Friday, April 6, 2012

A Visit with the Squeezle!

After battling coughs and the stomach bug, the children and I were finally healthy and able to meet up with my sister and niece at our dad's garage! It was **wonderful** to get to see them both! My sister and I have a great relationship and enjoy (usually) daily phone calls (and sometimes Eloise even says "Hi Kay-tee" to me!). But visiting with them in person is *much* better! I go a little overboard on my Squeezle photos...but I just can't help it. She gives me joy! :o)

Lunchtime...eating some cheese (with some help from Madelyn)...

Feet dangling...I just love this photo...cheese on the floor and all! My sister made those shoes for El! Aren't they great?

My boys enjoy their lunch too (on a table constructed by X)!


Xavier on the tow-trike (oh how sad it will be when he grows out of it...he loves that bike!)...

The cutest little bunny...

Let's take a drive! Ready, set...go! go! go!


Ah...time to say good-bye to another visit. The great thing, though, is that we will see them again this weekend for a Resurrection Day picnic/celebration! (It's always such a treat to see the Big Squeeze twice in one week!)'s suppose to be another beautiful day here today! Laundry is washing so it can be hung out to dry and we will get our schooling done early, I hope. Our school district called the other day...I need to get the children caught up on a couple of their immunizations and then give them proof (I wish the state would stay out of my parenting. Getting my child immunizations has nothing to do with their education...not that I feel the state should have anything to do with their education either though...thus why we homeschool and take as much control of it back as we can).

I hope your day is busy, productive, and full of *sunshine*!
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  1. Katy, according to what I have read the affidavit is sufficient proof of medical issues, including shots. Do you have a homeschool support group in your area? I have found ours to be such a blessing and over the weekend I can look for that information along with the accompanying letter that has held up in court for you as well if you choose to tell the district to keep their noses to themselves. The have no legal right to demand any medical records from anyone nor can they require shots.


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