Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"And so train the young women..."

"...to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled."
~Titus 2:4-5

Oh, how there is so much joy in having the privilege to be a stay at home wife and mama. It is a wish I have for all mothers...I know it isn't possible for single moms and others in certain situations.  But oh, mamas...if you are able, I completely encourage you to talk with your husband and consider staying at home. There is so much you can do there (home improvements, home-keeping to bless your family, healthy cooking from scratch, time with your children)...and such a ministry you have to your children! 

***You can save money by staying home, too! Finding ways to be thrifty in what you spend, creating/recycling/reusing things for your home, hanging laundry out to dry, no need for child-care (as you care for your own children!), making food from scratch, gardening and if you are *at* home most of the time, you should have little need for much gas money for a vehicle!***

Madelyn, after almost 2 days of medicine in her, is feeling so much better (from the strep throat she has been fighting). Her energy, color and smile are back! (It's amazing how quickly children can bounce back-to-better, isn't it?) I mentioned to her that I was going to start ripping carpet out of the laundry room and she jumped right in to help! 

So, after a lot of work, sweat, dirt and more sweat...we unearthed the wood floors that were hidden beneath the yucky carpet. (I am not a fan of carpet...I prefer wood floors over anything else). The floors are nothing fancy...just simple wood...but I like it so much better!

Remember the laundry basket dresser that Chris made me last year? It is working wonderfully! I just love it!

After ripping up the carpet, I got the bug in me to do a little rearranging. When I see something that will work better than I already have it, the gears in my head get to turning and I get busy making it happen!

This little cupboard (that used to be my grandma's...and then was mine) used to be housed in the kitchen but we moved it into the dining room where it can hold some homeschooling supplies...

And this shelf used to be in the dining room with loads of books on it. I found new homes on another bookshelf for my beloved books and then put this into place in the kitchen where the cupboard (above) used to be. I put my home-baking things on the shelf, where they fit *perfectly*. This opened up more room on my kitchen counters!

Things are wiped up, moved around and in a proper place now...

Outside, laundry soaks up the sun and the breeze...drying our clothes for free!

When you are home with your children, you get to watch them play and use those wonderful imaginations God gave them! *Such a blessing!*

Madelyn has been put into *jail*! ;)

I am constantly mowing sections of the yard (as the temperature allows). It's such a great feeling to get it done without spending money on gas...and while getting a great workout in as well!

Last evening, while we were all at the table having supper, our older neighbor lady came by with lots of blueberries for us! We occasionally take them eggs from our girls and she wanted to reciprocate! So we now have lots of blueberries in the fridge and freezer waiting to be baked into something yummy!

I hope your, your family and friends have an enjoyable fourth of July celebration. We will attend a parade and family picnic enjoying time with those we love! I'm hoping for comfortable temperatures (but that isn't usually the case in July, is it? ;)

Thanks so much for coming by!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,

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  1. I totally agree with wives/moms attempting to stay home. Having faith that God will provide exactly what your family needs!
    I'm not a carpet fan either..my entire house has vinyl linoleum..wouldn't have it any other way. Next thing I need is a permanent clothesline. My temps always seem to disappear.

  2. I too am in agreeance on being able to stay home if possible with the children. I am so blessed to be a stay at home momma for 30 yrs and I wouldn't want it any other way. I also have the privelage to home school my children too.

    Oh I love that you ripped up the carpet in the laundry room. I wish my house had wood floors under the carpet but unfortunately mine is only plywood under the carpet. I am in the process this evening of rearranging my kitchen also as I can't stand clutter on my counters. I love how all your rearranging turned out awesome.

    Stay cool and enjoy your evening with your family. Have a safe 4th also.

  3. In total agreement Katy about staying home if you are able. I also believe that some think they do need to work for financial reasons and this is their main justification. That was my mindset when I worked outside of the home. We didn't think we could possibly live on my husband's lower wage but it wasn't until we actually tried that we discovered we could! Eighteen years later we are still managing to do it. Of course there are challenges but the blessings of being home far outweigh them.
    It's the opposite season here and the blueberries are a little pricey at the moment and our bushes are not producing yet. We do have buckets of mandarins though and pumpkins galore!

  4. Katy~ You know I totally agree with what you are saying in this post and I really like the way you put it as to not hurt anyone's feelings, you have such a kind heart. I also love the canisters, I have some of the same ones you have with the screw on lid but find that a cup scoop is just a little too big to not make a mess. I would like to get one or two of the type you have on your counter, I found them at Walmart reasonably priced and would really love them but my counters are not very large I may need to do some rearranging in their to make room for them. Right now my glass canisters are sitting in a small black bookcase I bought a few years back and I truly don't like it at all to have to lug them into the kitchen just to make something and then lug them all back I think that may be why I don't bake much anymore. Anyway now that I have written you a book to read....:) I really just wanted to say Have a happy and safe and cool 4th of July, you and your family and that I really liked this post,Blessings my friend,Joann

  5. I just love reading here. Your words and photos fill me with peace!!! And so wonderful that you get to be outside AND get exercise at the same time! That is the best for mind and body!
    Love all the coziness in your home! It's so beautiful and comfy. Now I must go clean up and enjoy mine:) Thanks for sharing your day to day life!

  6. Staying home is such a blessing! I can't imagine not being here caring for my home and family. I am always busy and seems to still have tons to do. I often wonder how working women get it all done!

    The self looks great in the kitchen. I love seeing the baking jars all lined up.

    I will be spending my 4th canning green beans and I hope to make it over for a swim in my parents pool. It has been super hot here. Enjoy the parade!

  7. Happy 4th of July to you and your beautiful family!!

    I love your words of encouragement. I soooo agree with you!! When I first quit work to stay home (17 years ago) we knew it was going to be a financial struggle but we knew the blessings would outweigh the tightness of our budget. Through the years, we've had times of plenty and times we were praying the Lord would just provide enough to pay our bills and put food on our table. He has ALWAYS provided!! My husband was laid off from his job about 3 yrs ago and he was without work for about 4 months....still the Lord provided!! During that time, I was so tempted to try and find a job, but we prayed (ALOT) and the Lord ended up providing a great job for my husband.

    I know that there are circumstances that a lady must work outside the home...but we mustn't confuse that with financial comfort, a good social life, independence, etc. etc. etc. I am so very thankful to be able to stay home with my children, what a blessing it is!!!

    Also, you are so good at decorating!!! I need your help!!! Your pictures of your home are beautiful.

    Blessings to you!!


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