Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Living Room Curtains!

I am glad I can type this post out and not tell you this face-to-face (as I am probably bright red right now)...but I hung these curtains up without ironing them! I know...the shame of it all! ;) I was just so excited to see them that I didn't want to wait. I ordered them from a lady who sews them (although once I actually saw them, I realized how easily I could have sewn these up for myself).

They also have jute to tie them back...but I kind of like them just-like-this. I *tried* tying them back with the jute...but was having a terrible time of I gave up. Perhaps one day, I will try again.

Putting up the primitive colonial swags encouraged me to start contemplating what I want to paint the living room. The walls are just awful...plaster falls from holes in it. It has overwhelmed me...the thought of redoing the walls to perfection (mudding, sanding, mudding sanding...and on and on)...finally, I realized I love old and imperfect looks. So, I am hoping to find some paint that I like (the ones with the primer already mixed in them so you don't have to do two different steps) and I am thinking, at some point this summer, I am going to move things out of there (or cover them) and give the walls a splash of color! :)

The curtains are unlined...which I am praying isn't a big mistake on my part....the cost to add liners was terribly high though. The living room only gets the evening I am hoping it won't fade them *too* much.

The curtains look better in person, than in photos. The light (as you can see in the photo above) really shows how the curtains need ironed **blushing**. I *will* iron them, really! I am now just really looking forward to giving the walls a good coat of cream-colored paint... :).

Right now, though, Chris and I are mapping out where the raised beds are going and how big they will be. He's going to get the wood to make them! I am really excited for it! :)

Lunchtime is quickly approaching. Schooling is complete for the day (as the year winds down for us) and I have been (and will continue) doing chores around the home. :) Hope you all enjoy your Thursday!



  1. Lovely curtains, Katy! You and I have the same decorating style, AND the same projects too. (: Stripping and painting walls & the raised garden beds - - Here we go! I share your excitement. Things don't have to be perfect for me either. (: Have a lovely day!



  2. I really like them. The shape adds some interest to the windows. I imagine you are excited about getting some color on the walls. I have a couple of projects I want to tackle. I keep putting them off since they will be time consuming projects.

    Enjoy your new certains!

  3. Reallylike the curtains, Katy. I envy your days with the kids around you. Mine are grown and not much "kids stuff" around here anymore. It is good when my granddaughter comes over, though. She only lives two miles from here. We do alot together. You are always doing things that I used to do. Your posts are intersting to me.

  4. Katy,I love oyur curtains.Very nice added look to your room.
    I wanted to ask you about your Mrs.Meyers order.
    I am getting ready to order again and wondered about the Bluebell.Did you happen to order any of that scent?Also the honeysuckle?
    They both sound wonderful!
    You can reach me here Katy if you get time to respond.Thanks so much.Have a lovely afternoon.Blessings,Becky

    1. I hope Katy doesn't mind my adding my 2 cents to your question Becky! Like Katy we love Mrs. Meyers. Lavender and Basil are our favorites. I ordered the honeysuckle. It did smell nice, but I suggest that you do NOT order the dish soap as it leaves a taste of it on the dishes no matter how much you rinse. I will have to check out bluebell as I have not heard or seen of that one yet! It seems that we always end up re-ordering Lavender and Basil after experimenting with new scents, but that of course is preference.
      LOVE your blog as always Katy. You and Rosie always inspire and encourage me. If only Jewels would post again, then I'd be set!! :) But alas, I do believe deep down that she has indeed chosen the better thing.

  5. I always get excited to hang new curtains! Many have been hung unironed. :)Lol

  6. Hi Katy,
    Your curtains look wonderful. A neighbor just gave me a big tub of fabric and there is some perfect for sewing up some curtains for one of the boy's rooms.
    Blessings for your day,

  7. Very nice..I like them. Wrinkles don't bother me a bit :) I really couldn't even tell there were any. Your home looks very cozy and inviting...blessings

  8. The curtains look fantastic , nd im a culprit for not always ironing ooops lol!!


  9. the curtains are wonderful. I could not even tell that they needed ironing. I love em. I need to find some like that for my kitchen.

  10. I chuckled when I read you hung them without ironing.....I do the same thing!!!LOL!! You can just steam them with your iron with them hanging, it should make the wrinkles dissappear!;0)By the way they look wonderful in the livingroom! I am glad you are ok and just deleted your FB acct. I understand your feelings about it. I hope you have a wonderfully Blessed weekend with your family my friend!!<3

  11. you can hardly tell they need ironed! i think they look great! i can't imagine tying them back unless they were longer.... but i guess i'd have to see! LOOKS GOOD!

  12. They look great, Katy!

    For shame though hanging them without ironing! ;)


  13. Two quick ways to remedy w/o taking them down--steam, or use Downy wrinkle-releasing spray~super easy!! ;)

  14. Such pretty curtains! It is often simpler to just buy them, isn't it? You have such good taste in decorating.

  15. I like your curtains. I was looking at the curtains not that they might be wrinkled.
    Learning by playing is good way

  16. I too had some very imperfect walls and really really despise sanding and all the dust. I decided to buy a bucket of "mud" and using a cheap plastic trowel I just did my own thing and put a thin skim over the whole wall, floor to ceiling. Let it dry a couple of days and then painted. I loved it so much, I did my bedroom also! Both rooms are painted eggshell finish for washability and also the sheen is very soft and looks great on the texturing.

  17. I love your curtains and everything about your cozy home!!

  18. Can I ask what the piano music is on your site?

    1. There is a list of the songs/artists on my music player towards the top of the right sidebar! :)

  19. Katy i have just found this post by accident, i have two old not so big windows, we just do not have the funds to replace them at the moment. I have been wondering for months about some kind of window decor, first i thought of making some bunting but that just did not excite me. This evening i have read this post and love your style of curtains. I love sewing and i think i can see from your pictures how i can make these! Another lovely post...thank you :)


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