Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Surround Them

I am a fan of Fox News Channel. It's my favorite source of news. As I watch the news and see all this money being thrown around and the government getting bigger and such....it made my stomach sick. I am a firm believer in being informed and having knowledge about what is going on with our government.

So....I have been watching Glenn Beck. Anyone else watch him? He cracks me up...and he is sooo right on about sooooo many things! Have you all heard about the "We Surround Them" thing he has been doing...with the 912 project??? It is fantastic! Do you believe in THESE 9 principles and THESE 12 values??? It is time for us to realize that the government works for us! We don't have to just sit and cringe! HERE is the 912 mission statement. If you agree and are ready for this country to be how our forefathers began it....then I encourage you to join!!!

Is this for a bunch of crazy fanatics? No....it's for us Americans who truly love our country and our freedoms. Here is a quote from the mission statement:

This is a non-political movement. The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation ever created.

So.....if you haven't already...I really encourage you all to check out the 912 project and even join We Surround Them USA! If you aren't really a news follower and aren't sure what all is going on...I encourage you to start seeking information. Maybe someday....this project will be in history books....telling of how the United States finally went back to their root beliefs and restored it's country!!!! :)

Thanks so much for coming by! I am hoping you will join in this with me and share with me!!! I would love to hear from you!!! :o)


  1. I am so disgusted with some of the things I am hearing on the news. AIG, Citicorp and some others just make my blood boil! I use to watch Glen all the time when he was on CNN. I haven't watched him much since moving to FOX, just because he is on at dinner time. I will have to make a point to check this out.

    I am all for getting back to the basics... God, Country, Family... and not the me, me, me society we have become. Okay, I will get off my soapbox now.

    Have a great day!

    Have a great day!

  2. I am going to read more aboutthis! Thanks for posting about it. I am all for the mission statement!
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if Americans never lost that feeling of "one-ness" as a country? And never lost that feeling of being protective of ALL Americans regardless of race, religion, or class?

  3. I can tell you this I am sick of watching the rich get richer. They posted in our local paper what certain people make in our surrounding counties and it shocked me. They want to cut back on our teachers while the super intendant makes almost $250,000 a year. Seriously who needs that much money. Ok enough I know.

    I loved my dish rags. The envelope was fine but make sure you always get the ones that are lined. I guess because of all the rain the corners were soaked but my rags were dry! :) Loved the flower on the envelope such a nice touch and also thanks for the card. I love the little personal touches.


  4. I enjoy listening to Glenn Beck and I think he's right on the money. I too, am concerned about where this country is going. I'm going to check out the link 9-12. It seems that so many Godly principles that Pres. Bush put in place have now been taken away. I'm very sad.

  5. I posted about this on my blog too...its time for us ordinary people to speak up....I have links so you can find your senators and congress people so please email or write them...also there are two bills that very government intrusive...Bill 875 and Bill 1388. 875 would give government the right to go into private organic farms and gardens and may prohibit you from having one...1388 is about forming a mandatory youth corps for all young people who would go to camps, etc. for 3 years and also mandatory service for seniors too...

  6. I, also am a fan of Glen Beck and Fox News! It is the only way we can become educated about what is REALLY going on! They are fair and balanced, but you will find the truth there. My small grandsons even watch it and can tell you all about what is going on. Glen Beck makes me smile, and then he brings us all to realization of what we are about to become as a nation if something is not done! Congratulations on this blog! No fear!

  7. I love Fox News and Glenn Beck. I'm so glad that he left CNN for Fox. We just cut back our satellite service to save money so I don't get Fox anymore - bummer.

    I will go to his website and check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. My husband and I are fans of Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee. Yes, we are supporters of 9-12. As business owners we are just holding our breath and saying our prayers.... I miss Pres. Bush and his principals/Morals/Godly manners.

    Anyway, God bless for posting it!



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