Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Needs Toys?

I don't know why there are even toys made for children. My kids like to use "real" stuff and just use their imaginations with it...LOL! ....No, my kids do play with their toys as well...but I tell ya, they simply have a blast in the kitchen...playing "kitchen". We have a little child-size cupboard for them to play at in there...but since I have three kiddos...they each said they needed their own "food stations"... ;). So here is what they came up with....the boys each sit on a side of the island and "prepare" and "cook" food and pass things back and forth to each other...hehehe. They do it all the time...I took it for granted that they do that...and then realized how truly sweet it was and realized I needed to snap some pics! :)

Madelyn has been doing well with schooling. We finished up stories from the Old Testament...and now we are moving onto the New Testament. She is reading well from her Bible Reader and with all her other work as well. Homeschooling was totally the right choice for us! Don't get me wrong though, we have our moments of whining or not "feeling" like doing school or the boys are extra rambunctious and things feel overall...I like seeing Madelyn learn and I also like being the one to help her with that.

Below she is writing a story. Each day she is to write for 5 minutes. She makes up a short story and we take a look at it together! :)

I found this humorous today....where better to park trucks...than under mama's quilt rack (aka: blanket holder thingy)

I must admit though...I detest those trucks there....the boys take them and push them aggressively and fast through my dining room and kitchen and it is sooo loud. On the rug...then on the wood floors and then onto the linoleum and back again! AAACK! It drives me bonkers! They know I don't like it but always ask why they even "have" trucks if they can't play with them. I tell them to play with them up in their rooms...but that doesn't appeal to them as they don't have tons of room to zoom them around! I know I will remember those annoying trucks fondly someday...but as of right now...I can't stand them! LOL
I am sooo glad the days are starting to get nicer here....more time outside for all of us! Just what we need after a winter of being cooped up!

Above is just a random picture I took in my home. I love that crock picture! :) You know....that shelf would look good painted and distressed......hmmmm....??? Wheels in my head are turning! :)

OH...and I also have some fun news!!! I opened up my Etsy Shoppe today!! You can see it HERE or look at the lil link I have on my left sidebar. I am so excited and nervous. I only have a couple listings in there at the moment...but I will add to it! :) Yippee!!!'s time for this girl to finish up on the net and head to bed. It is 10:00 pm Wednesday night and I am pooped! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and thank you so much for visiting!!!! :o)


  1. Katy,

    I've never bought from anyone before. Can you tell me how I can purchase the first two dish cloths if they are available. If not I will take the second two.


  2. Hey, trucks need to stay warm too, duh! hehe ;)

    You're right on about the toys.... our always get left behind in cupboards, while mommies things (or DIRT or GRASS or ROCKS or TOOLS) are the things that get played with..

    If only more parents knew this, the toy-store would go bankrupt.. *lol*

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  3. Katy, first of all, congrats on opening your etsy shop! Good for you!

    And secondly, yes, you will remember those little toy trucks fondly one day, when your boys are grown men and have kids of their own. It's amazing how our mind plays tricks on us about things like that when we get older.

    Now that I have a grandaughter, And I'm older, I realize how much of my own daughter's childhood that I let slip by without realizing how soon it would pass. I have always been sentimental and saved everything, but I wish I had known to slow down and enjoy being with her more. She was grown before I knew it! So now I am constantly reminding her to take the time to enjoy her own child's childhood! Being a Grammy is the sweetest gift a woman ever gets!

    I'm so glad that homeschooling is working out so well for y'all.

    Have a great day!

  4. Congrats on opening your new shop! Wishing you lots of success!

    We have some annoying toys around here too. I just keep reminding myself that it will only be taking place for a short while. I am sure some day I will miss all the maddness!

    Have a great day!

  5. The trucks parked under the quilt rack IS A RIOT! OHHHMYGOSH KATY... I so remember those days.*

    A couple years ago, I dug up an old hotwheels car in my flower bed. It nearly made me cry, because I remembered my little boys playing with them on the concrete porch that was beside the flowerbed. Now they are 24, and 22 years old. :( HOLD ON TO THOSE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES of trucks under quiltracks. Good job snappin a picture!
    YAY FOR YOUR ETSY! I'm so proud of you! whooHoOOooo GO GIRL!
    I have had my shoppe set up for months and have yet to put a thing in there. Maybe you'll inspire me? I hope so!

  6. Glad you finally opened your store.. the dishcloths look wonderful and I'm sure you'll do really well selling them.

  7. And so goes the old standby...
    "Boys will be boys".
    Kelsey used to play with rocks. LOL
    Yes, rocks! Weird kid.
    The worst was she would pick up rocks and put them in her pockets, then I would find them in the washing machine. Not good.

  8. I'm excited for you opening your Etsy shop...good luck Katy :)

    I love the kid photos, You know I was like that when I was little...well not a boy I mean LOL but I loved being in the kitchen by my greatgrandma and grandma and while they cooked on the real stove, I sat nearby in the corner with a ton of play pots and pans and I pretended to cook too. Guess that's where my love for cooking first started :)

    The trucks LOL Nicholas has two huge firetrucks that are the most annoying teeth gritting noise making things EVER. I really really don't like them but he loves them and when he gets them both going...Lord help me LOL

    I'm going back and forth on the Homeschooling thing, some days I really want to do it and other days I'm glad I'm not, but you certainly give me inspiration to try.


  9. Hi Katy Congratulations on opening your shop!!!WooHoo!!! And I think your shelf would look gorgeous painted and distressed!!! I also love the crock picture!! Hope oyur having a wonderfully Blessed day my friend!!~:0)Wendy

  10. Yay, I'm so glad you opened your etsy! I may be doing the same soon!

    Oh, and boys will be boys!


  11. Wow, Katy, you have so much going on! I ove the glimpses into your daily life with the kids.

    AND, Big congrats on the store!!!

    I am on my way over to see. Don't forget to ask to join the pa team (etsy) and to join our community of crafters at

    YAY Katy!

  12. My kids used to have trucks and cars that they pushed all thru the house so yes I know where you are coming from and yes you will miss it when they get older so even though it gets loud and drives you bonkers enjoy it while you can! I'm going to go look at your etsy shop now you have a great weekend! Blessings,Karen

  13. YAY! The shop looks great. Can't wait to see more of your creations. I'll be stoppin in there to see what I just can't live without. :) Love the eyelet dishcloths!


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