Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stormy Weather

Earlier this week, we had some severe storms roll through Pennsylvania. We had tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings all around us. First, the dark clouds began filling the sky...

And then the rain started...first a few spits and then it was a downpour!

The house was really this dark in the middle of the day!

The thunder rolled and the lightning flashed. The children camped out in the basement with books and candlelight while I stood watch up in the house. I lit some candles and oil lamps for light as the darkness was overwhelming...

Although it's difficult to see, Madelyn is in the picture below with her lamp she was carrying. She had come up from the basement to get a few more books for her and the boys...

I had to do some it was done by lamplight too...

Madelyn and I spent some time coloring together...

My finished page! ;)

We are very thankful for the rain and although many were out of electric longer than we were, I think most things have been repaired now in the area. It was quite a crazy day, I tell you! :)
I hope you got rain (if needed) and that *if* these storms came through your area, that you all are safe and sound. :)

Warmly, Katy


  1. We are facing a terrible drought so your stormy day looks so peaceful And inviting!! We are praying for rain!! There isn't any rain in the 7 day forecast, but I know the Lord can work when/where HE wills!!

    I love all the candles and lit lamps :)

  2. We had rain and thunderstorms night before last but they weren't severe. Now a basement or storm cellar is something that I wished we had!

    My it WAS dark during the day there.

    Love your picture you colored. I like to color too! :) It's a girl thing, don't you think?


  3. My, it was dark happy you all weathered the storm. No rain for us here in Louisiana and the temps are the 100's. My baby son lives in PA. Take good care. We are sending our love to all of you!
    Many Hugs

  4. Katy~ I was so happy to hear you were all okay. We don't get thunder and lightening like you guys do so I can only imagine what it was like. No rain here but that is about normal for our little part of the world. Glad you had the oil lamps too, you are sure smart. Was glad to hear that you do have a basement and gas for cooking is great when the electric goes out. Blessings,JOann

  5. J'adore l'ambiance !
    amitiƩs de France

  6. Katy - I'm not too far from you guys so I know what you're talking about! It was horribly windy, and I have to admit that I was scared!

  7. Oh Katy,

    In spite of the tension of the situation, it seems a lovely day with the candlelight and all.

    We're so dry here in Joplin, the sprinkles we had this week hardly helped, just brought more humidity. 104 tomorrow.

    I'm glad you're well. It seems you've made a memory with your children as well.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage!

  8. We did get a good downpour last night , but no severe weather. We need rain badly. It was very dark at your house, glad you had something to light and glad y'all came through ok. Hope you have a great Sunday. Blessings, Karen


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