Sunday, July 15, 2012

Clubhouse Update!

Saturday, Chris and the boys made a door and added a window to the clubhouse! Can I just say how thankful I am to have such a talented and hard-working husband? He truly is a bowl full of wonderful! ;) I sure love that fella!

I love these little fellas too...

A peek into the *inside* of the clubhouse...

I love the idea Chris came up with to make the door. The door, when shut, is hard to notice!

And there's my girl peeking out the doorway!

A window lets some light in!

I think this clubhouse is so fun and am so glad my children will have it to play in! What great memories will be made!

Little guys tucker out quickly after a busy day...

Thanks for coming by! Have a great week ahead!



  1. Hi Katy....this is great the kids will have a blast!

  2. Hi Katy, Yes, you do have a special spouse...The club house is great and I just know the children will have a good time there. Thanks so much for sharing...They really have grown!

  3. What fun they will have... great job Chris!

  4. Wowww that clubhouse is AWESOME! Yes indeed a very talented husband. This reminds me of when my boys built a clubhouse in our back yard... my husband worked construction at the time and brought home left over scraps for the boy to build with... they finished it in a weekend and was having a blast! UNTIL the following week the city inspector knocked on our door telling us we where in violation of city codes because we didnt have a BUILDING PERMIT LOL!!! So we had 24 hours to remove the clubhouse or be fined :( The boys are adults now but i can still remember how much fun they had building it!

  5. What a wonderful clubhouse. Great work !!
    I can imagine the children love it.

  6. They will make so many memories there! Gosh, I'd like to go up there and read! :)


  7. That's the best little playhouse I've ever seen!!

  8. Did he used plastic wrap for the window? LOL
    I'm sure the kids are going to be making many memories up there!!! Hopefully all good ones.. and no one falling out!

  9. This is wonderful, Katy!! =) My hubby wants to build a treehouse in the mature trees we have in the back of our new home. He bought a book on building treehouses awhile back and is in the "envisioning" stage. I will be sure to show him what great work Chris has done! May the Lord bless your clubhouse and provide your family with lots of fun and memories!



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