Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eye Surgery #2 Complete!

Jaxson's eye surgery was scheduled for 4:30 yesterday afternoon. We were to arrive around 2:45. We arrived a little early and were registered. Unfortunately...the OR was hours behind (which happens from's really no one's fault.) It was a *long* wait...the nurses were so kind and talkative with us, so as exhausting as the wait was...we just did what we had to do (the nurses said that some parents scream at them and get so upset when they run late...which isn't their fault. I understand parents feeling frustrated but screaming at the nurses doesn't solve anything. And...especially, for us, as followers of Jesus Christ, that would *not* be a good witness to others. So the one nurse we talked to, I shared God's goodness in caring for Jaxson and she asked about our homeschooling and how we have our children do chores etc. She said she wanted to bring her children to my house to see how chores are done! ;). I find that when Christians can smile and have joy during trials and difficult times...the light of Christ can beam from them! This opens doors to conversation with others and sharing your faith! Madelyn and Xavier were with my parents and there was no rush to get home anyway.

We spent time in this pre-op room...watching some television and chatting. Chris played some sudoku and I worked on my knitting. There was a play area out around the corner in the I took Jaxson there (we were the only people there as it was quite late in the evening). We put together puzzles and he had fun playing with different things.

Finally, around 8 or so, the anesthesiologist came in and got Jaxson ready to go. Jaxson's eye surgeon came out to us, apologizing that things were running late. We told her no apology was needed at all. We had no where else to be and truly, we were glad that she spends the time, with careful attention, for each child during their eye surgery! That gives parents confidence that she will do an attentive, wonderful job with *our* child (and she does do a *wonderful* job!).

By that time, Jaxson hadn't eaten in 24 hours. They said he couldn't have any food after midnight the night before....and the last he ate before that was here it was, 8pm the next day and he had no food and was only allowed drinks until 2pm! So my sweet boy was hungry and thirsty! He was quite ready for the surgery. The anesthesiologist thought we may need to give him a juice drink that makes him drowsy so he wasn't scared to get wheeled into surgery. I assured him that wasn't necessary. Jax was as cool as a cucumber! He wasn't scared in the least and was just ready to do it (which was so wonderful for this mama...).

Knitting the baby sweater I have been working on!

He was in the surgery for about an hour. Everything went beautifully. His iris will still be a bit misshapen but his vision should be good and there was no infection or cataract growing in his eye (Praise God!). After he was in the first phase of recovery for a bit, they called us in. He was still fast asleep when we went in. It took a while before he woke up. He had some popsicles, happily. After he was more awake and seemed to be doing alright after the anesthesia, we were able to get him dressed and bring him home! We didn't get home till after midnight. It was a long drive and we were all exhausted...but we are so thankful that everything went so well, giving all glory to God.

He still needs to have drops for a bit...but he can stop wearing his safety glasses after this weekend and we will only have a couple more appointments at Children's in Pittsburgh in the upcoming weeks! They will also do a vision check and see if he is going to need glasses (which, both Chris and I wear glasses so there was a high possibility he would need glasses someday anyway). :)

Jaxson is awake and in *great* spirits! Chris, who drove last night, is still asleep....and I have no intentions of waking him! :) We're moving slowly this morning and it's nice! Thank-you for the prayers and encouragement you have all been during this time! We truly appreciate it all!

Have a GREAT weekend!

With a warm and thankful heart,


  1. I am so thankful for your good testimony to the staff but also to Jaxson! You are letting him see Christianity in action....good stuff, Katy!

    Enjoy your day - I hope the weather there is as beautiful as it is here!


  2. I'm so glad to hear everything went so well, praise the Lord! What a sweet-natured, patient little man you have there! :) xx

  3. SO glad everything went well for Jaxson!!! God is Good!!

  4. So thankful unto the Lord for His merciful provision. Continuing to hope all goes well for him, and you all. Blessings!

  5. Honeysuckle Haven CottageApril 14, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    What a tough little guy smiling through it all.

  6. poor little thing...Glad he came out of it fine, PTL Almighty..
    Love that sweater you are making, looks hard to me..i cant do sweaters Katy...
    Have a lovely sunday.

  7. Glad to hear things went well!

  8. So thankful unto the Lord for His merciful provisions for sweet Jaxson. Thank you for being such a testimony to the staff and a witness for our Savior. Thanks for the update.

  9. I'm so happy that everything went well for your little Jaxson.
    He's such a sweetheart! I just had surgery myself 2 weeks ago which was delayed 3 hours until late in the evening and I know how hard that can be, not being allowed food or water, especially for a small child. Don't you find, though, that this can be the sweetest walk with God, when he's helping us through a difficult time? And the example you and Chris set for your children by how you live your faith everyday is just heartwarming.



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