Monday, April 2, 2012

My Latest Knitting Project

I am knitting this top for my niece, Eloise! It's a simple knit and is going along well. Above is a photo of the one side...and now I am working on knitting the other side (which looks identical). I am unsure, yet, if or how I will embellish it. I am looking forward to finishing it and seeing how it looks on her! I really wish I would have known how to knit when Madelyn was younger....oh the fun things I could have made her! ;) Are you working on any fun projects?



  1. When Maddy was younger, you wouldn't have had time!
    No need to embellish it... I think I might have some wooden buttons that might look sweet though!
    I'm excited for her to have it!

  2. Oh that is amazing! Your very talented! I just finished a pillow case dress for my daughter and I will be making another one today. I like to find vintage or old looking pillow cases from thrift store and just go to town on them. Actually I look for sheets too and use that fabric for things. It's fun and saves money!

  3. What a blessing you are dear friend! This looks absolutely beautiful -- as are you, dear heart!

  4. I love to see your craft projects! They are always beautiful. I'm sure that Eloise will love it! You could embellish it with some bright colored crocheted flowers that lay flat to the top.

    Nicki in WV

  5. Oh how adorable! Makes me wish my children were still little. I used to love to sew for them. This is so cute!

  6. Be still my heart. I love it, you are very talented:)

  7. It is beautiful! I'm sure she will look so cute in it. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Great job! Can't wait to see the finish!

  9. That is darling! Can't wait to see E model it. :)

  10. Oh how cute!! I think it would look darling with a cluster of 3 little flowers under the left strap, one white, one yellow and one pink!! Oh now off to find a crochet pattern similar, I want to make one for my two year old!!! Only I crochet instead of knit :)


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