Thursday, March 5, 2009

He is now....officially....30 years old!

My hubby turned the big 3-0 yesterday!!! He shrugged it off as just another day when I would tease him about it....LOL. My sister and her hubby to be, Cory, came over for supper last evening. (Stuffed porkchops, peas, mashed potatoes and salad!) And after helping me clean up a bit....while I did dishes, she and my kiddos played some Trouble!

Cory (hehe..I caught him in a funny pose)...and Chris chatted a while....till the rest of our families came over! :)

It was a fun evening of laughter, fellowship and icecream cake!!! YUM! :) (I was so full from dinner though, I could hardly eat the cake!)It was pretty chaotic....but fun! I think Chris enjoyed it!

Ruthie, all pooped

And...I have to share this with you really quick....melt my mama heart.....Xavier, my 5 year old, spent the night at my mom's the other night then goes to "work" at my dad's garage with them on Wednesday. It's a great learning experience for him and dad loves having him there! when mom was tucking him in for bed at her house, they were praying together and thanking God for his different blessings and X said, "And thank you God for sending Jesus to die on the cross so we can go to Heaven." Now, of course, this is what he is taught and we talk about it alot but that he just said that on his own...and that he seemed to really get it, was wonderful! My mom shared that with me and seriously...I think my heart melted right there. Xavier can be such a stinker. He has sooo much energy and he can be pretty defiant and stinkery at times....but oh that boy has such a big heart.

I hope your days are going well. I hope you are staying optimistic and encouraged each day. We have no fear in our God. He loves those that belong to Him and is taking care of us! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me! It's always so enjoyable reading the comments you each share! Happy Thursday everyone!!!!


  1. You know that your husband is going to give you the hardest time when you turn 30 :) Me and my husband are about 3 years apart and I have him the hardest time when he turned 30 and boy oh boy did I get it back 10 fold when I turned 30 :)

  2. That is so sweet about X. Moments like that make all the parenting struggles worth it!

    Glad Chris had a good evening. I think Kerri is right, you could be in big trouble when you turn 30! hehe

    Have a great day!

  3. Awh that is so wonderful to hear from a little one:)
    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time....Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Enjoy your day, Katy.

  4. Stuffed pork chops! Yumm-O!
    Notice, my first comment is on the food! LOL
    It looks like everyone was having a great time!
    Your family seems so close! That is such a treasure!
    Happy Birthday Chris!

  5. Happy Birthday! And you know you need to post the recipe for those chops! I love them but have never made them....

  6. I'd like to know more about those stuffed pork chops too :) They sell thin pork chops here rarely do I see any thick enough for stuffing. I love chicken fried pork chops. Okay now I'm hungry. LOL

    Glad Chris had a nice day. And I got a lil misty eyed reading about X's sweet prayer. SUPER SWEET. Job well done, Katybear.

  7. It sounds like Dad had a nice birthday. Dinner sounds yummy and to have cake also what a treat! I think I will cook pork chops tonight. :)

    What a wonderful young man you have raised. Good job Mom!


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  9. "Happy Birthday Chris"

    Simple family parties full of love and laughs are always the best.

  10. Our children's prayers can be the most wonderful blessings! Very thoughtful boy!

  11. Hi Katy--we've had birthday celebrations at our house lately, too. Looks like such fun. Also, there is NOTHING better than hearing a child pray--so tender. Have a great day. Julie

  12. "Happy Birthday Chris"
    Life only gets better and better.

  13. The BIG 3-0! I know how that feels. LOL Happy birthdy to your hubby! My hubby's birthday is today! But it's the BIG 3-3!

  14. Glad ya'll had a great birthday dinner! Darrell got me good when I turned 30 - black balloons, black icing on the cake, trick candles - I wasn't quite as mean to him.

    Xavier's heart is in the right place. You're doing a great job as parents.


  15. Happy Birthday to Chris! Looks like good fun!

  16. Happy 30th to Chris!! I beat him there by just a little bit!!
    Looks like a great time!! And your little man...isn't it just amazing what comes out?? My Jackson prayed today for an ants healing!!


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