Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrection Day Celebration!

 Saturday, my family got together with my parents and my sister's family! The sky was blue and the sun shone altogether glorious day! We enjoyed a wonderful lunch (BBQ chicken, baked corn, fruit salad, baked potatoes, desserts, rolls and these adorable chick-eggs my mom made...

I don't like the term *Easter* nor do I like the bunnies, eggs and chicks often associated with *Easter* (as I have read much in the way of how these common things have become associated with this time of year...none of which is based on true Christianity)...but I don't begrudge others their decisions on this matter...I like to call the celebration of the Lord rising from the dead: *Resurrection Day*. I like to set it aside as a day to thank God for the gift of His Beloved Son (although, truly, this should be done *every* day).

So, when they wanted to have a bit of an egg hunt for Eloise...I grabbed my camera!

 Eloise and her beautiful mama...

It took her just a few minutes to realize she needed to put the eggs *in* the basket...

We cheered when she put one she stopped to cheer too!

There is my sweet Jaxson in the back...

Can you see why I call her Squeezle...she is unbelievably squeezable!

Chris and Xavier...

 Madelyn, X and Chris...

The children brought out the babies, Polly and Pearl. Eloise loved them!

She also loved Ruthie (who didn't know quite what to think of Eloise)!

We had a lovely time of food and fellowship with our family! I hope you did, as well! Thank you for coming by! Have a *great* day!



  1. Oh goodness Katy she just has the smooshablest cheeks! I so enjoy the pictures of her you share, she does have a way of lighting things up doesn't she? Looks like you all had a great Resurrection Day celebration!

  2. Resurrection Day sounds good to me to. What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your joy.
    Blessings Gail

  3. Forgot to say, your new music is so soothing.
    Blessings Gail

  4. So glad I found your blog :) Joyous belated Easter to you and yours.



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