Monday, March 9, 2009

An etsy shop???

So my sister and her fiance, Cory, really think I should open an etsy shop for some of my knitting. That way, I can sell baby cardigans, mittens, dishcloths, etc that I make. I have been tossing around the idea a bit...but am just not sure? I would need to make some things first to stock up in there....but I was wondering what you all thought? I would love to hear your views on etsy.....if you have used it and like it or not etc. And....if you think I should open one...I would love to know what sort of knitted items you would like to see in there. This would be a great chance for me to earn some extra money for the family....that is...if anything actually sells...LOL! I would love input!!! Thanks so much! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!! :o)


  1. Katy, I've never done etsy myself but have heard from others that it's great. I definatly think you should give it a try, you have alot of talent with your knitting, so why not use it to earn some extra $$? I think you would be surprised at how well your items would sell:)Have a great day!

  2. I have an Etsy shop and it is fun. I've noticed that things aren't selling well right now, due to the economy but.....every penny helps!

  3. I say go for it girl.. you've nothing to lose.. I have two shops there myself and use to be a big time seller on eBay.. I don't even bother with eBay anymore since I've started selling on Etsy.. Etsy is much cheaper and a lot more friendly. It cost only 20 cents to list an item and that's for the item to sit in your store for 4 months and the final sellers fees are also very resonable.
    You will also want to open a Paypal account to make it easier for people to pay you.
    Don't worry about having a lot of things ready to list at once.. its much better to list a couple things per day or scattered out through the week.. it keeps your items towards the front when people are searching for things.
    Good luck and let us know if you do decide... to open a store so we can come visit.

  4. What a fantastic idea! If I can't make a handmade gift the next best thing is buying one.

    Have a great day!

  5. Katy,
    I have an Etsy shop, well actually two. Right now I'm not selling - too much else to do.
    Etsy is fun and not hard to do or expensive to try. I say give it a try, just don't go overboard with it, that way if it's not for you, you haven't made a big investment.
    Getting the pricing and shipping costs down takes some doing. Just remember to keep records for taxes.
    I wish you well! Please let us know if you decide to join us on Etsy:)

  6. Yes Katy!!!!!

    I think you should have your own Etsy Shop. Not only could you sell your knitting but I'm sure you have some paintings & drawings you could sell as well.

    You could also make a couple of journals up similar to what your own is like ????

    I can't wait to see if you do :D

    My friend and I are planning on having a joint etsy shop :D

  7. My mom and I have an etsy shop. It takes awhile to get things going, so if you get started...just hang on, things will sell. I think you should do it!

  8. It's a wonderful idea!

    I agree to only have a few things already made to put on the site. That's a great idea because you won't feel overwhelmed to knit, knit, knit and you don't wanna feel like it's taking over your life ;) It should be enjoyable not a task.

    I don't know anything about etsy so I can't give any input on that. I do love Craigslist though to sell all sorts of items locally and quick. Good luck with it if you do decide to make a shop on any website. You know you have some for sure business with your readers!!

    Have a great week! {{Hugs}}

  9. I think that's a great idea! I know your stuff would sell.

  10. Katy,

    This is so funny. I need some new dish rags but hate the one's in the store because they are so thick. I only have the one lefy like you make and it's wearing thin. :) I told my daughter yesterday I was going to email you and see if you would be interested in selling me some. :) Perfect timing. If you would like to sell them please put me first on the list!


  11. You must give it a try! It's really easy to sign up and list.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Etsy!


  12. Katy,
    It's so funny that you posted this today. That's exactly what I've been discussing with Darrell. I'm thinking about putting my coasters and signs on there. I'm doing a craft show with them in April.

    I'll be watching your comments closely to see what people think about etsy!

    I LOVE your knitting and I think it's a great idea. Those cardigans are the cutest.


  13. You should do this, I've bought things from there, and I have been really pleased, this would be a nice thing you could do from home.

  14. I bought a cute litte pillow from an Etsy shop. I love it and it seems more personal than E-bay. I think you'd do well with a shop for your knitting. Something to think about. ((Hugs))

  15. I vote "yes"! :) I love etsy shops, and you are so talented.
    One etsy shop that I love.. she makes a few things and sales them. Then when all that is gone..she makes some more. She advertises what's avaliable in a post on her blog every once in a while. It seems to help promote traffic to her etsy shop.

    You'll do great! I plan on purchasing washclothes rigt off the bat! :D

  16. I have two Etsy shops too and love it...everyone is right about the sure to get a Paypal account..and you can set it up to pay your Etsy fees through no credit card to have to deal with...its what I do. my sales are down a little right now but I have done fairly well and every bit sure helps in this economy.

  17. Go for it!! You'd do great!

  18. I love buying from Etsy! I think you should try it Katy!!! Have a wonderful day my friend!xoxo~Wendy

  19. Katy, I have never had an etsy shop, but don't they charge you to sell through them? I can't really give an opinion about them, except from a buyer's stand-point.

    Several bloggers are selling their wares with a selling blog. You can make one for free. That will save you a little money too.

    I wish you a lot of luck with whatever you decide on. :)

  20. Yes I say go for it! I agree with Kris things are a little slow but its worth a try, what you sell might just be whats needed. Please keep me and my family in prayers. Thanks Karen

  21. I just found your blog, your title intrigued me. I would say get online and look up what others are offering on their etsy shops, i have looked back at some of your old posts and I think your things look great. See what they are charging for things, see how much they are selling, decide if it will be worth your while. And start small. Good Luck! Sue

  22. i think the big answer from almost everyone is YES YES YES!! go for it! if you want, come out on friday and talk to cory about pricing. he will help you out to get the most of what you sell...
    i haven't been doing much on my shop because i'm too busy with wedding stuff... but i would LOVE to link to yours on my blog!

  23. Sounds like a great idea Katy, just keep in mind that right now the economy is not that great and there are lot of Etsy shop owners struggling to sell their stuff. Plus like others have mentioned, remember to keep everything for your taxes et.

    Why don't you sell them through your blog too? Or start a new blog to sell your knitted things :)

    Good luck.

  24. Katy, you might email Monica at The Homespun Heart. She has done quite well. She could tell you about Etsy.


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