Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Fun-Filled Birthday!

Madelyn had a fantastic birthday....full of family, friends, swimming, fun and laughter (and by the end, exhaustion!). Although my sister's family couldn't make it down for the evening swim party we had planned for Madelyn's birthday...she and Eloise *were* able to come over in the morning to swim and spend some of the day with us! 

Eloise was all ready for the pool...but loved being with my Ruthers...

Once we made it to the pool, everyone got in and enjoyed the water (This was Eloise's first time in a big swimming pool!)...

El enjoyed the water (for the most part). She may be part fish...just like I suspect my children are! ;)

Xavier took a jump off the diving board...


Although not in the pictures, my great-aunt and aunt were well as my mom! My aunt is a retired hair-dresser and before they left, she gave Madelyn a neat hair-do!

After everyone was dried off, changed and had eaten some lunch, we headed into the garage so my dad and Chris could see Eloise and also celebrate Madelyn's birthday with us!

My mom got Madelyn an *ice cream cake* (And although this isn't all about *me*...I know many are following along/joining in my weight loss journey...So let me tell you, ice cream cake is my favorite! But I didn't eat any...not even a little sliver! Was it torture, you may wonder...Honestly, it would have tasted good...but with how much I have been working out, eating right and feeling *so* much better, it didn't bother me too much to miss out on it! I knew I could have some if I really wanted to...but I didn't want to waste my it was a choice I made ~ not an absolute restriction. And that is what we have to do in life ~ make wise and good decisions!)...

Uncle Cory, Aunt Nen and Eloise got Madelyn a few presents...

One of the things was this beautiful shirt!! I joked (although in a way, meant it) that I love that shirt and wouldn't it be great if I can fit into it as I keep losing weight? ;)

 Before Devon and Eloise had come to swim in the morning, Madelyn baked her cupcakes. When we got back to our house, later that afternoon, she and I spent time making the icing and then decorating them!

At the pool/picnic area at our neighbors, I had made some blue kool-aid (to look like water) in this neat drink dispenser (that my mom let me borrow). My mom used red swedish fish candies and froze them inside ice cubes (we were attempting to make it look like fish were floating in water) but alas, the kool-aid ended up cloudier than I expected it to look..and the fish didn't float just right (actually, some of the ice cubes melted and the fish candy dropped like dead-weight to the bottom!). We tried to make it fun though! ;) **A** for effort, right? ;)

Our friend, "the other Chris", showed X just what the "washing machine" move was...

And there it goes...

My dad (on the left) and Pa (Chris's dad)...

Opening presents...

My Chris and the other Chris played kickball with all the littles...

It was an all-around great day. By the time the party was over and things were brought back home...we were all pretty well exhausted! I think each of us crashed into bed and were thankful to drift off to sleep!

Today, I am spending part of the day cleaning up the kitchen...lots of things to put away and dishes to wash. I have laundry out on the lines and more that needs to go out (although it looks as though it may rain sometime soon). Egg salad sandwiches are on the menu for lunch (and salad for me). I am hoping a nap can be squeezed in at some point too! ;)

We thank the Lord for the wonderful memories made in celebrating these past 11 years. We are so grateful to be able to celebrate with so many of those whom we love! Thank *you* for coming by to celebrate with us through the miles, on this fascinating thing called the world wide web! Madelyn truly enjoyed all the birthday wishes left for her HERE. Thank-you!



  1. Katy I notice that since your weight loss journey I haven't heard you talk about your headaches. Has the diet changes and increased exercise helped with that?

  2. What a wonderful day, spent with family and friends.
    The food looks so delicious and I love the idea of the blue koolaid.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy birthday to the lovely Miss Madelyn! I love the cupcake ideas!

  4. Joyeux anniversaire à Madelyn de FRANCE

  5. I always love checking your blog. These years of raising family are the fullest and leave you with the most memories. I am at the tail end of raising seven, with and 11yr old and 13 yr old, I am still homeschooling. By obeying God in leading your family to stand for Him, you will be blessed with memories as you grow old, that will warm your heart. Blessings, Anita

  6. What fun!! Your neighbor's pool and her flowers (!!!) are beautiful!! It sounds like Madelyn had a wonderful day! And WoW...good for you sticking with your diet, even for a celebration! You are very encouraging....One day last week I really didn't want to work out and I thought of you and your consistency and I thought "I CAN do this!". :)


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