Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enjoying a Birthday Picnic....

...for my dad! 

My dad celebrated a birthday this past weekend. We all celebrated with some friends and family at Chris' parents' pavillion. The Squeezle came to celebrate too (her parents also tagged along!)! ;)

"Ridin' along in my wagon-mobile...."

Madelyn jumps in for a ride too!

**Minnnn-ie** Stickers...a gift from Grammie (Eloise loves Minnie Mouse)...

Eloise also loves Madelyn...a lot! (As hard as I try to be #1 ~ after her mama and daddy, of course...I just can't ever reach that goal. She really loves Madelyn and my boys...and she also loves her Pop-Pop)! :o)

Eloise handed Pop-Pop his birthday gifts...

Eloise doesn't just ride around...she likes to *push* too!

Xavier, enjoying his bike...

Before they began the journey home, my sister was changing Eloise on the seat of my van. El was rolling around and being a bit of a I offered her my camera (thinking she would look at the photos on the screen)...she ended up pushing buttons and took this photo (hehe)...

There were lots of other people there...but not everyone wants their photos on the I didn't post them. :) I always love sharing pictures of Eloise and my children though! Thank-you for stopping by!!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. What cute children! Is the Eloise's name pronounced El'-O-eese or L-oyse?

  2. Lovely...happy birthday to your dad!


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