Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Knitting Corner

My little corner of the universe, what I call *the knitting corner*, was in need of a clean-up. Madelyn and I had, in going through yarn and starting different projects, made it a bit of a mess. So, the photo above shows it a bit neater. (I didn't take a *before* picture).

I have yarn, yarn and more yarn. the yellow bundle, below, holds my knitting needles and crochet hooks...

Projects Madelyn and I have started...

More projects...

And although you can't tell from the top picture, I have even *more* yarn on the book shelf behind my other baskets!

How do you keep your yarn and craft projects organized? Sometimes I think there *must* be a better way than my crazy corner! ;)



  1. Thank you for stopping over at my blog and sharing my giveaway! I just organized our craft closet too, and it was great. My daughter spent lots of time doing lots of crafts this week!

  2. I read once "Better a mess with creative-ness than tidy idle-ness"....I think I have it right?? And I think maybe Tasha Tudor said it...anyway I loved it!! Your little corner looks so cozy!!!

  3. What a neat little nest you've made for yourself..looks so comfortable.

  4. Hi Katy, this is Janice, and I like the lavender dish cloth, that looks as if you started on the corner, so, do you have a pattern for it that you can share, I'm still just making dish and wash cloths, may never get any better at knitting, but I do enjoy the simpleness of those. Thanks

    1. Janice, Here is a link to a pattern for that dish cloth! :)

    2. Thanks, Katy. Janice

  5. I agree with the others looks nice and cozy, hope your having a good weekend. Blessing, Karen


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