Monday, April 16, 2012

Ding, Dong ~ The Mouse is Dead!

...the mouse is DEAD! Yay! 
(Singing to the song from the Wizard of Oz)

We had a mouse. It wouldn't go away. I have seen it and heard it and it drove me crazy. Chris moved a book shelf and found that a candy gobstopper had rolled under there and the mouse had been enjoying it thoroughly. Chris put poison in its place...but still, the mouse scurried around. I don't have a *fear* of mice...I just don't want to share my home with one as they are dirty little varmints. 

So...last night, I had made homemade mac and cheese and had some of the noodles I cooked stuck to the bottom of a pan. I put it in dishwater to soak overnight. This morning, I came down and let the water out of the sink and went to clean out the drain...and found this little guy...

Do you have the eebie-jeebies now? I *still* do! I called Chris down (out of bed) and I picked the little guy up with a plastic spoon and gave it to Chris (who then tossed him outside). I proceeded to thoroughly scrub out the sink. Ick! I put my hand in there to drain the water...and there was a dead mouse in there! As Jaxson would say: "It gives me the shivers!" :o)

Anyone else have some *mouse-in-the-house* stories to share?? ;)


  1. So glad it is not scurrying around your home anymore! I never had a mouse story until just recently! We could hear scurrying and chewing and such - but it was inside the wall! Ugh - loooooong story later - David has caught three mice in our attic and Emily had a great time inspecting one - definitely a home educated child! :)

  2. At our old house my husband was away and I always worked on projects while he was away. Late one night while painting I saw one running on the floor. I quick put on my husband work boots because I was afraid he might run over my feet and really scare me. Anyway, found out that our neighbor who lived in the half double next to us, left their dog food out and I think the mouse was literally just coming house to house. yikes... yuk. Well God took care of the little guy for you;)

  3. I had the same drowning in a dish pan experience a couple of months ago!! Nothing like waking up to a dead wet mouse :)

  4. We have many of our own mouse stories to share - but my favorite is my sister's story. She had a full bag of M & M's in their home school class room when they left to spend Christmas with family. When they returned - they found M&M's everywhere! Coat pockets, inside the sheets of their beds, in kitchen cupboards, in the doll house, everywhere! That mouse was busy! Still gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking about it!

  5. They are smart little guys. We had one and it took forever to catch it. It got into my pantry and ate through several boxes of crackers. Ugh! Glad that your visitor is gone!

  6. We don't get them in our home; but we usually catch one or two a year in our garage. They give me chills also, and, yes, I scream like a little girl when I see them!


  7. I don't hate mice, I just don't want them in my house! We lived in a rental house with a relative for four years, who did not like keeping his downstairs area clean. The mice would come in and also come upstairs where we lived. It was awful!! And being a rental, we guessed there was old crumbs or something under the cabinets because they decided they were gonna live under our kitchen cabinets. It took a lot of time to get rid of them. Our cat at the time was not a mouser, but he learned to catch mice. Only problem with that was he was so proud that he'd catch one, that he wouldn't hurt it, just carry it in his mouth. If I was lucky, I could pick him up, put him outside and hope he didn't drop the mouse on our way out the door. Another time it was early in the morning, I was asleep, he woke me with his meowing, he'd caught a mouse. Then he dropped it! Luckily it went into the linen closet and I was able to catch it in something, then I let it go outside, then put the cat outside and told him to kill it this time.

    We did have an issue with a couple mice coming in to the house we're in now. Drought's do that around here though. Now we have an awesome mouser cat. Unfortunately he also likes catching the ones outside and bringing them into the house to play with. So we have to keep our eye on him!

  8. Oh my goodness, everyone, thank you for sharing these mouse stories! It's so good to know I am not alone and oh, how your stories are making me snicker!!! :)

  9. We had one several mice upstairs when I was in my teens. One night I heard it scratching in the trash bag on the floor at the foot of the bottom bunk. The next thing I knew, I felt a soft plump and something scurry over my feet. I was out of my bed and down the stairs in about 2 leaps! I bought some mouse traps on the way home from work that day. They did their job.
    I also wish I wasn't reading this while eating lunch ; P

    1. Woops, not sure why I typed one! I know I caught 3.

  10. I'll admit it - I have a completely irrational creep out problem when it comes to mice!. If that had happened to me Katy, I would have been out on the front lawn in my pj's.

    Right after we were married, we had a mouse in our rental house. When Darrell was at work, I would wear his huge work boots in the house so I could walk across the floor without the possibilty of that thing running across my feet!

  11. My 5 cats would take care of that

  12. We used to live next to a field and we had PLENTY of field mice that made their way over to our house. One night we cornered one in the living room. I was standing on a chair (those things freak me out!) and when my (now ex) husband went to hit it with a broom handle it bounced into the air and came right at my face! I was all kinds of white as a sheet and screaming!
    This was years and years ago : )

    I have had much success with glue traps.
    Also they love some peanut butter on a snap trap, too.
    They are just so gross, aren't they?!!

  13. When I was a teen we had problems with mice. One night my mom was determined to get this one mouse, so se set a mouse trap with a piece of cheese in it between the counter and the refrig, turned off the light and went into the livingroom. A little while later she heard a noise went into the kitchen only to find the mouse sitting on the trap eating the cheese looking up at her, then took off. There was a strict rule in the house that there was to be no foul language used. Well that rule got thrown out the window that night (only for that night). We still laugh about it years later.


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