Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eloise was under-the-weather...

 ...but don't worry! She is feeling much better now! On Friday, while talking with my mom during our morning chat, I found out that Eloise wasn't feeling well (she had been up a lot through the night, very clingy to her mom, crying and had a fever). Well, of course, this auntie (who loves the Squeezle oh-so-much) couldn't sit by and do while the boys went to my dad's garage to *work*...Madelyn and I took a journey to my sister's house (who lives about an hour away).

When we got there (late morning) the little munchkin was still in her Minnie Mouse pajamas having breakfast in her high chair. As soon as Madelyn crossed the threshold of the back door, Eloise smiled (her first of the day, according to her mama)!

Despite lack of sleep...the Squeezle still had some energy to play with Madelyn. (And I think her sleepy mama, my sister, was grateful that Madelyn could spend the time playing with her)...

El in her favorite hat...

Look how tall she is getting!

Her poor little skin was so warm from the fever. Mad and I ran to the closest store and found some generic baby tylenol (as the regular baby tylenol had been recalled). It helped to lower her fever, thankfully.

Although in all these photos, Eloise is in her pj's...she *did* get changed into an outfit that afternoon...although she was less than thrilled with me for making her lay down to get her diaper changed and new clothes put I let her mother finish! ;) It's funny....Eloise will furrow her eyebrows at me! She always makes me laugh!

She is feeling better now, thankfully! The one benefit to her little bit of sickness was that it gave Madelyn and I an excuse to go visit her! I know her mama enjoyed her snuggling more too (as mobile babies aren't always wanting to snuggle as much as they did pre-mobility!). Her mama did a great job loving her up, comforting her and rocking her to sleep. :) Oh how I miss those moments with my own sweet babies!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. You are the nicest aunt, Katy. I can see why you love the little "Squeezle" so much...she is adorable. So is your Madelyn! She is getting all grown up. It is nice that your sister and you are so close. I have always been close with my sisters and it is wonderful! BTW, .....I love your sweet and wonderful music. It calms me.


  2. Hello Katy,I am new to your blog.I Have been looking at your older posts.You have such a lovely family and cozy home.I found something out this weekend that may be of interest.If you or anyone else you know likes to bowl you should go to and sign up.your children can bowl for free once a week until sept.1.You may already know this but if not it may be exciting to you.I know it made my day!! have a blessed day monica

  3. So glad she is feeling better....she is the sweetest little thing...blessings

  4. Katy,

    Hope you guys are safe and sound (and warm)up there. I was just thinking about ya -- looks like you all are getting hit pretty good with SNOW and the like. Be safe! Maybe this will give you an opportunity for a cozied up slow day. (:

    Take care!


  5. Awww... it is hard when a little one is under the weather. It looks like a visit from Auntie Katy helped to cheer her up. :)

  6. so thankful you guys came out! it was nice to have company and a distraction for El!


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