Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"How we spend our days.....

...is, of course, how we spend our lives." ~Annie Dillard

I have been a pretty busy bee lately. Of course, I get some down time...but mostly busy! With helping with our church play each week, plus church meetings through the month, getting ready for my sister's bridal shower on Sunday, Madelyn's Daisy Meetings, homeschooling, preparing and teaching Sunday School, preparing for a suprise birthday party (which I will share with you all someday), working on knitting plus taking care of my family and home...all while reading my Bible and trying to keep my faith walk strong....it's keeping me a busy lady! But we all have busy-ness...don't we? Mine isn't anymore than others'! :)

However, on top of all this....I just turned my papers in to be put on the ballot for our next area elections to become our townships tax collector! LOL I must be crazy! But...if I win it...the extra income will be nice and I will still get to be home! :)

AND...in a couple weekends...Chris and I, and a few others from our church, are chaperoning a youth "spring break" with our church. They have worship time, speaker time etc...for two days and we will all sleep at the church (where the boys are known to pull a prank or two on the girls...ackk!).

So things have been zaney lately. I must admit though, I enjoy it. This is my life. And I am not always so busy that it takes away from being a wife and mother. That is first and foremost as my God given responsibilities! (That I am truly grateful for!!)

Today I had a headache and had errands to run and things to do...plus it is raining alot...which means a lot of mud and muck and it's still cold out. I look forward to being home tomorrow and getting cleaning done and being able to read with my kids...do some knitting etc! :) Rainy days are nice when you can feel cozy indoors...but not when you have running outside of the home to do! ;o)

Well...some of you mentioned that you don't mind reading about my day to day life...LOL..so here you have it! ;) I hope and pray you are all having a good week. I hope to have some dish cloths done soon and will *hopefully* be getting The Country Blossom~Etsy Shoppe going soon!!!! I will probably put just dish cloths in for now...then towards the fall and winter...add mittens, hats and scarves etc. :) Thanks for stopping by and reading all about my craziness...LOL! I truly appreciate it!

ALSO...Kelly S....I got your comment about your blog going private. I don't know your email so I wasn't able to contact you back with my email address so I can view your blog. My email is located on the left sidebar! Will you add me? Thank you! ;o)


  1. YEAH! I'm glad you are going to sell the dish cloths. I like reading everyone's everyday life it shows we are real people with real lives. Please keep sharing.


  2. Hey Katy!!
    How great the extra income will be, I hope you get that job!! You are so precious!!
    I might have been going to say something else, but I forgot!!
    Hope you are having a great week!! It has been in the 80's here this week...

  3. I love the everyday stuff....maybe I share too much of that...but it's the stuff we're made of! :) It's what I love! Sounds like you all are really busy and that you have lots of fun stuff planned!

    Have a great rest of the week, Katy!


  4. Wow girl...You HAVE been a busy lil'bee!!! Hope you get the tax collecting position, it's always nice to earn extra income AND be home:)Have a great day!

  5. Tax collector... now that could be an interesting position. Hope that it works out for you. How nice to be able to bring in some extra income and stay at home.

    I am off to run errands. Enjoy your day at home!

  6. You are a VIP. Are you throwing the shower for your sister? That should be alot of fun. Good Luck with the township election! Extra income is always nice! Maybe the girls should think of a prank to pull on the boys this year for the youth Spring Break. ;) I admit I like keeping busy too but not too busy where I barely have time to sit and relax. Have nice rest of the week.

  7. Hi Katy! Just poppin' in to say HI :) hugs

  8. Girl I am exhausted just reading whats going on in your life!!! My goodness!! I pray you get the position, the extra income will be a great addition to your household!!
    Also good luck with the sleepover....I know what you are in for!!!LOL Be prepared to be exhausted for days after!!:0) but it is so worth it!!! Have a wonderfully rainy(which it is rainy here too!) Day!!! Take care! oxoxo~Wendy

  9. Wow, you really are quite busy! But isn't it a blessing to have things to do?
    Wishing you luck with the election! And also with your etsy!

  10. Hey Katy!

    Great post! I love reading about your day to day life, it's inspiring!


  11. Personally I love your day to day posts. :D

  12. We are busy right now as well! It's all about balance and priorities - but it can be done!



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