Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can you ever have too many dishes?

I say the answer to that question is "absolutely not"! I mean, what if I have a HUGE gathering with like, 50 people and need good dishes? I will be all set! (Even though it will be in 3 different sets!)

I have 2 sets of dishes already that I LOVE....my red spatterware and my Warren Kimble Colonial Pattern dishes......But one of my aunts came up for my sister's bridal shower on the 15th and to my surprise, brought me some super cute dishes!!! Here's a picture of the plate and soup bowl......

And a closer pic of the pattern....

Aren't they cute? I love them! The dessert plates and mugs that come with them have this pattern as well but also have snowmen and are a blue color. They will be perfect to use for winter/Christmas dishes! :) YIPPEE!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! :) I am off to clean, do some schooling with Madelyn and clean some more. I also have some knitting to work on! :) Remember....if you want some hand knitted dishcloths...be sure to check out my shoppe! :) Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. We could manage to serve twenty - like you, from three different sets! Please stop by and check them out.

  2. Those are very cute, Katy! How thoughtful of your aunt!

    Have a great week!

  3. Love your new dishes! I am on the look out for some new dishes.

  4. Yes, check out her etsy her dish rags are the best!

    Love all the dishes you lucky girl. You never can have too many.


  5. Those ARE cute!

    Happy Tuesday.

  6. Love Warren Kimble stuff!

    Are your new ones Debbie Mumm? They llok like it!

    Have a great day, Denise

  7. Love your new dishes!!! How sweet of your Aunt.

  8. Love the cute new dishes! Hope you have a wonderful evening! Blessings,Karen

  9. I am glad that you like them. My mom asked me and I thought that you would =) Enjoy!!

  10. Those are very cute! I like dishes, too and find that there just isn't enough cupboard space. Have a great day. julie

  11. Love the dishes - I'm beginning to look around for dishes more these days!


  12. You're talkin to the queen of dishes-- my poor husband is always terrified that I'll bring another set home with me- but I just L O V E then! You can never have too many :-)

  13. Okay, I am so green with envy now! Thank you very much Katy! LOL
    Seriously- those are gorgeous!

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