Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blessings of *Busy-ness*

The past few days have been just gorgeous! The yellow sun has been shining and temperatures have been very comfortable! There have been loads of clothes, quilts, sheets and towels basking in and drying out in the beautiful sunshine! The children and I have spent our mornings doing our schoolwork. After lunch, we have been in the garden picking and then snapping beans and shucking corn....which I then can.

A lady from church called me the other morning, she had an abundance in her garden and asked if we would want any of her bounty! I gladly accepted her offer and that afternoon, the children and I went to her house and joined her at picking. She gave us some Italian green beans, tomatoes, a zucchini, corn and a few peppers! Such a blessing!

I have never had Italian green beans before...they are so neat...just like green beans but flat and have a different flavor. I canned them the same way I do regular green beans.

All ready to be processed in the canner...

After they were canned, I set them out for 24 hours. Then the screw-tops were taken off, the lids were dated and they were given a good wash-down before heading down to the basement for storage! I have lovely rows of food arranged on the shelves! I have taken photos that I will share, next time, hopefully!

Yesterday, I kept busy with schooling, hanging out loads of laundry, grating and freezing zucchini, making zucchini bread, picking/canning more green beans and knitting! Then, around supper time, the children and I went down to the garden and picked tomatoes, then joined my mother-in-love to begin the juicing process! It was a long, tiring process. We didn't finish until close to 9pm! Now, though, we have the tomatoes juiced and ready to make sauce to can! 

During the juicing process, I was fretting about the dullness of my knife (it was squishing tomatoes more than cutting them) and Chris, to my joy, sharpened it. So...along I go, happily cutting tomatoes...chatting away, tomato juice everywhere...(can you picture it?) when all of a sudden, sheer pain went ripping through my finger. I had cut it...not a nice little slice, but a bit of a gauge. Mix it in with the acid from the tomatoes and I was one sore puppy! I will save you the horrid details...but to get an idea of it, let's just say that Chris has to make his own bandage for me using paper towels and duct tape (as the regular band-aids weren't good enough for this injury!). After putting on a plastic glove, I was ready to dive back in! (Don't tomatoes or juice were tainted in this process!) 

I was able to exchange the big bulky bandage, my Christopher crafted for me, with a regular band-aid this morning! It still hurts, but I will survive. Chris and Madelyn think I was overly-dramatic about the pain...but *really*, I wasn't! It stung and hurt terribly! They weren't too sympathetic....stinkers! ;) 

Here are a few photos, from around home...

This is a china cupboard, from my parents' house. They are doing a few renovations and ran out of room for it. They offered it to me and I gladly to find a place for it (as of now, it is sitting in our addition/mud room aka: our new living room/pantry someday).....

Thank-you for dropping by! I typed this all out once, and hadn't saved it all, and then lost internet connection. So, here I am, now later in the day, typing it up again! I have some jars of beans de-pressurizing in the canner, right now...and just finished knitting up a custom order! I have more custom orders to do, ever since posting THIS pumpkin hat in my etsy shop! It is such a blessing....but is keeping me busy! :) 

Have a great rest of the day! 

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. 
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. oh Katy, I just love visiting with you! I hope you heal quickly, those cuts sure can hurt! The bounty of your gardens are wonderful, I am thankful for your blessings! Also that your projects are selling so well. Grace & peace be upon you and yours.

  2. I canned tomatoes last week. I want to get another batch and make sauce. I know how much those finger cuts can sting. I had a nice slice on my index finger and it kept bleeding every time I tried to do something.

  3. Sounds like you have been doing the same thing that I have.....picking and canning...picking and canning. :) Hope you can stop by and say hi.

  4. Oh I love your new cupboard Katy. I would love a cupboard like that to turn into a pantry but alas I have run out of walls! You sure have been busy and you have inspired me to get off the computer and go and start on my day and get busy in a good, productive kind of way. I'm planting zucchini later and hoping for a harvest this summer after zero harvest last year thanks to too much rain which rotted the plants before they set fruit.

  5. I love your cupboard. The beans look good, but they look even better in the Jars! I love canning. Thank you for sharing. Luv you!

  6. I love it when others share their bounty! I was gifted 4 dz ears of corn that went into the freezer. :)

    Hope your finger heals quickly!

  7. Ugh! It sounds like it hit a nerve ~ they usually hurt more when that happens. I just love the pictures of all your canning!

  8. Those cuts hurt & the acid burn makes it worse. Prayer for speedy healing lifted. I did spg. sauce a few weeks ago & this week I am doing gr. beans. Jars filled with food is so pretty to me. I will be watching for your photos. Blessings!

  9. Katy~ You are always so busy and I so enjoy reading your blog. Lucky Chris had sharpened that knife it would have been far worse if it were dull. Healing prayers being sent. Blessings to you my friend, Joann

  10. home canning is so rewarding. thanks for sharing your wonderful entries.
    'hugs from afar'

  11. I love your new china hutch! It is very similar to one that I inherited from my great grandmother, but it had some water damage and the veneer on the front was peeled off in some spots. I painted mine white and it looks wonderful! Yours looks to be in great condition! What a blessing to receive it!


  12. Your days are full, that's for sure! You're an inspiration to me for llving a simpler life....

    Hope the finger heals up nicely!!!

    Glad to hear the etsy shop is being checked out and you're reaping rewards from your labors! Wahoo and praise God! What a blessing! (I don't think He minds it when I cheer Him with a wahoo and a whoot! He's so good to us!)

  13. Hope you finger is better. Your pumpkin hat is simply adorable. Wish I had a little one to wear it! Your garden goodies look delicious. I just posted something about schooling on my blog. Hope you get a chance to take a look at it.


  14. wow! lovely fresh vegetables! Truly they are a blessing.

    Visit me when you have the chance and follow me!

  15. From reading comments even on my own blog i can see more and more folks are trying to learn the art of canning. Richard


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