Monday, August 8, 2011

Here at Home...Photos

We had an enjoyable weekend...I hope you did, as well! We've gotten some much-needed rain and also sunshine. Last evening I picked green beans from the garden and will be snapping and canning them today! We only have a couple rows of green beans in our garden this year. We planted a lot of corn, though...and unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be doing very well. I am so I love sweet corn!

Most days, here in our little cottage-home, are spent doing housework, knitting and baking. Keeping our home tidy is an every-day job! The loads of laundry, sink of dishes and floors that need swept is never-ending. However, this shouldn't be looked upon as mundane or means I am blessed with a family. We wear clothes (that we thank God we have), we eat food and dirty dishes (another blessing...for so many are hungry) and there is activity in our home (children inside, outside, upside down!)....which means the floors need swept daily. So it's really all in how you look at it.

We'll be starting our homeschool year the end of this month. I am looking forward to the rhythm in our days. I can't wait for all the learning that the children (and I) will do! If you would like to see how our school days are planned out for this season, you can go HERE.

I have been working on my knitting, as time allows. I have finished a new baby bonnet (you can see the first one I made HERE). I have officially opened up my etsy shop! Soon, I will be adding dish cloths, as well. Maybe some other items too! I have had my shop for a while...and sold a few things previously....but then I got busy with *life*. I decided I would get my shop going again, though, because I enjoy knitting and as a way for me to make a little extra money for the family! 

Here is the newest baby bonnet...

I hope you are able to enjoy your week glad you had time to stop by and visit! 


Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. 
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Grace and peace to you, Katy. Your post was a wonderful way to begin the week! :)

  2. Thats SO true it is all in how you look at at:) Your home looks so neat and cozy, I'll have to check out your shop, my grandson is due in just a week or so but being in Hawaii the bonnets would be too warm but I LOVE your dish cloths:D have a wonderful day Katy!

  3. You remind me of me so much!! If only more woman thought like you do! Bless you!

  4. We are blessed to live us simple, wonderful lives, aren't we?

    Your knitting is sweet! I started a hat for my daughter last night.

    Have a lovely day, Katy!


  5. Your little bonnet looks great. You have a lovely home (you notice I did not say "house" you have a "home" filled with love, I can tell.)

  6. What a Wonderful post to start the week!:) Your home decor reminds me so much of my home. I hope you have a very Blessed week!! :)

    Love your dish cloths!

  7. Katy your home always radiates such peace! Have a wonderful week!!

  8. lovely post..
    love the bonnet, so adorable.

  9. I know that you are really busy, but I have a question for you (I forgot to ask you in my earlier comment, sorry...:)). I know you make your own laundry soap, do you also make your own fabric softener, or do you just skip it ? Thank you :)) Have a Blessed Day!!

  10. Hello Lisa! :)

    I'm never too busy to answer a question!

    I skip softener. We don't mind scratchy clothes! ;)


  11. You are so right Katy, it is all about how we look at these things that demand our time and attention. Our attitudes and beliefs about homemaking and housework will determine how we go about it. If we whinge and complain about the never ending tasks it makes a necessary task an unpleasant task and I reckon it takes you longer too!
    I have never had any success with corn which is a little frustrating as I love corn on the cob. I'm looking forward to spring planting and maybe I will give the corn another go. Just planted some more fruit trees - figs and avocados.
    God bless you this week - I enjoy each and every post!


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