fashions" nowadays and how young women are dresses. I actually found more items for them at our local thrift store. I was very pleased.

    I love how your home is decorated. There is such warmness in your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Nicki in WV

  6. Clothes for little girls is a touchy subject with me. Although we wear a mix of skirts, capris, pants and long shorts (just above the knee) I find it hard to find clothes for Megan. She is moving from a size 5 to a 6 which means to the bigger girl department. I refuse to buy half of the things out there because I find it inappropriate for little girls.

    It isn't always easy living a life that is different from the norm. Anyway I will stop my clothes rant now! :)

    Considering you aren't in love with you kitchen you have done a good job making it look homey. Enjoy your day!

  7. Hi Katy, I wear dresses and skirts and, I wear them long. It is my choice and my way to do so! What is being sold nowadays as clothes, especially for little girls is horrible. I cringe when I see women with these low cut things on and their breast or thighs are exposed! Yes, people are showing too too much of themselves these days, is it any wonder why so many are attacked and harmed? I do agree with you!

  8. I LOVE your post!!! Though I am a Christian I don't practice it as much as I should but I completely agree with your view on our roles as women. Not to offend some but I believe women should not do certain things and those tasks should be left for the men. If god wanted us to be the same he would have created 2 of the same not man and woman. My view on my role as a mom and wife is all about taking care of our home and children. Many my age don't understand how important these roles are. Though I do not wear skirts because I am very self conscience (even if they are all covered) and can't wear them to my place of employment I do have an issue with the road clothing for kids has taken. I was very pleased when we moved to a new school district and the public school actually has a pretty strict dress code about the length of shorts and types of tops that can be worn. I really enjoy your blog and hope to make my home look as comfortable and peaceful as yours some day :)

  9. to tell you that my only counter space in my kitchen is our hot water heater...would be no joke.

    I smiled while reading this. I have found myself griping over my kitchen so many times through the years and it's funny, the bigger my family gets, the more I've leared too- to embrace it.

    the corners of your home are inviting and cozy. And I can see your fondness of books.


    As for modesty...I'm right with you sister!

    a perfect post my friend:-)

  10. I agree with your thought on modesty and the girls clothes getting shorter. I have struggled with remembering that I was created to be a help meet TO my husband, not vice versa. Thanks for the post, you inspired me today.

  11. Katy,

    I could not agree more with you and the others about clothes for girls. My daughter's school requires shorts to finger tip length on legs; and sometimes that is a little too short. Tank tops in school are a no no; as is flip flops (although, you see the teachers & other workers wear them!). If you want to see something shocking, go to a girls basketball, soccer, or volleyball training camp (ran by school paid coaches) and marvel at the fact that they allow girls (ages 12-17) to wear shirts cut up the sides with sports bras showing! Helps keep them cooler I am told. It is truly distasteful! I told my daughter if caught her wearing that, that would be her last day to participate in any sport.

    I don't like to wear dresses; capri's are my best friend, but I don't dress to impress anyone but my husband which means no free shows of the skin for this girl. LOL.


  12. Hi Katy,

    I really enjoyed your post today. Your home looks so cozy and welcoming.
    Regarding your thoughts on modesty, you are right on target - Modesty begins in the HEART and then becomes reflected on the outside. No matter of outward dressing will cover-up an immodest heart and attitude.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  13. What a wonderful post, I so agree with your modesty. I don't wear dress but am very picky with what I wear and how I am covered.
    I love your kitchen and the rest of your home! So comfy and inviting.
    Blessings, Karen

  14. Your home is so lovely and cozy. Thank you for sharing. My daughters and I also wear skirts all the time. I agree is makes you feel more feminine. We have wore skorts to do some things. Thank you for sharing.

  15. lol, I wear long skirts because they're easier to sit down on the floor with modestly and don't wear out as fast as pants/jeans. Oh, and I like that fun swish-y feeling. ^_^

  16. Hello there. Enjoyed your post! I think your kitchen is cozy and sweet! My kitchen definitely needs remodeling (not much counter space or cabinents). But like you I try to make best of it and try to remember to be thankful for what I do have!

    I also find it irritating at how children's clothing is made! I definitely agree about the short-shorts that you mentioned. We allow our almost 5 year old to wear capris or below the knee shorts for comfort while playing especially. People have not understood this. Family often makes and has made comments about how we need to get her shorts. We just don't like it or deem it to be functional. It is kinda hard to hear comments continually. But we as parents are the ones that are going to be held accountable not anyone else.

    Thank you for you blog. I truly enjoy reading your posts. It is comforting to know there are like minded folks out there!

    In Christ,

    Kristin from NC

  17. Love your thoughts on the roles of men and women - couldn't agree more.

    We are definitely having a hard time purchasing clothes for Leah Kate. Most of the time we leave stores empty handed. She is learning to sew, so hopefully she can maker her own soon!

  18. Personally, I would have no qualms with men wanting to wear dresses & skirts :) It's interesting to see both differences and similarities in our values by reading your blog. I really enjoy learning about your convictions. Thank you for sharing!


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