Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Peek at Some Homeschooling Work!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the work Madelyn has done during our homeschool year so far. Of course, there is far more than what I am showing you...but I just wanted to share a glimpse! :) She is doing so well and it is awesome to listen to her read. Yesterday....we all sat and listened to her read us a book and I just couldn't help but smile. It is a beautiful thing to hear your child learn to read! :)

Hehe...I like this one of Jonah inside the whale.....

She reads from her Bible Reader as does math work and social studies. We have learned about 29 of our Presidents so far and Madelyn knows all her states from Alabama to Oklahoma (so far) in alphabetical order! :) She also works at memorizing Proverbs verses! :)

The following are some pages from her Reading/Writing workbook that she has done (we are almost finished with it for the year....we have done over 115 pages in it so far).

hehehe....I love the glue bottle she drew in this next photo! .....

So that is just a lil peak at some of the work Madelyn does in her grade 1 homeschooling. It's not all smiles and fun every day....we have our fair share of attitudes, crying, upset etc....but we work through it and it truly is a joy to see her grow and learn! :o)

AND....I just want to share that today is my hubby's 30th birthday!!!! YIPPEE!!! :)

Edited to add.....
A comment left from Teresa asks what I use for Madelyn's math and Bible. With My Father's World Curriculum, the Bible is already incorporated. We are almost through with the Old Testament. We learn stories...she then reads from her Bible Reader to me and does a summary of the story and then draws an illustration to go with it. It is part of her reading lesson! :) And then she has phonics with it too...I didn't purchase the math with it though (although you can)...I got a book at a Teacher's store, a few towns over, that is specific for 1st grade. We do a week of papers (that you are permitted to copy from the book) and I explain things to her that she doesn't understand...then she takes a test on Fridays on what she has learned. For social studies, I have a presidents workbook and also a states workbook that we learn from! (She memorizes the states easily because she is learning them in song form! Anything learned in the form of a song is soooo much easier to remember!) I hope I was of some help!!! Thanks for asking!


  1. Hi Katy!
    I sooooo wish I could stay home and homeschool the kids. Your kids always look so happy :) I am now working f/t and it's kicking my butt! lol. I came home yesterday early and threw up. I'm just overwhelmed, truly. Sorry, that was a tangent lol. Your home looks so comfy and inviting. hugs from az :)

  2. One of my favorite things was seeing God's name and school in the same sentence. The biggest disadvantage of public schools. She writes and draws very well for 1st grade. Great job!


  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet hubby! I hope he has a special day!
    And your daughter is a very smart child. What a blessing to see the fruits of your labor as you teach her. That's awesome!

  4. Happy Birthday Chris!

    I think it's great you're homeschooling. Remember I wanted to do that..but I'm in school myself so it wouldn't have worked out well enough. Plus, the school Katelin goes to is WONDERFUL! They already know me by name. :) Maddy is quite the ar-tist!

  5. Loved seeing all of M's school work.

    Happy Birthday to Chris!

    Have a great day!


  6. Hi,

    I was interesed in knowing what do you use for Madyln's math and Bible.

    Also, thaank you for being such a bright spot in this life.

  7. Congrataulations Mama. It is such a blessing to share these milestones with our kiddos isn't it? :)

  8. Hey Katy. Will you go with "My Father's World" curriculum again next year? I had thought about getting that for my son. Someone had recommended it to me, but then I had also heard that others thought it wasn't advanced enough. EVeryone has their own opinions. I ended up going with Sing, Spell, Read, and Write for preschool/kindergarten level for my son. Let me know what you think of your curriculum 'cause I really like that it is Biblically based.

  9. Isn't homeschooling the best? We are so blessed to be able to spend our days with our children, raising them to be Godly men and women. Thanks for sharing her great work!

    Oh, and Happy 30th to your hubby - be kind, Katy! I'll turn 33 on Monday.


  10. She's doing wonderful work. It must be so rewarding teaching her (and the boys).

  11. can you tell me what you are using for the reading/writing workbook thing? thanks

  12. Madelyn is doing beautiful work. Your blog is so encouraging, Katy.

  13. Katy,
    I really enjoyed this post today.I`m so glad to hear how God has blessed you through trusting Him in choosing to homeschool your children.
    I just love that M is learning so much about God`s Word.I would love to get some curriculum to help with teaching the kids about God`s Word over the summer.
    Have a wonderful evening!!Love and blessings,Toni

  14. I have heard that MFW is a great curriculum. Great pictures.

  15. I have heard that MFW is a great curriculum. Great pictures.

  16. So very precious! Thank you for sharing that glimpse!



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