Monday, March 23, 2009

"Few people know how to take a walk.....

.....The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The kids and I took a walk last evening. Chris wasn't feeling well after the kids and I just decided to go. When we went out...the neighbor boy was out riding his bike and asked to go we all took a walk/ride! :)

It was a beautiful evening! A bit chilly....but not too bad. The small back roads we walked on were perfect for the kids to ride their bikes traffic and very safe! :)

We even took Ruthie (the dog) along! :) Jaxson and I took turns holding the leash. She is rarely ever on a leash and was quite annoyed by it and kept getting us all tangled up in it....LOL!

Here's on the way back home.....there's our house! (Notice the work that still needs finished...hehe! All good things take time!)

Home!!! :) Notice the little black truck in the yard? The boys each have one....they sit on them and lift their legs and ride them down a hill in our is sooooooooo funny!!!! LOL!

The Spring Break Youth Convention that Chris and I chaperoned this past weekend went really well....although gosh....we were all sooo pooped! Teenagers have so much energy! It was a great time of worship and fellowship as well! Plus, our church's previous youth pastor was the speaker this year so we were all thrilled to see him! :)

I fell asleep around 1am Saturday morning. I just couldn't stay awake any longer. Most of the kids (and other chaperones) were still awake. When I awoke later in the morning...I saw what pranks had been! One boy's truck had been TP'd and they shrink-wrapped the youth pastors blazer!!!! rofl!!! I, as a sleeping target, would have been so easy to have been pranked...I am sooo glad I wasn't!!!!

I already have laundry hanging out on the line. I plan to do a ton of cleaning today as well! :) It looks like it is going to be a beautiful spring day, here in PA!!! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Monday!!!! :o) Thanks for coming by!!!!


  1. Love all the pictures! I plan out hanging out some laundry this morning too, isn't it SO nice after the long winter! Have a great day:)

  2. Loved seeing the pictures from your walk. It looks like a peaceful way to end the day!

    Have a great day!

  3. I love taking walks in our neighborhood, too. It's so peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Have a super day!

  4. Glad to hear all went well!! I know you always try to get to bed early,so you must of been absolutly pooped yesterday:)Sundays are a day of rest and I`m sure you were very thankful!
    The kids and Ruthie look like they had fun on their bike ride.
    Have a blessed monday!!
    Love and blessings,

  5. What sweet pictures. So glad spring has arrived in your neck of the woods!

  6. That looks like such a fun time and you have a great place for family walks and outings, Katy!

    Glad the youth chaperoning went well! I know what you mean...we've done lots of youth chaperoning and it always wears me out. I figure I still have lots more times coming up with Joy's age! :) I think I might be getting too old for this...but I'll do it somehow!


  7. Sounds like you had a perfectly joyous weekend and a wonderfully productive Monday.

    I am trying to get back on track but until Marty gets his office set up (Wednesday) I will be so easily distracted.

    I am a million things on my list!

  8. Great pix! Looks like you've opened an etsy shop - I'm so proud of you! Your knitting is wonderful. I hope that all of your goodies sell immediately :)

  9. What great pictures. I love that long country road you went for your walk on.


  10. Isn't it great to get outside again! Love the photos, esp. the one of your adorable home!

  11. I love seeing pics of your cottage :)

  12. I love catching up with your posts Katy :D

    I think your house looks so great!


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