Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This past aunt (who lives a few hours away) came up for my sister's bridal shower. She couldn't resist bringing my kids a lil treat....and they were thrilled to receive it as well!!!! Bubble guns!!! They had a blast with them! (X was cutting wood with daddy so he wasn't there when they first got them). She even brought a container of refill bubbles! I am so thankful the weather is starting to get nice enough to be outside again!!! (Notice Jaxson's feet in the top isn't a duck. LOL That's just what happens when he puts his own shoes on....winter boots (even though there is no snow) and on the wrong feet! Aren't kids toooooo cute????)

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!!! :)

Today is grocery day...and alas, I am fighting another headache! I think it is from my TMJ. It keeps getting worse. I am truly worried that they will have to fix it. To do that...they have to break and reset your jaw. It has to be wired! Ack! I can't imagine living on a liquid diet! :( But the clicking, popping, and pain associated with this is just totally NOT fun.

Anyhoo....again, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting. I know I don't always get around to each blog and comment...and I do apologize...but there just isn't the time in the day to sit on the computer too long. I do try to stop by as I can! :) Sometimes I do read but don't always comment! :) I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!!!!


  1. How fun! I wish I would have had one of those as a kid!

  2. Always love pictures of the children. Looks like fun. Oh and I love Jaxson's boots. I remember those days and sometimes miss them.


  3. The bubbles look fun! Sorry to hear about your TMJ. My mom had it and she had electric shock treatments to her jaw and a mouth piece and as far as I know she is symptom free. She used to get terrible headaches. Oh and she doesn't have to wear her mouth piece anymore. :)

  4. Everybody loves bubbles...Adults and kids alike!
    And what a wonderful Spring activity!

  5. How fun! I have always enjoyed playing with bubbles. In fact, I still do!

    Sorry to hear about your headache. I hpoe it passes quickly.

  6. Bubbles are so much fun! Great pictures! Stop by blog when you have time!

  7. Hey Katy,

    I just had to comment on the TMJ thing. I've had some issues with this as well and DID have jaw surgery with my jaw wired shut. I have been SO glad I did it as it has relieved so many of my headaches!!! I know it would be inconvenient and everything, sometimes the benefits are worth it.

    I'll trust God with you that His will be done.


  8. Looks like the weather is turning out your way!

    The TMJ sounds misserable, hope you get it resolved and start to feel better soon!

  9. Oh I so remember doing bubbles with the kids!! I can't wait to do those things with Logan!! Hope your feeling better soon my friend!~hugs~Wendy

  10. I LOVE BUBBLES!!!!!!!

    My mom has TMJ too. She had to get her jaw popped back in place, but, she said it wasn't too bad after the first 2 times or so.

    Love, Joy


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